Results from the KMPG FROGS Individuals 2017

On a glorious May’s morning 28 exultant FROGS, two comperes of the esteemed offices of KPMG, and one lonely guest, wandered o’er the vales and hills of Kikuoka like a host of golden daffodils…. A FROG could not but be gay, in such a jocund company.

Daniel Kaiser met us at the first tee to send us on our merry way with KPMG golf balls an enchanting aperitif which was voraciously quaffed. Thank you Dan.

Competition was strong for the Ken Reid Trophy and some good golf was evident.

Best and worst guest, Ian Jones with 32 points, wandered home lonely as a cloud with a pink ball proudly held in the air gleaming in the spring sunlight. The most honest golfer prize (pink ball FROGS) went to Frank Maitry with 19, Frank we trust you’re honest enough to utilise the prize on your next outing. Corina Goldkuhle with 31 points was awarded the prize for best KPMG participant followed by Ravi Beegun on 20.

Nearest the pin was accomplished by Andrew Paton with a fine shot. Johan Terblanche secured the longest drive on the 9th hole and Nick Felfoldi won the Leary on the 18th, although there was some confusion as to whether a Leary was awarded for closest to the pin in two shots or three, leading some contenders to “not even try” with their third shot! Nice try. Best Gross prize went to the tenacious Alan Botfield with an impressive 35 points.

Dennis Robertson continues strong form with 34 points to take 5th place behind his compatriot Andrew Patton taking 4th place with 35 points.

However kudos and rewards went to Simon Baker taking 3rd spot with 35 points, Colin Cameron took second place with 36 points missing out narrowly on countback to our esteemed winner Gregor Dalrymple with 36 points, rounding out a good day for the Scots. In a poetic acceptance speech Gregor exclaimed he would always recall this victory as he sat on his couch in pensive mood: “And then my heart with pleasure fills, And dances with the daffodils”… Well done Gregor.

The next Citco event will be in Preisch on Wednesday 24th May.

Kind regards,

Report – CITCO round 1 – Kikuoka 19 April 2017

 19th April saw the first round of the Citco Grand Prix 2017.

In sunny but extremely windy and cold conditions 29 Frogs braved the early season weather and the inevitable sore shoulders/back/arms/legs etc the next day at Kikuoka.

Merve was there to greet each player and send the flights on their way into a strong headwind.

Breaking with tradition with the post round drinks and prize giving were down by the driving range and the Bijnens beer on offer certainly went down well (thanks very much Serge!).

Judging by the “mutters from the gutter” as the flights came in, Dennis was looking a likely winner and Jess was informing James just how far he had beaten his longest drive much to James’ surprise and disgust.

However, with a standard scratch of 14, the prizes were as follows:

Nearest the Pin – Neil Underwood

Bijnens Beer Leary – Nick Felfoldi

Longest Drive – not Jess this time but Arnaud

1st Prize went to Nick Felfoldi with 21 points

2nd Prize to Dennis with 20 points

3rd Prize to Jess with 18 points

4th to Arnaud with 16 points

5th to Steve K with 16 points

The Pink Ball was, as ever, hotly contested (and those who had not paid their membership fee and not already won a prize were thanking Dave Winters words in earlier e-mails that no-membership fee paid means no prizes – I assume this means Pink Ball prize as well David?!) Del and Franco doing their best on 7 and 8 points respectively but Frank pipped them both with 6 points.

The next round will be at Kikuoka again on 10th May with Richard Neale as starter. An e-mail will go out shortly.

Report from MixVOip Pairs 2016 – Junglinster

15 pairs went out to try and beat the reigning Pairs champions Brown Botty and 15 pairs came back with their tails between their legs. Steve and Alan retained the title and won the new Don MacGregor – Dave Moody Pairs trophy with 20 points (18 of which came from Steve including a 5 on the first following an eagle).

In second place with 19 points were Simon and Dave who beat Graham and Gerry on countback.

Arnaud and Ayzo were amongst 4 teams on 18 points and deserve a mention as Arnaud shot one under to score all 18 points.

Ayzo did hit one good shot though to win the longest drive on the 10th.

Johan took nearest the pin.

After a minor misunderstanding the sponsor agreed to give the leary to Craig even though the marker had been put on the following hole as no one apart from Frank claimed to be closer than Craig’s 4m.

Johan’s two shots not to win the leary deserves to be records as it was to c. 45cm. Shame about the birdie.

Merve clearly spent too much time practising on the range beforehand and almost took the pink balls alongside Danny with 15 points but they were pipped by Tony on his FROGS comeback and Colin on 14 points. The latter pair were last seen finishing their 5th gin and tonic courtesy of Colin’s ladies tees.

Thanks go to Paul for starting and to Frank for providing some very nice alcohol as prizes.

The next event tis the final round of the CITCO Grand Prix on THURSDAY 25th August. Your starters will be the Dalrymple / Gillies duo who started the opening round.