Eighth CITCO event at Preisch

Sunny weather and green fairways greeted the Frogs at Preisch tonight. About 20 people played and 14 stayed for a great meal at Hotel de la Frontière.

Mr. Botfield is still on a roll, as he took first place with 19 points shooting 1 over par. Full results will be posted shortly, but surely he must be near the top of the leaderboard now! Ian Doherty was in the money for the second week running as well.

Tonight’s results:

1. Alan Botfield 19 points
2. Ian Doherty 17 points
3. Franco Mastroddi 16 points

Nearest to pin: Jonathan Hill
Longest drive: Craig Ferreira

Best guest: Gerard Grbic 18 points

Worst score: Stuart Rowlands 7 points

Seventh CITCO event – results

Mr. Botfield shot an impressive 1-over-par score with his brand new golf clubs to win the seventh CITCO event of 2008 tonight edging out Dennis Robertson on the count-back. Excellent conditions at Kikuoka and a good turn-out.

1. Alan Botfield 20 points
2. Dennis Robertson 20 points
3. Ian Doherty 18 points

Nearest to pin: Alan Botfield
Longest drive: Alan Botfield

Worst score: John Sutherland: 1 point

Steve Brown didn’t follow up on his recent run of good form, so Nick Montague took over the lead on the overall CITCO leaderboard with 81 points. Steve Brown and Dennis Robertson are tied second at 78 with Jonathan Hill in fourth place on 78 points.

Next event is next week the 30 July at Preisch (see schedule). Francis Parisis will act as starter and send out the invitation shortly.

The SHRM matchplay saw one match tonight between Andrew Paton and Russell Edwards. They both struggled but Andrew came out the winner. As previously mentioned, Alan Botfield will play Merve Herneman in the first semi-final, and in the other Andrew Paton will meet the winner of the match between Ayzo van Aysinga and Craig Ferreira.

Sixth CITCO event – Results

A cloudy evening with a few drops of rain and a course in good condition was all it took for Woodge to win tonight’s CITCO event in style with 28 points!

1. Woodge 28 points
2. Merve Herneman 23 points
3. Craig Ferreira 23 points

Nearest to pin: Nathan Sneyd
Longest drive: Christopher Brown

Worst score: Bernard Biggar 4 points

Next event will be at Canach on the 23 July. Check the schedule for changes, as we have added an event in Preisch instead of the cancelled event last week.

An updated leaderboard wil be published soon! Some people made some big moves…

Sixth CITCO event…

More thunder and lightning stopped some eager FROGs in their tracks, an excellent turnout, and well done Rupert for getting everyone of the first tee, even though some people only played one shot.

Many thanks to our sponsors CITCO, this event will be replayed and an announcement will be made next week – Mervemeister is looking into venues.

On Tuesday evening Mervey Pheonix Herneman beat Mark Gillies on the last hole. He joins Derek Sinclair in the quarter finals.

Tonights matches to get into the quarters saw;
Paton beat Birch 1 up – witnessed by a large group on the 18th (although they might replay their match…?).
Botfield beat Davy 2&1 – witnessed by J Hill.
Jess beat Bart – Bart conceded several times.

Stuart and Russell, Tim and Eyzo, and Craig and Duncan have all arranged their matches – the quarter finals are taking shape – thanks to Bart and S-HRM for their sponsorship.

Next event is Junglinster on the 9th – Steve Brown will be the organiser and i can confirm that no handicaps have been slashed this week due to the weather.