Round 3 of the CITCO Grand Prix

Many thanks to Kieron and Richard from Badenoch & Clark for driving the Starters Car around the last couple of Grand Prixs…an excellent job, and done very well….who is volunteering for June 9th at Preisch?

Many thanks to Citco…our sponsors are the envy of the whole wide world, and even further away places!

On the night, only 23 FROGs showed up….maybe everyone else had slick tyres on and crashed out before hitting the border, who knows? Who cares? We didn’t miss you, and the weather was great….ha ha ha.

1st place on countback went to Johan Terblanche, 2nd place to Jonny Hill and 3rd place to Peter Baxter all on 16pts.

Longest drive went to Stefano in the Ferrarri….must have hit a sprinkler head or something!

Nearest the Pin was claimed by Andrew Paton.

Well done to all the major prize winners!

Not so well done to Jerry, Richard and Nathan who all claimed 6 pts over the 9 holes…a pink ball and a FROGs fly swat to each of you!

The Drivers Champion in the Race to Ducal is still showing Botfield on top, with a sneaky move from Jonny Hill into second place….with Luc de sponsor Vet in third place….

In the SHRM matchplay, Dave Winters dished out a spanking to Neil Underwood…that saves me from doing it later in the competition! Thanks to Bart E Man for the continued sponsorship…sorry i forgot to bring the SHRM balls!

2nd round can start now, but I will send the completed Round 1 draw on next week, as a one week extension was granted for those unable to play the first round yet. There names will remain in red throughout the competition, and a further repeat of delays without good reason will see their names eliminated.

Next event is on the French 9 at Preisch on June 9 – starter please?

All roads to France are horrendous…too many F’KING FROGS on the road which slows down us FROGs from getting to the golf course on time….I have sent a letter expressing our outrage to the French Transport Minister and requesting a FREE ROAD TO PREISCH for FROG members only….

Other matters….there are no other matters…have a great weekend, if you can’t play well, play quickly….

Results from round 2 at Kikouka

Citco Round 2 took place in Kikuoka ka ka ka….it was perishing…minus 3 at least!

Simon Baker hit top form winning on 20pts, with Willem picking up second spot on 18pts, the axe has been swung!

Dennis menacingly took third place on 17pts and countback over Luc and myself.

Nearest the pin was Gareth (the pro), i had longest drive although it was later challenged by the late arriving Daniel Kaiser…so we shared it! Dennis – keep this man busy!

The new FROGs shirts were handed out…I noticed many of you were too shy to come over and collect them on Wednesday….maybe i should remind you all that these shirts are handed out free! (Now you know where your subs go). is the website, take a peak….

First round leader was Jess – he has a lovely Yellow Frogs T-shirt to collect….the leader after round two is…… ME (and my dodgy swing and ankle)! Catch me if you can suckers!

Once again thanks to our very generous sponsors…CITCO for the Grand Prix, and SHRM for the Matchplay!

Matchplay Round Two opponents will be known after the next event….

Preisch is next on the 26th…there will be a meal at the Hotel de la Frontière…hopefully Richard Neale will start this event….Cost is EUR 34 to non Preisch members and EUR 2 to members. Kieron, thanks for starting last week, the FROGs will buy your dinner at the next event!

Tally ho and chocs away……..