Results CITCO European Tour 2011 – round 2

Tuesday’s results were as follows:-

1st Mark Gillies 20
2nd Andrew Paton 19
3rd Nick Montague 17

Nearest to pin: Franco Mastroddi
Longest drive: Craig Feirrera

Worst score: Stephane Ayache with 5 points.

Results from SHRM matchplay are not in yet, but will beposted shortly to the web site in order for you to complete the next round!

Away day is confirmed for the 8 June in Saarbrücken. Tee off between 6 and 7 p.m.

Results CITCO European Tour 2011

I declare the season officially open. Tim Tobin started it…thanks Tim!

Once again our sponsors CITCO are supporting the mighty and not so mighty FROGs – a thousand Ribbits of Thanks be to you!

On the night;

Russell Edwards missed his body building class to whack the longest drive of the night…
Steve Brown did hit one straight(ish) shot and won the nearest to the pin…

Four golfers managed 17 pts or more…with Mark Gillies winning nothing for 4th place, Tony Nightingale won a pink golf ball for his 4 points….sometimes life is so unfair!

Steve Knowles saw an immediate return on his investment – Leon has been working on his swing for a few months – an excellent 17 points, third place, well done!

Ernest Foy managed 18 points which was good enough for second place, but Alan Botfield managed a sweet 19 points to take first spot!

Loads of SHRM matchplays were played, see the updated schedule ….loads have still not been played….Round 1 will be resolved next week, when the FROGs return to Canach on TUESDAY!