CITCO round 3 at Preisch

A very warm evening despite the earlier threat of rain greeted a good turn out of Frogs. Very well administered by our starter Bernard, the course was in excellent condition, so there were no excuses for the not so hot scoring.

The winner with 16 points was Ian Doherty, with Francis Parisis second on count back – Francis benefited from Frank not being at the prize giving as Frank also scored 16 points but has promised to buy him a drink next time he sees him in a bar – and Andrew Paton was third with 15 points.

The longest drive with an excellent effort was Jess Have and the nearest the pin went to Steve Brown: it was probably the furthest nearest the pin we have seen for many years and he finished it in style with 3 putts. Steve always remember that three putting is a lot better than four putting.

The competition for the highly prized pink ball was intense this week: Johnny Hill tried very hard to take this one (I am told by his partners that he was having problems with the awkward five footers) but he lost out on a countback of five points to Richard Neale.

Of the two guests, Mark Philips won out over Andrew King.

In the SHRM matchplay, Rupert Birch beat Mark Gillies, Paolo beat Francis, Nick Montague beat Paul Goes and John Brophy beat Johnny. Please make sure that you send all your matchplay results to Dave Winters and do keep up with your matches.

As we continue to work on the new automated scoring and handicap system, should you have any queries please contact Dave Winters and he will sort them out for you. The updated scores, handicaps and results will all be posted on the web site in the few days.

The next round is at Canach on Tuesday 5th June when we will be playing the back nine. The starter will be Patch Lowe. The list of starters is on the site and we are covered until 1 August! If you would like to be a starter for an event after this date please liaise with Andrew Paton.

Enjoy the long weekend.


CITCO report of round 2

After all the rain during the day we enjoyed a fine sunny and dry evening which made up for the damp fairways and awkward greens. We had an excellent turnout, 35 players. Three putting was normal, four putting happened and I think we even had a couple of five putters.
Russell and Delboy won the longest drive and NTP with Delboy also coming second on the night and now leading the Race to Grand Ducal. It looks as though Delboy is hitting the ball so well that he has probably been giving Rory Mcilroy lessons in how to how to strike the ball.
Tony Whiteman, as a new member, on the other hand looks as though he has been taking lessons from the now unrecognisable Bernard Biggar. Well done Bernard on dropping those 27 kilos, scoring in double figures and passing those well sought after ball striking tips onto Tony. Tony as this is your first time as a pink ball winner please be sure to carry on the tradition of starting your next Frogs round with this highly cherished award.
Third on the night was Stefano with 17 points and the winner on countback with 19 points was Nick Montague. Best guest was Damian Bushe. For the SHRM matchplay there were 8 matches played on the night and the results of these matches can be found on the web site

Thanks to the starter, Merve. Next round is at Preisch on Wednesday 23rd May where your starter will be Bernard. Thanks also to Ernest for all his hard work on getting the automated scoring system up and running. Please all keep up with your SHRM matchplay games.

See you all at Preisch.


Report Round 1 Wednesday 25th April (Grand Ducal)

The FROGS 2012 season got off to a wet, rainy start at GD but the turnout was excellent with 36 players braving the conditions.

The winner on the night with an impressive 17 points was Woodge beating the newcomer David Walker on a countback. Third place went to Merve the Swerve with 16.

While some players had obviously not left their clubs sitting quietly in the corner of the garage, others still have to get that swing back into shape: the happy winner of the worst score was Neil Underwood, although he was pushed hard by some other members, who will remain unnamed!

Longest drive went to Del Boy with an impressive shot down to one of the new bunkers on the first, while Franco Mastroddi hit true and sweet to take nearest to the pin.

The SHRM also got underway with two results: Merve the Swerve beat local boy, Frank Maitry, 2 & 1 and Steve Brown overcame Rob McCorduck with the same result.

Best (and only) guest was Don MacGregor.

The evening was capped off with a fine meal, organised by Luc De Vet, and the handing out of the 2012 FROG shirts.

Thanks go to our sponsors and starters, Kieron O’ Connor & Richard Neale.

Full results

Don’t forget the date of the next outing: Wednesday 9th May, Canach front nine, with Merve the Swerve acting as your host on the 1st tee.