Pairs competition sponsored by De Vere

A clear warm sunny evening and the chance to win € 10,000 meant that we had a very good turn out for the competition sponsored, very generously, by De Vere and thanks to David Naughton and his team.

On the evening with the rough now being cut back there were some very good scores. Dave Hopwood and Patch Lowe won on countback with a score of 22 points from Craig Ferrera and Merve. Simon Baker and Tony Nightingale (making a late start to his season) came third with 21 points.

The nearest the pin went to Craig and the longest drive went to Steve Brown who beat our current man in form Johnny Hill. For the putting competition it was again Johnny Hill who had the chance to putt for a €10,000 prize after qualifying by holing all three of his putts. Johnny then unfortunately left his big money putt short just as we were all getting ready to have a big drink on his bar bill. For the drinks it was left to Andrew Paton to kindly offer the beers to celebrate his birthday.

Our thanks to Stefano who was our starter for the evening.

We had two guest pairs both from the Golfaholics and it was the pairing of Pat Hutchines and Yun Min who just beat Andy Ferns and Sean Nevin to the winners rostrum and who proudly accepted their Frogs shirts and balls. The pair of pink balls went to Joe Lister and Tony Whiteman with 12 points.

Next competition is on Tuesday 3rd July at Junglinster where the starter will be Woodge.

Thanks again to De Vere for their generous sponsorship of the evening.


CITCO round 6 – Canach

Fortunately, the Gods were on our side and the rain kept away for most of the evening. The tees, the fairways and the greens were all in excellent condition. So what could stop some really good scoring? Only the infamous waist high rough at Kikuoka where I am pleased to say, we only lost a few members this week. Hopefully, they will have found their way out in time to play next Wednesday.

On the evening there were some Frogs who successfully avoided the rough and scored very well. Chris Juste won with 21 points and, despite sending a very original, heart rendering note to the committee not to have his handicap cut, will now find that the handicap committee has indeed taken no notice of his note and has savagely cut him. Sorry Chris them’s the breaks for a winner with a great score. Johnny Hill came second with an excellent 20 points shooting a gross 1 over and third was Andrew Paton with 18 points.

The NTP was won with an excellent shot from Paul Goes who then sank the putt for his birdie. Longest Drive with an enormous hit was Chris Juste but as he was the winner on the night his prize went to fourth place Stuart Rowlands.

In the matchplay, Bart, having already beaten Ayzo and then Russell, was level with Johan after 9, when on the toss of a coin, Johan won. The pink ball found its way safely back into Bernard’s pocket with a score of 3 points.

For the race to GD the leader board has been shaken up with Johnny now leading with 81 points, followed by Andrew Paton on 76 and then Frank Maitry on 73. Always remember that just one (or even better two good rounds) can easily put you in the top three.

This week our resident best guest Andrew King again won, this time with a score of 13 points. However, at the prize giving the loudest cheer was for one of the Frogs most popular guests Dave Robertson (Dennis’s Dad) who is now the owner and is expected to wear the pink leader’s shirt for the race to GD.

Next Wednesday will be the De Vere pairs to be held at Canach where De Vere will be sponsoring a putting competition after the event, where one lucky Frog will have the opportunity to try and win €10,000. So please get your teams organised and enter them with Andrew Paton.

A quick thank you to Luc and Dave Winters for organising the meal and for liaising with the hotel so that the meal, value and service are now all at an excellent level.

See you next week.


CITCO round 5 – Junglinster

Despite the heavy rain during the day the weather improved sufficiently for the snorkel and flippers to be put away for the evening. The course was in excellent condition and there were some very decent scores.

Our starter for the evening was Steve Brown who managed to negotiate from the club a heater, television, armchair, hot drinks , snacks etc for the starter’s hut to keep him dry, warm and fed whilst he awaited the arrival of Frogs. Unfortunately, none of this helped him negotiate the first hole -Steve would you like to provide more details ?

In the matchplay Paolo beat Woodge, Merve beat Jess, John Brophy beat Steve Brown. The nearest the pin winner was probably one of the furthest NTP we have had for quite a while. Andrew Paton won with a shot that was 21 meters from the flag and then safely putted for his bogey. Longest drive was won with a great drive by Jess.

We had two guests Andrew King and Yves Mazzuco with Yves winning the best guest. The glorious pink ball was very very close with a number of worthy attempts. However, Stéphane Ayache just edged out Steve Kaiser for this cherished award on a countback on 9 points.

For the CITCO competition Johnny Hill was a clear winner with an excellent round of 19 points. Frank Maitry was second with 18 points but as he was unable to attend the prize giving this prize went to John Brophy with 17 points. Third place on a three way count back on 16 points was won by Marco Bus just ahead of Andrew Paton and Paolo.

The race to GD continues to be very close with about a dozen or so players all within a couple of points of each other at the top of the table.

Our next round will be at Canach next Wednesday – your starter will be Marco. The De Vere Pairs is the week after on Wednesday 27th June also at Canach so do start planning your teams.

See you all next week.

Best wishes


CITCO round 4 report – Canach

Welcome to the back nine at Canach. The weather stayed dry, the conditions on the course were good although we did lose a couple of players in the rough when they went to look for their wayward shots. There were some notable scores with Johan scoring an emphatic win with 22 points, followed by Woodge with 18 points and Rupert who edged Stuart for third place on a countback with 17 points. Francis completed the very unusual honour of winning last week and then also being a winner this week: unfortunately, it was the pink ball this week with 8 points. The NTP with an excellent shot, which was in a very tricky position, went to Woodge while Steve Brown unleashed his beast and then hit a sufficiently decent drive to win the longest drive.

We had three guests playing: Andrew King, Kieron Dolan and Mark Phillips with Andrew winning the best guest with 13 points.

The race to GD is warming up with many players in contention. Delboy is leading with 60 points and is being chased by a pack of Frogs including, Stevie, Woodge, Duncan and Nick who are just a few shots behind.

Thanks to Patch for starting and for coping so well with the vagaries of the Kikuoaka admin. The next round is on Wednesday next week at Junglinster. Dennis was meant to be the starter but as he will still be celebrating the Scottish rugby win you will be contacted by the well known Frog, A.N. Other who will take over the starting duties.

In the matchplay Dave Winters beat Dave Walker, Jess beat Delboy, Merve beat Rupert, Johan beat Andrew and Botty beat Nick.

Look forward to seeing everyone next week.