Results from the 3 club challenge competition 2012

On a glorious, late August evening, 25 FROGS gathered for the 3-club challenge. Among the 25 there were 4 guests – Mark Phillips, John Trinder, Karsten Kristensen and Andrew King.

Praise was given for the excellent condition of the course but dissenting voices were not impressed by the trueness and quality of the greens. Loyal members of the GD replied that the dissenters simply could not putt to save their lives.

As many would argue, the 3-club challenge reveals who the real golfers are and this year was no different with high scores being delivered by many (the SSR was 15) and only two managing less than 10 points.

The winner on 18 points, after a count back, was Richard Neale, the first time for Richard to reach the lofty heights of a FROGS podium. Second was Stuart Rowlands on 18 points after a very close count back. And third was Peter Baxter with 17. With a wisely chosen 5 wood, Ian Doherty claimed the Longest Drive. Karsten Kristensen, won Nearest to the Pin. John Trindner won the best guest with 17 points.

The battle for the pink ball was vicious with everything coming down to the final hole. With a 2 point advantage, Johnny Hill was confident that he would be walking away empty-handed but Andreoni Pantaleoni had other ideas. Two carefully struck 4 irons left him just off the green and he sealed his par with two fine putts (who said he could not putt to save his life!). Despite his commendable bogey, Johnny Hill was the happy winner of the pink delight! His dilemma now is: does he have to play with it in the final round of the CITCO Grand Prix as some kind members have suggested. You could equally ask what is he doing at the top of the leader board after his performance in the 3-club challenge. No, it is all fully deserved and we wish him well with whatever ball he decides to use!

Many thanks to Ayzo for carrying out the starter duties with calm authority, which included telling everyone that Nearest to the pin was on the 8th – a par four – nobody managed to hit the green in one. By the way, he has happily and generously agreed to invite us all to his Stag Party and, if we behave appropriately, we may even be invited to the wedding! Dates of both will be communicated shortly.

Don’t forget two important dates, which should already be in your diaries: the final round of the CITCO Grand Prix is on Thursday 30th August at GD with Mark Gillies as our starter followed by the event we all eagerly await each year, the Ryder Cup on Saturday 1st September at Kikuoka. After years of miserable failure, we are looking for the miracle. If you can play and haven’t already contacted Johnny Hill, then please do so rapidly.

Report from penultimate CITCO event 2012 at Preisch

We were again lucky with the weather and enjoyed a very competitive evening’s golf. The tees were forward which made the approach work a bit easier but the vagaries of the greens caught out many of the players. We had a very big turn out, nearly 40 players. Thanks to Jess for performing the starting duties this week.

The winner on count back with 20 points was Rupert with Steve Knowles second. James King came third with 19. Fourth place went to Stuart Rowlands who pipped Marco Bus on a count back with 18 points. The nearest to the pin was won by Ernest with an excellent shot that finished up only 30 cm from the hole – yes he got the birdie ! With all this good scoring the standard scratch score was 17 points.

The pink ball was even more competitive than usual as the BBI (Bernard Biggar Index) was registering as on vacation. There were some notable low scores with Botty, Ernest, John Sutherland and Jess all vying for the prize. However, it was Steve Brown with a score of 10, who showed that even a score in double figures is no longer safe, who won the treasured pink ball.

In the SHRM matchplay, in a match that came down to the last putt on the last green Johan beat John Brophy one up and now goes through to the final.

We had four guests playing: Mark Phillips, John Caulfield, Jean Baptiste and Nathan. Nathan won the best guest prize with a score that looks as though he has been training with the Chinese ladies swimming team such was his improvement from his last round with the Frogs. He scored an incredible 27 points which we think is a record score over 9 holes at a Frogs event.

The race to Grand Ducal is very much on as our leader Johnny Hill with 85 points, is now being chased down by Woodge on 82, Johan on 81 and both Frank and Stuart on 80 points. Frank has appealed (Japanese Olympic style) against his points claiming a 82. The jury is investigating and may reach a decision before the next event. As Frank can’t play the next event can those near the top please get more than 82 to avoid the jury having to work.

Our next events are as follows :
Wednesday 22nd August Grand Ducal 3 club competition
Thursday 30th August Grand Ducal CITCO round 10
Saturday 1st September Ryder Cup – do confirm with Johnathan Hill if you would be available for selection.

Enjoy the holiday time.