CITCO round 6 2013 – Preisch

An ideal evening to play on a course that was in excellent condition so no excuses for bad play although one or two members would be keen to come up with some excuses, especially one of our members who originates from NZ, who according to his playing partners, lost 11 balls in the nine holes and was then heard to say that was now definately the end of his golfing career – will he come back and play again or is this really the end ? Again we had a very good turn out of members with over 30 players. So a very enjoyable evening. Thanks to James King for being starter and for the beers on the first.

We are moving along with the match play so do please keep to the scheduled dates for the completion of your matches both for the SHRM and golf shop competitions.

A couple of matchplay results:
Stefan bt Johan 4 and 2
Ian Doherty bt Ayzo 3 and 2

This year the Pairs is to be played on Tuesday 9th July at Canach and is being sponsored by Frank Maitry’s company. So please get your teams organised.

Ryder Cup
The Ryder Cup will be played on Saturday 3rd August at Kikuoka. Johnny Hill has again very kindly agreed to be our captain and to organise our team. So if you would be available for selection and would wish to take part please contact Johnny direct at This year we are all determined to go one better than our very exciting draw last year so sharpen up your clubs and contact Johnny.

Annual Dinner
Please save this date – Saturday 28th September. This is an event with partners so have a word with you better halves and make sure it is in the diary. Luc is organising the evening and will be sending out more information in the next few weeks.

Slow Play
A polite reminder that as we are playing stableford if you cannot score on a hole please pick up and to move on so that we keep hold ups to a minimum.

Onto the results:

Standard Scratch Score was 15.

LD Ian Docherty
NTP Steve Brown

We had two guests Keith Derby and Mark Hughes. Keith won the best guest but as he was not at the prize giving Mark picked up this award. However, with a score of 4 points , three of which came on one hole, he was awarded the more appropriate prize of a pink ball.

CITCO results
1. Stefan 23 points
2. Dave Winters 19 points
3. Gregor Dalrymple 16 points on count back.

However, as he was not at the prize giving this went to Tim who just beat Daniel, Woodge and Peter Baxter on the count back.

After 6 rounds Craig is still leading the overall Grand Prix on 81 points, Stefan is catching up very quickly on 75 points and Frank is on 73 points.

The pink ball award had a couple of fine scores as contenders but there was as an undoubted clear winner with 2 points. John Sutherland, who seems to be making this his regular award this season.

Our next event is on Tuesday 2nd July at Junglinster. The starter for this round will be Woodge.


CITCO round 5 – Junglinster – Dennis’ 60th!

Dennis' 60th!

Dennis’ 60th!

What a great evening !! Many thanks to Dennis for his outstanding hospitality and generosity . We were very fortunate with the sunny evening and managed to avoid the rain during the golf. With the storm there were people marooned in the bar until early this morning as that was the safest place to be. The scores reflected the excellent conditions and we had a standard scratch score of 15.


Updated results attached so please do arrange your matches and keep to the dates for each round.


Just a quick reminder that if you have put your name down for the meal and then cannot make the dinner please do call the starter and cancel as we are obliged to confirm numbers of people eating to the restaurants by 19.00. Also, please ensure that all your bar bills are settled before you leave for home.

Round 5

Thanks to Richard Neale and Kieron O’Connor for performing the starter’s duties so patiently in the heat and for providing the beers on the first. (NB for future starters beers are not compulsory but much appreciated)

To the scores :

NTP Tony Nightingale
LD Steve Brown

1. William 20 pts
2. Craig 18 pts cb
3. Dave Winters 18 pts cb

Pink Ball

Thanks to the diligence of the green keeper who found the pink ball awarded to John Sutherland at Canach, we were able to reunite John with his lost pink ball. On this round , we had a clear winner of the pink ball and a new addition to the pink winner’s circle, Jess with 4 points.

After 5 rounds Craig, continues to show how well he is using his extra time, by leading from Frank by 8 shots.

Next event is on Wednesday 26 th June at Preisch. Your starter will be James King.

A very happy birthday to Dennis and see you next week


CITCO round 4 of 2013 – Canach

At last a really warm, sunny and dry summer’s evening! We again had a big turn out of members who were able to receive the very kind offering of beers on the first provided by our starter Rob McCorduck. The course was in good condition although the greens varied between being cored, cored and sandy, bumpy or just normal. Enough excuses for even the worst putters to take home and have a meaningful, in depth conversation with the wife, partner, children, dog, in fact anyone who will listen to them?

We are moving along with the match play so do please keep to the scheduled dates for the completion of your matches both for the SHRM and golf shop competitions.

Onto the results :

Standard Scratch Score was 14

LD Jess Have
NTP Gregor Dalrymple

Best Guest. No guests this round

1. Stéphane 20 points – 17 points after 7 holes!!!
2. Graham Paul 17 points
3. Craig 16 points on count back from Frank and Colin Fraser

After 4 rounds Craig is leading the overall Grand Prix on 63 points, Frank is on 58 points, Mark Gillies is on 53 points.

At this point a special thank you to Ernest and Dave for all their hard work on the handicap system. The automated system is now very accurate and provides a handicapping system that allows for more members to be in the winning places as well rewarding the steady scoring players in the overall GP award. This has been shown as in the first four events of this season out of a possible 12 winning places we have had 11 different members in the place winners. The only person to have doubled up is Craig who is clearly putting his current extra time to very good use.

The pink ball award from round three with three points was awarded to John Sutherland. (Frogs don’t forget to present such awards). This round our starter Rob might well have enjoyed a bit too much of his own hospitality whilst welcoming all the members on the first tee as he won the pink ball with 4 points – just beating Will O’Shea on a count back. Please remember the Frogs tradition that all winners of the pink ball are to play the pink ball off the first tee of the next Frogs event in which they are playing.

Our next event is on Wednesday 19th June at Junglinster. This is a special event as it will be Dennis’s 60th birthday bash so make sure that you are not booked for any early morning meetings on the Thursday. The starters for this round will be Richard Neale and Kieron O’Connor.

Enjoy the sunny weather.