Report – CITCO round 3 – 18 May 2016 – Kikouka

Quite a few FROGS and 1 guest – welcome Jens Buch, turned out to test the Kikuoka lottery of cored greens. From the results it would seem that most FROGS prefer playing on them to normal greens.
Thanks to our starter Richard who generously supplied some corporate Redbridge beer as a tee gift making a change form the usual tees/caps etc…, now available in various hostelries in Luxembourg see their website

Star of the night was Graham Paul for a first ever FROGS hole in one (at least as far as any one could remember) who hit a 3 wood onto the 7th and somehow the ball ended up in the hole. Many congratulations Graham – who enabled us to celebrate his skill by buying beers all round. Photos and a video can be found here.

Standard Scratch for the night was 15.

For the second week in a row Fred Sudret won with 21 points and again also claimed the longest drive. We would introduce drug testing for FROGS if we didn’t think that most would fail. He now leads the overall by 11 points and his handicap has come down from 9.7 at the beginning of the season to 5. We seem to have seen this before from his best mate Stephane a couple of years ago.
In second place, winning a three way countback on 18 points was Danny Kaiser who also sported an impressive FROG belt buckle which we may look into for next year’s clothing.
Third place went to an unlucky Jonny Hill who warmed up for Arizona with a one over par 9 holes which could easily have been level. Fourth was Paul Goes and in spite of getting 4 points for his hole in one, Graham could only hit 17 in fifth place although this earned him the longest drive hand-me-down due to the single prize rule.
Nearest the pin went to Paul Goes and the leary to Jens Buch.

Jens also received a pink ball as the worst guest even with his score of 17 points – unlucky. We hope to see more of him this year.

Just missing out on the pink ball with 7 points were Gerry Mullen and Gregor Dalrymple. Jonny D put up a spirited challenge with his 6 points but lost on worst countback to a former Kikuoka Club Champion playing off 1.5. Take a bow Russell Edwards.

In the Stibbe Matchplay Will Heath beat Dennis 3 :1 and there were walkovers for Jonny D and Mark Gillies. Please keep up to date with your matchplays – there are still a few first round ties to be completed.

The next FROGS event is the 4th round of the CITCO Grand Prix at Junglinster on 1 June. A started volunteered on Wednesday but I’ve forgotten who. The usual mail will be sent out shortly though.

Report – CITCO round 2 – Preisch – 11 May 2016

24 or so intrepid FROGS set out on an adventure to the land of fois gras, snails and, heaven forbid, frogs’ legs even if it was to play Luxembourg and just a Fred Sudret drive over the border to play the second round of the CITCO Grand Prix.

Thanks to Chris Juste for getting everyone off on time even though he couldn’t stay for the results and dinner. You can have your reward next time.

Scoring was the usual Froggie mix with a standard scratch of 14.

Botty was out in the first flight and almost cleaned up claiming the NTP and the Leary. The longest drive going to Ayzo.

Winning with 18 points and about to be drastically cut was the aforementioned Fred who beat Botty into second place with 17 points. Gregor snuck into 3rd place on his own with 16. The lucky FROGS in 4th and 5th place winning prizes due to Botty’s all round golfing luck (sorry ability) were Arnaud and Luc both with 15 points.

The usual suspects were up for the pink ball: Jess a sparkling 7, Drunken a slightly less sparking 6 but the clear winner in the absence of Jonny D was the KPMG Most Honest Golfer Colin Cameron with a wonderful 5. Clearly the prize of a lesson with Jonas from KPMG wasn’t sufficient.

Several Stibbe matchplay results to report:
Stephane beat Nick 1st extra hole
Lux beat Peter 2&1
Simon beat Ayzo 1 up
Colin beat Mark w/o

The only thunder that threatened play came on the 9th hole were Johan have fought from 3 up with 4 to play against yours truly managed to sneak a ten at the last having been just short of the green in 2 to lose. Johan, as Botty said in his masterful presentation speech we promise never to mention this again.

The next CITCO Grand Prix is this Wednesday at K-ikuoka. Your starter will be Richard Neale.

Keep playing the matchplays.

Following Dave Fisher’s (one of the FROGS founder members) attendance in CITCO Grand Prix round 1 it was noted that another founder member was regretfully overlooked. We are more than happy to correct this and welcome Mike Lowe as an honorary FROG joining Dave and Dave Moody.

Report – CITCO round 1 – Grand Ducal – 27 April 2016

28 Optimistic FROGS (or did they not have access to weather forecasts) signed up for Wednesday’s first round of the Citco Grand Prix. No less than 28 frosty FROGS turned up on the day – quelle commitment! Thanks also to FROGS founder member Dave Fischer for participating, nice to see you!

Back to the golf: it was a tale of two halves, as starters Gregor and Mark entertained all comers with Aus wine, Lux beer, sandwiches, crisps, cheese and more while extracting a hefty 50 smackeroos from non-members to squeeze into the corners of the coffers of the Golf Club Grand Duchal.

Glimpses from the round

The first lot set out and scoring went remarkably well, early starters certainly got the rub of the green (and didn’t need to rub the green…). Will Heath will be severely cut for having the cheek to return with 18 points, followed by Arnaud (quality golf again) and Fred, with Russel and Mark G following closely. A bunched leaderboard saw a number of other good scores and Standard Scratch was an impressive 13, but countback is a beach, especially if you play the last few holes with snow covering the greenstaff’s foibles…

No less than three brave (?) pairs slug it out in round 1 of the Stibbe (note how we plug our new sponsor!) with Russell putting Craig to the sword (4 & 3), Bottie toyed with Stevie B and got up and down on 4 to match Steve’s only par just before hail (and then snow) came to the party to confirm that the 2016 vintage of FROGS are the most committed ever – come on Ryder Cup (check the schedule and block that day off, get in touch with our Ryder Cup captain and put in the time to practice – we’re going to make history, baby)! Paul Goes played well too (or at least better than his opponent) to beat Drunken (Dave tells me he didn’t do the draw by last years’ hairstyles…). The pink ball was gracefully accepted by Steve Kaiser and the committee finally caught up with Frank to hand over an overdue pinky – we’re all looking forward to seeing you both tee off with those as tradition dictates!

In other happenings, little Fred Sudret got all of his 4 foot 11 and a half wound up and bombed yet another one. Sadly for Fred, Mini Me and Danny de Vito, Jess got one straight to usurp Fred’s superb effort and claim the Longest (drive!). Rob McCorduck hit a sublime shot into the 7th to take the Nearest at a canter and Johan got the snow-covered Leary, then promptly 3 putted from a few feet away( it seems that putting in the snow can be quite the challenge, that is, provided that you don’t build a Highway to Hole*). * This, quite possibly first ever, reference to AC/DC is dedicated to all Australians in our honorable (nevertheless) society.

Most FROGS stayed for the (very good) dinner – hurrah – Frank donated a bottle of red to our table – double hurrah – and the cozy (and warm) GD clubhouse was the perfect setting for watching the last few groups wrap it up on 9. Dennis, Ayzo and companion were odds on favorites to debut Luxembourg at the curling event of the next Olympics, then Craig and Russ had a good go too (too much use of the feet, no points for style) but their efforts were put to shame by the last group (consisting of our two intrepid starters and Jess)! A quick reminder that we play by the Rules of Golf, gentlemen – if you have horticultural tendencies or simply want to get closer to Mother Earth and give her a few caresses, don’t do it on the line of your put!

Thanks again to Citco: still 9 rounds to go and all of us (well, almost) can still do it: Willy will be severely cut (he won’t see another 18 for a few years)! You will already have received the call to arms for our next event (at Preisch, pray for drought…), hope to see many of you there (and at the dinner, last year was a blast)!