Starters 2021

CITCO Grand Prix events

Round 1 Wednesday, 20 April 2022 – Kikuoka – Tony Whiteman
Round 2 Wednesday, 4 May 2022 – Preisch (F) – Richard Neale
Round 3 Wednesday, 18 May 2022 – Kikuoka – Damien Pons
Round 4 Wednesday, 1 June 2022 – Kikuoka – Joost Mees
Round 5 Wednesday, 8 June 2022 – Preisch (G) – Richard Browne
Round 6 Wednesday, 29 June 2022 – Preisch (F) – Neil Underwood
Round 7 Wednesday, 13 July 2022 – Kikuoka – Merve Herneman
Round 8 Wednesday, 20 July 2022 – Junglinster – Rob McCorduck
Round 9 Wednesday, 3 August 2022 – Kikuoka – Colin Cameron
Round 10 Saturday, 24 August 2022 – Grand Ducal – Mark Gillies

Other events

MixVOIP Pairs

21 June – Junglinster – Martin Shapiro

Intertrust Pair Texas Scramble Championship

11 August – Junglinster – Keith Dingwall

Individual championship sponsored by Aztec Group

8 October 2022 – Kikuoka –

FROGS Starter Instructions

As in recent seasons, we will be ensuring that a Starter is appointed for each event in advance. It is the responsibility of the Starter for each event to send out the invites, collect replies, organise tee times, advise all Froggies of tee times well in advance of the event, act as the actual “starter” on the evening, send people off, collect money for tee times and check who is eating.
This arrangement has been made to lighten the burden of invites and organisation that has been traditionally carried by one person throughout the season.
So, the list of your tasks is as follows:
1. Send out an email to all Froggies 1 week before the event inviting them to participate. Ensure to make it VERY CLEAR in your email that all replies concerning the event come back to you personally.
2. You will now need to create your list of tee times (the tee time slots will have been advised to you) with names allocated to each slot (2020-citco-start-list-example).
3. Send out the tee time list to all Froggies well in advance of the event and make sure you take two copies of the list (showing members and guests) with you when you go the club. You will also need a copy of the latest handicap list, obtainable from Jess Have or as published on the FROGS website (available here).
4. You should plan to arrive at the course at least 20 minutes before the first scheduled tee-off. When you arrive, introduce yourself in the Clubhouse as the FROGGISTARTER, collect score cards, pencils and the LD, NP markers from the Clubhouse. Obtain the phone no. of whoever needs to know the final numbers for dinner.
5. On the first tee, decide which holes you want to nominate for LD, NP, and then:
A. Collect green fees and note down who has paid what. Distribute score cards, pencils; confirm handicaps; announce LD, NP and leary.
B. Confirm whether people are staying for dinner and note down (no need to collect money for dinner).
C. As a general rule, flights should be maximum three players. You don’t need to stick too rigidly to the starting schedule although Match Play matches should happen as planned. Basically, as players arrive, make sure you send flights out as quickly as possible. If exceptionally you need to send out a four-ball, make sure that you send four good players out together to ensure quick play.
D. Remind all players that QUICK PLAY is essential. As soon as a player cannot score on a hole, he should pick up.
E. Before teeing off yourself, phone the restaurant with the numbers for dinner, then try and relax and play!

Any problems, phone
Luc de Vet (621 327 466) or James King (621 304 026).

As soon as you get into the clubhouse after playing give the list of entrants, eaters and green fee payers plus the money to one of the people listed above.

Download starter instructions 2022
Download 2022 Start list (Excel file)
Starters in previous years

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