What a week-end!

Getting the boring pleading bit over first.

We are looking for one or two new committee members to help out particularly at events. It’s not that much work and full training and support will be given.

Grateful thanks to my fellow committee members this year for the efforts – Luc, James, Ernest and Ian.

We also would like to know what we can do to improve attendance at FROGS events. The numbers playing this year were the lowest ever. It’s your golf society, we just smooth the wheels. Please turn up and play.

Without mentioning events in Chicago and Paris neither of which have anything to do with FROGS or golf but are really notable most of you unfortunately missed out on a great FROGS weekend.

It all started on Friday lunchtime when the victorious Ryder Cup team met to celebrate the historic victory over our those who shall not be named. Many thanks to Dennis for organising the lunch and providing the balloons which reappeared on Saturday night to the bemusement of many at the hotel. A couple of newbies didn’t quite enter into the spirit and ordered beef rather than spicy chicken but they will know better next time. Gregor was presented with a new FROGS trophy as the winning Ryder Cup captain which he will keep until next year when we win it again.

If anyone knows the name of the winning captain 18 years ago please let me know and we will get them added to the trophy.

I’m sure some photos of all the events will appear soon on www.frogs.lu.

Onto Saturday morning for the much delayed Bijnens Beer 3 Club challenge. Serge it was worth the wait you beer is excellent and was much enjoyed by all.

18 FROGS, 2 guests and Marco braved the rain and cold just to get a free beer. Possibly as there were beers at the end our starter failed to provide anything to warm us up, thanks for starting anyway James. Fortunately half way round a buggy appeared out of the rain bearing beer and cognac. I’m not sure we really want Hoppy to start playing golf again as his support activities are much appreciated.

Somewhat sadistically the NTP was on the first hole (tenth for the pedants amongst you) and with the first shot of the tournament Peter Baxter almost won with 2.46m unfortunately he was to be pipped by a certain Arno Bottle.

The same Arno then went on to smash a drive past Ayzo’s best to also claim the longest drive.

Given the rain, just three clubs etc, etc the results were pretty good.

Johan claimed the first place with 16.

Arnaud “Arno” Boutellier shot 15 to claim second and Peter 14 for third.

In spite of an anonymous South African lawyer challenging the FROGS’ one prize rule this was maintained and therefore Arnaud’s LD and NTP went down to Mark Gillies with 13 and Gregor who beat Ayzo on countback with 12 points.

Marco will be presented with an honorary FROGS umbrella as the best non-FROG playing for his magnificent 13 points and we hope and expect to see him back in FROGS’ colours next season.

As Ayzo couldn’t be at the final FROGS event later that day he presented some very nice looking wine to Arnaud as the AKD Matchplay runner up and the same wine plus a bottle of 1978 Armagnac for the winner – Mark Houston.

Dennis – in spite of the name, Chateau Montrose is not a vineyard in Scotland but one of the best second growths in Saint Estephe, Bordeaux France. Sorry.

The Bijnens Pink Ball appropriately an empty beer bottle was hard fought over.

Neil Underwood’s 5 points wasn’t bad enough, nor was Paul Goes’s 4 points as having only sored 1 point on the last 3 holes step forward Mr Andrew Paton who took the honours on reverse countback.e

The prize giving took place in the halfway house and many bottles of the aforementioned Bijnens beer (http://bijnensbeer.com/home live following the official launch in Belgium later this month) were partaken of and the general conclusion was that it was a very fine ale. Many thanks from us all again Serge…

And so to the Annual Dinner – 27 FROGS and partners attended the dinner at the Alfa Hotel. I don’t remember but I think all there enjoyed the evening, certainly the champagne and wine flowed freely as did the cleansing ales at the end of the evening. Luc kindly broke into his cellar to provide several bottles of an excellent red wine as a bonus. Maybe that’s why I don’t remember so much.

Somehow most people managed not to fall asleep during the Fat Frog’s prize presentation speech – no idea how.

In no particular order the following trophies were handed out.

FROGS Matchplay Trophy – Mark Houston

Ken Reid FROGS Individual Trophy – Craig Ferreira

The all new Don MacGregor – Dave Moody FROGS Pairs Trophy – Alan Botfield and Steve Brown

The soon to be acquired FROGS CITCO Overall Trophy – William Heath

The Ryder Cup – Gregor Dalrymple

Interestingly the three floating Frog balloons were graciously donated by Dennis to fellow FROGS for their children.

Many thanks to our sponsors in 2016 who have all agreed to continue next year:-

Bijnens Beer

For those who still aren’t aware of the two non FROG related major sporting achievements over the weekend, the Irish ended the All Blacks 18 match winning run to earn their first victory over the All Blacks in 111 years- at least it was our second victory and we only had to wait 18 years.

The other one was a certain Scotsman becoming the No 1 tennis player in the world.

Results CITCO round 8 – Canach

A lovely warm sunny evening with the course in good condition provided an ideal evening for some good golf. Unfortunately, there was very little good golf being played by any of the Frogs! The winning score with what we believe to be the lowest ever winner’s score was 15 points [this year, Ed.]. It was said that with scores like this even people originating from NZ might have had a chance… Again we had a very good turn out of members with 26 members and 3 guest players. So a very enjoyable evening. Thanks to Ian Doherty for being starter.

We are moving along in the match play so do please keep to the scheduled dates for the completion of your matches both for the SHRM and golf shop competitions.

A couple of results :
Frank bt Dolby
Ian Doherty bt Merve
Gregor bt Rupert

Ryder Cup
The Ryder Cup will be played on Saturday 3rd August at Kikuoka. Johnny Hill has again very kindly agreed to be our captain and to organise our team. So if you would be available for selection and would wish to take part please contact Johnny direct at hilljo@internet.lu

Annual Dinner
Please save this date – Saturday 28th September. This is an event with partners so have a word with you better halves and make sure it is in the diary. Luc is organising the evening and will be sending out more information in the next few weeks.

LD Ian Doherty
NTP Merve

We had three guests Ray Fitzpatrick, John Molloy and Pat Hutchines. All Golfaholics keen to gather valuable information ahead of the Ryder Cup. In retrospect we should have teamed them up with some of our illustrious pink ball winners – that would have provided them with interesting feedback to take back to the Golfaholics.

We had three players on 15 points so on countback:
1. Stefan 15 points (1 point after 3 holes – 7 points in last three holes)
2. Craig 15 points
3. Luc 15 points

After 8 rounds Stéphane remains the runaway leader with Craig still leading the chase in second place. It is worth noting that Stéphane has already surpassed the previous highest ever tally of points in a season and with his win this week he will again be keeping the handicapper busy. Congratulations Stéphane.

Pink Ball. With the notable absence of several of our usual contenders the ball this week went to Andrew Paton on 8 points who just edged out myself.

Our next event is on Tuesday 23rd July at Junglinster. The starter for this round will be Nathan.


CITCO Grand Prix 2010 – results round 9

What was all the fuss about? Kikuoka greens were not only playable most people managed to hole some decent putts…

As the CITCO Grand Prix nears it’s climax week nine was reserved for handicap massaging (Johan) or for staking a claim (Merve)….currently Johnny “I am going to win the Grand Slam” Hill and Merve “Am gonna stop Jonny Hill from winning the Grand Slam” Herneman lead the way on 83 points, with Jess “Still on Holiday” Have trailing one shot behind. There are still a whole host of contenders in the chasing pack though….

On the night and not holing enough putts were Stephane, Johan, Mark Gillies and Stuart Rowlands who were all tied on 5 pts. Truly deserving FROG SWAT winners…

Main prize winners were Del Boy (who set off the alarm bells in the morning) scooping second place (17pts) and longest drive beating Ian Davy on countback and into third place…Ian also hit the nearest to the pin.

Bart d’Ancona won on 20 pts….

Final round is on Thursday 26th August – and we need a starter…dinner will be the reward.

In the SHRM Matchplay…Del Boy beat Jerry “birdie, birdie” Grbic in the first semi final.

Del will play the winner of Johnny “I am going to win the Grand Slam” Hill or Nick “I won it last year” Montague in the final. Well done guys.

In the Final Round, the leaders will play together, and they should all wear their yellow shirts (if Jess is absent, i will take his place because i am in 4th spot)….

We need someone to arrange the meal afterwards – Mark / Stuart?

Results from round 2 at Kikouka

Citco Round 2 took place in Kikuoka ka ka ka….it was perishing…minus 3 at least!

Simon Baker hit top form winning on 20pts, with Willem picking up second spot on 18pts, the axe has been swung!

Dennis menacingly took third place on 17pts and countback over Luc and myself.

Nearest the pin was Gareth (the pro), i had longest drive although it was later challenged by the late arriving Daniel Kaiser…so we shared it! Dennis – keep this man busy!

The new FROGs shirts were handed out…I noticed many of you were too shy to come over and collect them on Wednesday….maybe i should remind you all that these shirts are handed out free! (Now you know where your subs go).

www.frogs.lu is the website, take a peak….

First round leader was Jess – he has a lovely Yellow Frogs T-shirt to collect….the leader after round two is…… ME (and my dodgy swing and ankle)! Catch me if you can suckers!

Once again thanks to our very generous sponsors…CITCO for the Grand Prix, and SHRM for the Matchplay!

Matchplay Round Two opponents will be known after the next event….

Preisch is next on the 26th…there will be a meal at the Hotel de la Frontière…hopefully Richard Neale will start this event….Cost is EUR 34 to non Preisch members and EUR 2 to members. Kieron, thanks for starting last week, the FROGs will buy your dinner at the next event!

Tally ho and chocs away……..

CITCO final standings 2009 and result of round 10

Dear all,

Thanks to our great sponsors Citco for another magical Citco Grand Prix season. (please clap your hands).

What a finale…..well done Ian Doherty, winning on the night and moving into third place in the order of merit.
Steve Brown was beaten on countback (18 pts) which meant Johnny Sutherland with 17pts was fourth, losing out to Mark Gillies on countback (Aussies are used to finishing third – eg Tri Nations) i guess the Ashes wasn’t that bad a result after all.

Dave Hopwood Biggar picked up the worst score prize yet again….even Johnny Sutherland was heard commenting “Hoppy is really sh1t at this game, he should take a lesson or give it up”.

Ian Davy hit a glorious nearest the pin shot….nearly beaten by Stuart Rowlands, if only a few more worms stuck their head up around 30metres from the green….anyway, Botfield smashed the longest drive.

In the order of merit decider, Alan Botfield needed to shoot 16pts to tie Craig Ferreira….with three holes remaining, Botfield needed three pars to win outright….but made only one par….Craig won on 80, Botfield second on 79, Ian D third on 78, and Gillies and Brown finished on 77…Goes and Winters 76, Tim van Dijk, Fred Sudret and Adrian Roadway on 75….Luc de Citco and KPMG Dennis on 74…

3 club challenge (two clubs and a putter) is back at Grand Ducal on Thursday 3rd Sept…we need a starter….apply within!

KPMG individuals is on Saturday 19th, Mr David Winters will be your starter (9.30 – 11am at Canach).

FROGs dinner is at Villa d’Este 8pm on Sept 19th after the individuals…let Nick Montague know if you are coming and if you are bringing a partner….

Let’s finish the season in style….i want you all to make a very special effort in your dress code for the three club challenge, otherwise Paolo Tarakdjian will win the best dressed player of the year award….

That’s pretty much it guys….congrats to Craig and the prize winners….

CITCO final results 2009

Frogs champion 2008

KPMG kindly sponsored the Frogs championship this year. The defending champion was and is still away, so the title was destined to go to someone else.

In the end Ayzo Van Eysinga came in with an impressive 36 points, Stefano Ciccarello was runner-up at 34 points and third place went to Franco Mastroddi on 31 points.

Thanks to KPMG and Dennis for sponsoring the event.

This was the last event of the year and we hope to see you for in a new and exciting season next year.

FROGS dinner is taking place at at Villa d’Este on the 28 November, so don’t forget to sign up with Shrek.

You are better with just three clubs!

The results from the 3 club challenge are in:

Ernest Foy beat Paul Goes on countback with 18 points! Third was Bart d’Ancona on 17.

Next one, and last one up, will be the Individuals. More information will follow.

UPDATE: Date for the KPMG sponsored FROGS Championship is the 18th October. FROGS dinner will be on the night.

Results CITCO Grand Prix 2008

What a finish to the 2008 CITCO Grand Prix season! (See leaderboard for final placings).

The short tree lined front nine circuit of Grand Ducal was the host of the 10th and final Citco Grand Prix of the 2008 season.

Nick Montague (in the Mizuno) took pole position and wore the yellow jersey, after a very nervous start he recovered to score 15 points. Botfield (in the Titleist), also on the front row, spun off at the first corner, and weakly limped round in 10 points. Ian Doherty, third on the grid, with some fatherly help managed a disappointing 12 points! Father did better!

The podium beckoned for the challenging pack;
Dennis Robertson never fully recovered from Round 8, and did not start in round 9 or 10.
Steve Brown never recovered after the German Grand Prix in round 5, mechanical problems have persisted since then and he trundled in with 11 points.
Craig Ferreira (in the Left hand drive) had the powerful engine, but poor gear changes caused him to pull up with 11 points.
Jonathan Hill (in the Golf GTI) threatened, but was always a little short and his 14 points never troubled the podium.

All the contenders failed to pick up enough points to dislodge the top three, Nick is the 2008 Champion, Alan the runner up, and Ian takes third place.

On the night
Nathan scored 18 points, would have won, but left the pits with a bird, a Tony Nightingale in fact, who scored a creditable 16 points. With these two now out of the picture, the prizes were presented as follows:

1st Luc (de sponsor) Vet (17 points)
2nd Stuart (starter) Rowlands (17 points)
3rd Nick (champion) Montague (15 points)

Long Drive – Mervey (2007 champion)
Nearest the Pin – 2008 Champion, Nick Montague

Best Guest – Willem can Rooyen (22 points)
Worst score – Neil Underwood (3 points)

SHRM Matchplay
In SHRM Matchplay Ayzo van Eysinga beat Alan Botfield 1 up – neither player mastered the conditions, but Ayzo hung on…

Congratulations to all prize winners !

Individuals event and FROGs dinner will be arranged shortly – keep checking your e-mails and the web site !!!!

For the Starter


Before you go to the course, make sure –

  • you have two copies of the starting list showing members and guests. This can be obtained from John Sutherland.
  • you have two copies of the latest handicaps. Alan Botfield distributes these to all FROGS after each event.
  • you check with the course liaison FROG what green-fee we have negotiated and any special arrangements about eating (eg do they need to know exactly how many will be eating)

You should plan to arrive at the course at least 20 minutes before the first scheduled tee-off. When you arrive, introduce yourself in the Clubhouse as the FROGGISTARTER, collect score cards, pencils and the LD, NP markers from the Clubhouse. Obtain the phone no. of whoever needs to know the final numbers for dinner.

On the first tee, decide which holes you want to nominate for LD, NP, and then:

  • collect green fees and note down who has paid what. Guests who have been accepted on to the starting list pay an additional 5 euros. Distribute score cards, pencils ; confirm handicaps ; announce LD, NP
  • confirm whether people are staying for dinner, note down
  • as a general rule, flights should be maximum three players. You don’t need to stick too rigidly to the starting schedule although Match Play should happen as planned. If exceptionally you need to send out a four-ball, make sure that you send four good players out together to ensure quick play
  • remind all players that QUICK PLAY is essential. As soon as a player cannot score on a hole, he should pick up.

Before teeing off yourself, phone the restaurant with the numbers for dinner, then try and relax and play! Any problems, phone Steve (621 163796), Mark (691 150404), Woodge (621 281532), Jess (621 281983) or Johnny S. (621 159347).

Course liaison FROGS for 2007 are: GCGD (Mark), Junglinster (Woodge), Canach (John) and Preisch (Steve).

Download the instructions