Report CITCO round 1 – Preisch – 26 April 2018

Hello FROGS!!! Anther season has finally begun… after a long and cold Luxembourg winter.

A big THANK YOU goes to all those involved in making this possible and of course to our sponsors.

The opening round took place yesterday on the nine of Luxembourg at the Golf de Preisch.

Couple dozen players showed up for a great afternoon of golf with no rain and the sun breaking through the clouds: Leary on 4th, Longest drive on the 5th and Nearest the pin, obviously, on the 6th.

Price giving, drinks and dinner with bouchée à la reine, frites-salad and fine red wine took place at the Hôtel-Restaurant de la Frontière. A great start and we are looking forward to seeing more of you!!!

I had an unexpected round of decent golf after years of struggling with annoying back problems….. I hope I can say, I’M BACK!
Thanks Graham, it was nice to play with you.

Results of the day:
1. Stefano 16 points
2. Steve 15 points (count back 8/3)
3. Peter Baxter 15 (count back 6/3)
4. James 15
Johan: 8
Franco: 8
Craig: 7
Tony: 5

One guest, Bruce, scored 2 points (best and worst guest).

-Special Prizes-
Leary: James
Nearest: Robert
Longest: Craig-Catweazle

The first Match play of the season saw Dave and Franco battle to the first extra hole with Dave finally getting through the first round. Congratulations to both for not beating around the bush and choosing the opening round to face up.

Next round will be in Kikuoka on the 2nd of May and we have a super starter (Thanks Hoppy!)


KPMG Frogs Champion 2011

Today was clearly the coldest Frogs event this season. Despite the frost and very cold conditions, sanded greens etc Ernest Foy still managed to win with 32 points ahead of Duncan Tippin on 32 points and Jonathan Hill on 31 points.

This was the last event of the year and the Frogmittee would like to thank our sponsors.

We’ll hopefully see you all in 2012!

Results from final round of CITCO European tour 2011

Another splendid evening for golf. Some took better advantage of the course than others. Frank Maitry managed lousy 6 points while Alan Botfield burned the back nine playing it in 4 under and thus won the evening’s event with 22 points. Second on count back was Mark Houston with 19 points and Ian Doherty took third place.

Nearest to the pin was Andrew Paton, who also seems to be the 2011 FROGS champion. Andrew is also the first FROG to win both the SHRM match play and the CITCO tour. Congratulations!

Craig is back and took the longest drive on the 18th.

To be confirmed, but it seems like Steve Brown is second in the overall and John Sutherland held on to third place.
Congratulations to all the winners!

Thanks again to CITCO for sponsoring the tour.

Next event is the Ryder Cup on Saturday. Let’s beat them this time!

deVere Frogs Pairs competition

What a splendid evening…many thanks to Steve K and Mark and Paul for last nights event…an excellent evening of wine, weather and wonderful golf. Fabulous prizes too!

As some of you believe deVere is a golf course company, maybe corporate brochures should be issued – Mark / Paul?

Congratulations to our Golfaholic guests…22pts and winners of the best guest prize!

In the main event though;

Tim Tobin found the centre of his driver, and with a probability of just 0.002547 he also found the fairway….and won himself the Longest Drive prize, well done Tim!
Johan Terblanche hit the centre of his 6 iron at the 7th and then holed an 8 footer for birdie…a deserving winner of the Nearest to the Pin.

The handicaps of the above two golfers must be too high, but am powerless to cut them, needless to say i have a new mission in life!

Some rubbish scores were handed in, but there were five scores in the 20’s…which suggests good golf…

Craig and Nick (lovely couple) managed to secure 5th place, by finishing weaker than Dave Winters and Ian Davy (Ian forgot to thank Dave for contributing at one hole, so i will take this opportunity)….meaning in third place;
Johan and Del Boy Trotter with 20pts.

In second place;
Ian Doherty and Ernest Foy with 21pts.

Winners (for the second time)
Johnny Hill and Paul Goes on 22pts.

I played with the winners and it pains me to say, they played great golf, there said it…proves there is no hard feelings!

Johnny holed a bunker shot at the fourth for birdie, Paul and Johnny then took it in turn to par the other holes…only two bogeys on their card!

Brilliant evening, thanks deVere, the wine on the first tee and after the ninth green should be a regular event!

Two miniature Volkswagen Golfs were handed to Jess Have and Stéphane Ayache…both should have spent yesterday evening at Top Squash – NINE POINTS

See you on Tuesday, when our starter Steve, and past starters Ernest and Willem are due to collect free meals!

Results from round 7 of Race to Grand Ducal

The weather was wet and windy if you teed off early, from 6pm onwards it was lovely though….hope you early golfers have dried out….

Ernest (our starter) took the big prize on countback from Del Boy with 19pts, and Steve Brown collected third prize on 18 pts. Fantastic scoring, the handicapping agency apologise profusely for this outrage, their cards have been marked!

Longest was Jess and nearest was Steve B…well done to the prize winners, and a big thank you to our starter and our beloved sponsors….all hail Citco!!!

Round 8 is 27th July (YES IT IS A TUESDAY) and Craig Lambourghini Ferrari will be the starter….

Current status at the top is;
Jess leads by one point from Frank Maitry with Johnny Hill a little short of the mark….the rest of us have some work to do (Johan – i mean golf) if we are to catch these boys!


Jerry Grbic is thru to the Semis, well done…his 8 points on Wednesday night was more than enough to knock out Johan.

He will be joined by;
Monty or Gillies.
Johnny Hill or Uncle Merve.
Del Boy or Paul Goes.

The SHRM golf balls are certainly producing some excellent scoring, no need for Pro V 1’s next year Bart !

Bart our (quiet, shy and nearly retired) sponsor is offering a chance of a lifetime to the winner, his executive cottage in the wilderness of Newfoundland….suitable for good golfers and flyfisherman, (who have all been knocked out).

The trophy is just a further reward to the all conquering champion, and Monty is bidding for a repeat of his 2009 success.


Next week sees the FROGS / de VERE Pairs event….we have a strong turn out with some more Golfedoutalcoholics threatening to play (I will ensure society handicaps are adhered to)….still some early tee times available, although watch out for wind and rain between 5pm and 6pm!

Thanks to our new sponsors….WOODGE is unavailable to defend his halve of the title, so who can wrestle the trophy from the 8 times champions Steve the Daddy Kaiser? (Not me, am playing with Merve).


Round 6 of CITCO Grand Prix at Junglinster

Marco Bus came out the winner on the hottest FROGS night yet claiming first place with 19 points. Runner-up was Neil Underwood and Woodge took third place.
Franco Mastroddi was nearest to pin on the 9th and Frank Maitry longest hitter on the 8th.
The leaderboard is tightly packed, but with no new leader as far as I could see.
The handicap committee will provide us with the updated handicaps, scores etc. shortly. Finally thanks to the starter Willem van Rooyen who spent a long time in the sun 🙂

Race to Ducal – round 5

Round 5 took place at Golfclub Saarbrücken. 19 Frogs played a course in great condition.

Winner was Dave Winters on 17 pts with Craig Ferreira as runner up on 16 pts. The night’s starter, Jonathan Hill, took advantage of Alan Botfield’s absence and soared into the lead of the Race to Ducal by scoring third place and 16 pts.

Nearest to pin was Craig Ferreira and longest drive Dave Winters. Dennis Robertson claimed the worst score with 7 pts.

The updated leaderboard will be posted shortly.

Next event is in two weeks the 29 June at Junglinster.

Results of round 4 of the CITCO Grand Prix 2010

Final visit to France for 2010 saw Mr Bernard Injured Biggar take over the starter duties…out of 40 plus members who claimed they would turn up the 33 who actually did were fortunate to play in decent summer weather…see the results

Jerry Grbic won with 20 points got cut him three shots…well done Jerry!

Frank Maitry won 2nd place with 18 pts…..but Neil Underwood took the prize with 17pts – rule about attending prize givings i think is 12, c paragraph iii)

Which means third place was Neil, who took the second place prize, resulting in Ernest Foy taking the third place prize also on 17pts.

Nobody was upset that Tony Nightingale also had 17pts and didn’t get a major prize (ha ha ha), ah feck…how did he win Nearest the Pin????

Steve Big Hitter Brown won the longest drive….all because his son didn’t play!

Thanks to Citco our sponsors…fabulous prizes and congrats to all prize winners!

As for the SHRM matchplay… all results are final. Most interesting match of the night was Alan against Merve… With Merve winning 1 up 🙂 Results

A note on score cards, stableford points and handicaps

i) Handicaps are generally provided every week. I spend about 12 minutes after each event fixing the handicaps. Use the handicaps which are provided, you cannot decide your own handicap, i get to do that, and if you dispute your handicap you will be cut one shot if you were correct and two shots if you are incorrect. Democracy doesn’t work.

ii) This is a good one by the way…stableford points, and how this internationally recognised system works.

If there is no one in your group who understands how to score, wait for a clever player to turn up, otherwise ask someone clever after the round to help teach you.

There are errors which we pick up almost every week…we are human and we all make mistakes…invading Iraq was a good idea but we either respect international law and the recognised scoring system..otherwise we write down scores and throw the card in the bucket…your call? Invading Engerland would be my preferred choice, law sucks!

It’s really quite easy, women use this scoring system, children use it, and so to do the French…if you can’t figure it, membership will be opened up to your wives!

Remember to sign up with Jonny Hill for the away day next week at Saarbrücken!

Round 3 of the CITCO Grand Prix

Many thanks to Kieron and Richard from Badenoch & Clark for driving the Starters Car around the last couple of Grand Prixs…an excellent job, and done very well….who is volunteering for June 9th at Preisch?

Many thanks to Citco…our sponsors are the envy of the whole wide world, and even further away places!

On the night, only 23 FROGs showed up….maybe everyone else had slick tyres on and crashed out before hitting the border, who knows? Who cares? We didn’t miss you, and the weather was great….ha ha ha.

1st place on countback went to Johan Terblanche, 2nd place to Jonny Hill and 3rd place to Peter Baxter all on 16pts.

Longest drive went to Stefano in the Ferrarri….must have hit a sprinkler head or something!

Nearest the Pin was claimed by Andrew Paton.

Well done to all the major prize winners!

Not so well done to Jerry, Richard and Nathan who all claimed 6 pts over the 9 holes…a pink ball and a FROGs fly swat to each of you!

The Drivers Champion in the Race to Ducal is still showing Botfield on top, with a sneaky move from Jonny Hill into second place….with Luc de sponsor Vet in third place….

In the SHRM matchplay, Dave Winters dished out a spanking to Neil Underwood…that saves me from doing it later in the competition! Thanks to Bart E Man for the continued sponsorship…sorry i forgot to bring the SHRM balls!

2nd round can start now, but I will send the completed Round 1 draw on next week, as a one week extension was granted for those unable to play the first round yet. There names will remain in red throughout the competition, and a further repeat of delays without good reason will see their names eliminated.

Next event is on the French 9 at Preisch on June 9 – starter please?

All roads to France are horrendous…too many F’KING FROGS on the road which slows down us FROGs from getting to the golf course on time….I have sent a letter expressing our outrage to the French Transport Minister and requesting a FREE ROAD TO PREISCH for FROG members only….

Other matters….there are no other matters…have a great weekend, if you can’t play well, play quickly….

Results from round 2 at Kikouka

Citco Round 2 took place in Kikuoka ka ka ka….it was perishing…minus 3 at least!

Simon Baker hit top form winning on 20pts, with Willem picking up second spot on 18pts, the axe has been swung!

Dennis menacingly took third place on 17pts and countback over Luc and myself.

Nearest the pin was Gareth (the pro), i had longest drive although it was later challenged by the late arriving Daniel Kaiser…so we shared it! Dennis – keep this man busy!

The new FROGs shirts were handed out…I noticed many of you were too shy to come over and collect them on Wednesday….maybe i should remind you all that these shirts are handed out free! (Now you know where your subs go). is the website, take a peak….

First round leader was Jess – he has a lovely Yellow Frogs T-shirt to collect….the leader after round two is…… ME (and my dodgy swing and ankle)! Catch me if you can suckers!

Once again thanks to our very generous sponsors…CITCO for the Grand Prix, and SHRM for the Matchplay!

Matchplay Round Two opponents will be known after the next event….

Preisch is next on the 26th…there will be a meal at the Hotel de la Frontière…hopefully Richard Neale will start this event….Cost is EUR 34 to non Preisch members and EUR 2 to members. Kieron, thanks for starting last week, the FROGs will buy your dinner at the next event!

Tally ho and chocs away……..