Results from the KMPG FROGS Individuals 2017

On a glorious May’s morning 28 exultant FROGS, two comperes of the esteemed offices of KPMG, and one lonely guest, wandered o’er the vales and hills of Kikuoka like a host of golden daffodils…. A FROG could not but be gay, in such a jocund company.

Daniel Kaiser met us at the first tee to send us on our merry way with KPMG golf balls an enchanting aperitif which was voraciously quaffed. Thank you Dan.

Competition was strong for the Ken Reid Trophy and some good golf was evident.

Best and worst guest, Ian Jones with 32 points, wandered home lonely as a cloud with a pink ball proudly held in the air gleaming in the spring sunlight. The most honest golfer prize (pink ball FROGS) went to Frank Maitry with 19, Frank we trust you’re honest enough to utilise the prize on your next outing. Corina Goldkuhle with 31 points was awarded the prize for best KPMG participant followed by Ravi Beegun on 20.

Nearest the pin was accomplished by Andrew Paton with a fine shot. Johan Terblanche secured the longest drive on the 9th hole and Nick Felfoldi won the Leary on the 18th, although there was some confusion as to whether a Leary was awarded for closest to the pin in two shots or three, leading some contenders to “not even try” with their third shot! Nice try. Best Gross prize went to the tenacious Alan Botfield with an impressive 35 points.

Dennis Robertson continues strong form with 34 points to take 5th place behind his compatriot Andrew Patton taking 4th place with 35 points.

However kudos and rewards went to Simon Baker taking 3rd spot with 35 points, Colin Cameron took second place with 36 points missing out narrowly on countback to our esteemed winner Gregor Dalrymple with 36 points, rounding out a good day for the Scots. In a poetic acceptance speech Gregor exclaimed he would always recall this victory as he sat on his couch in pensive mood: “And then my heart with pleasure fills, And dances with the daffodils”… Well done Gregor.

The next Citco event will be in Preisch on Wednesday 24th May.

Kind regards,

What a week-end!

Getting the boring pleading bit over first.

We are looking for one or two new committee members to help out particularly at events. It’s not that much work and full training and support will be given.

Grateful thanks to my fellow committee members this year for the efforts – Luc, James, Ernest and Ian.

We also would like to know what we can do to improve attendance at FROGS events. The numbers playing this year were the lowest ever. It’s your golf society, we just smooth the wheels. Please turn up and play.

Without mentioning events in Chicago and Paris neither of which have anything to do with FROGS or golf but are really notable most of you unfortunately missed out on a great FROGS weekend.

It all started on Friday lunchtime when the victorious Ryder Cup team met to celebrate the historic victory over our those who shall not be named. Many thanks to Dennis for organising the lunch and providing the balloons which reappeared on Saturday night to the bemusement of many at the hotel. A couple of newbies didn’t quite enter into the spirit and ordered beef rather than spicy chicken but they will know better next time. Gregor was presented with a new FROGS trophy as the winning Ryder Cup captain which he will keep until next year when we win it again.

If anyone knows the name of the winning captain 18 years ago please let me know and we will get them added to the trophy.

I’m sure some photos of all the events will appear soon on

Onto Saturday morning for the much delayed Bijnens Beer 3 Club challenge. Serge it was worth the wait you beer is excellent and was much enjoyed by all.

18 FROGS, 2 guests and Marco braved the rain and cold just to get a free beer. Possibly as there were beers at the end our starter failed to provide anything to warm us up, thanks for starting anyway James. Fortunately half way round a buggy appeared out of the rain bearing beer and cognac. I’m not sure we really want Hoppy to start playing golf again as his support activities are much appreciated.

Somewhat sadistically the NTP was on the first hole (tenth for the pedants amongst you) and with the first shot of the tournament Peter Baxter almost won with 2.46m unfortunately he was to be pipped by a certain Arno Bottle.

The same Arno then went on to smash a drive past Ayzo’s best to also claim the longest drive.

Given the rain, just three clubs etc, etc the results were pretty good.

Johan claimed the first place with 16.

Arnaud “Arno” Boutellier shot 15 to claim second and Peter 14 for third.

In spite of an anonymous South African lawyer challenging the FROGS’ one prize rule this was maintained and therefore Arnaud’s LD and NTP went down to Mark Gillies with 13 and Gregor who beat Ayzo on countback with 12 points.

Marco will be presented with an honorary FROGS umbrella as the best non-FROG playing for his magnificent 13 points and we hope and expect to see him back in FROGS’ colours next season.

As Ayzo couldn’t be at the final FROGS event later that day he presented some very nice looking wine to Arnaud as the AKD Matchplay runner up and the same wine plus a bottle of 1978 Armagnac for the winner – Mark Houston.

Dennis – in spite of the name, Chateau Montrose is not a vineyard in Scotland but one of the best second growths in Saint Estephe, Bordeaux France. Sorry.

The Bijnens Pink Ball appropriately an empty beer bottle was hard fought over.

Neil Underwood’s 5 points wasn’t bad enough, nor was Paul Goes’s 4 points as having only sored 1 point on the last 3 holes step forward Mr Andrew Paton who took the honours on reverse countback.e

The prize giving took place in the halfway house and many bottles of the aforementioned Bijnens beer ( live following the official launch in Belgium later this month) were partaken of and the general conclusion was that it was a very fine ale. Many thanks from us all again Serge…

And so to the Annual Dinner – 27 FROGS and partners attended the dinner at the Alfa Hotel. I don’t remember but I think all there enjoyed the evening, certainly the champagne and wine flowed freely as did the cleansing ales at the end of the evening. Luc kindly broke into his cellar to provide several bottles of an excellent red wine as a bonus. Maybe that’s why I don’t remember so much.

Somehow most people managed not to fall asleep during the Fat Frog’s prize presentation speech – no idea how.

In no particular order the following trophies were handed out.

FROGS Matchplay Trophy – Mark Houston

Ken Reid FROGS Individual Trophy – Craig Ferreira

The all new Don MacGregor – Dave Moody FROGS Pairs Trophy – Alan Botfield and Steve Brown

The soon to be acquired FROGS CITCO Overall Trophy – William Heath

The Ryder Cup – Gregor Dalrymple

Interestingly the three floating Frog balloons were graciously donated by Dennis to fellow FROGS for their children.

Many thanks to our sponsors in 2016 who have all agreed to continue next year:-

Bijnens Beer

For those who still aren’t aware of the two non FROG related major sporting achievements over the weekend, the Irish ended the All Blacks 18 match winning run to earn their first victory over the All Blacks in 111 years- at least it was our second victory and we only had to wait 18 years.

The other one was a certain Scotsman becoming the No 1 tennis player in the world.

Report from the 2016 KPMG FROGS Individual Championship

On a cold, wet and windy Saturday morning 23 intrepid FROGS, 5 KPMG partners and 3 guests turned up at Kikuoka for the 2016 KPMG FROGS Individual tournament to see who would take home the coveted Ken Reid Trophy.

They were greeted with bucks fizz and croissants provided by our starter Johan and a sleeve of balls and a handful of tees courtesy of KPMG. For many this was to be their only reward of the day.
After expressing total disgust at his plus 1 handicap Craig Ferreira pretty much cleaned up in the prizes.

He won the Ken Reid Trophy for the overall net prize with 31 points, 2 clear of the field in shooting a gross 32 – great golf in the conditions. He also hit the first shot onto the 10th green to 1.40 metres of the pin which no-one could beat.

Runner up was Mark Gillies on 29 who knocked last year’s winner Nick Felfoldi into third place on countback.

As Craig won the best net, the gross prize went to Alan Bottfield, a shameful 6 shots behind Craig. Alan also won the leary on the 18th hitting a pitch 30m to 2 metres from the pin.

The final prize changed hands several times as the favourites all fell by the wayside, although honourable mention should be given to Steve Brown who managed to get one of few drives onto the right fairway. The longest drive eventually going to the smallest person in the field – Fred Sudret.

The prize for the best KPMG golfer went to their organiser Corinna GoldKuhle who showed everyone how to play golf with a magnificent 36 points. Ravi Beegun earning the pink ball with a slightly less magnificent 16 points.

Of the guests Pat Hutchines beat Andy Fearns on countback with 32 points each. For some reason they appeared less than enamoured with their prizes of a new FROGS golf umbrella and green shirt. Can’t think why.

The special prize of a golf lesson and of course a pink ball almost went to Steve Brown and Serge Bijnens who scored 17 and 16 respectively but they were totally outplayed by the 13 points of Colin Cameron.

And so to the 3rd guest. Due to spending most of his life outside Luxembourg this year and probably playing in his only FROGS event of 2016 he decided not to rejoin the FROGS this year and therefore played as a guest scoring 31 points which would have been good enough for second place and instead received the pink ball for the worst guest score. Let that be a lesson to you all.

Grateful thanks have already been passed onto KPMG for their support.

Results from the 2015 FROGS KMPG Individual Championship

Champion Mr Felfoldi
Almost 30 valiant FROGS turned up for the final event of the 2015 season: the KPMG FROGS Individuals played in memory of the late Ken Reid, one of the founding fathers of the Society.

And in the midst of this gathering, Jonny Hill went into battle with Simon Baker to decide who would be the SHRM 2015 Matchplay champion.

It was a very warm day!And it was hot! But, apart from the heat, conditions were ideal: little wind and the course in excellent condition having been softened just enough by the recent rain.

Botty, our starter, maintained the high standards set by the 2015 vintage through his excellent coordination of his assistant, the little Brunette helper, and delivered to us excellent bacon butties and some very healthy orange juice on the first tee. He then spent the next hour and a half putting up with a constant stream of FROGs comments on how he had managed to get that dent on his fine car — something that wasn’t there when he left his car in the car park earlier that morning.

Fred with his consolation prizeGiven that on this rare occasion, we were playing all 18 holes: LD and NtP were set on the second 9. A monstrous effort by Chris Juste secured him the ‘Top FROG’ award for the LD (showing the benefit of eating one’s greens) while Peter (no more pink shorts) Baxter showed us all what we should be doing on a Par 3 to win NtP and got the birdie to boot. Dave Winters thought he had the leary won on the 18th missing the eagle by 20cm until our beloved starter missed it by just 2cm.

Runner-up Mr BaxterThe results were close with the FROGS actually showing that they can play this course well, especially in light of our interesting exchanges after the Ryder Cup. It should not be forgotten that most of our FROGGIE handicaps are considerably lower than our real club handicaps.

5th and 6th were tied on 32 points place respectively but on count back Jess Have had to settle for 6th, Will Heath for 5th, Andrew Paton shot 33 for 4th place on his own. Fred Sudret, on only his second outing, was 3rd with 34 points edged out of 2nd place by Peter Baxter on count back.

On 35 points, the winner and the 2015 KPMG FROGS Individual Champion is Nick Felfoldi.

Best gross scoreThe prize for best gross went to Alan Botfield, who managed to forget all the comments on his car and produce a solid round of 78 shots beating Craig and Nick who both shot 80!

We had two guests and our friendly Golfaholic interloper, Pat Hutchines with 33 points bested Chris Edwards.

Most honest Golfer...Having lost out on the pink ball at the last CITCO event, Duncan Tippin on 19 points was definitely not going to be outdone this time especially as KPMG offer the prize as ‘Most honest golfer’, although he only won it on reverse count back from Graham Paul with Simon Baker, Stuart Rowlands and Colin Cameron also pushing Duncan close.

Many thanks to KPMG for its sponsorship and the generous prizes including golf balls offered to all those who did not win a prize.

And, let us not forget in the midst of all this, a tight battle was taking place to decide the 2015 SHRM Matchplay champion: and it ended on the 9th with Jonny ‘Bacon Butty’ Hill defeating Simon Baker on the final hole to win 1up. Congratulations to the champion and the runner-up! Our thanks to the sponsor, SHRM!

One last thing…

Only one gathering remains for 2015 and that is our Annual Dinner. Information on the date and venue will be sent out shortly.
Botty the man

Report from the KPMG Frogs Individual championship 2013

kpmg-frogs-00021The competition was again generously sponsored by KPMG. Dennis, the Frogs thank you for the sponsorship over the last number of years and we look forward to continuing this relationship with your KPMG colleagues. We also wish you a very happy retirement.

The competition was played in damp conditions and anyone shooting a score close to their Frog’s handicap was playing very well. The starting duties were completed by Andrew Paton who did a great job in getting everybody out onto the course even with the last minute changes to the flights. Thanks also to Dave Winters who did the scoring and made sure that all the prizes were distributed correctly.

Before we get to the results (which have been published on the Frogs website) it is very important to remember that the competition is being played for the Ken Reid Memorial Trophy, who was an original and very keen member of the Frogs. This year, Dennis was trying to be the first member to retain the trophy and was only just beaten to this accomplishment, on countback, by Andrew Paton with both scoring 33 points.

1. Andrew Paton
2. Dennis Robertson
3. Jonny Hill
4. Fred Sudret
5. Macro Bus
6. Merve
7. Simon Baker

1. Craig Ferreira 28 points
2. Nick Montague
3. Mark Gillies

LD Steve Brown
NTP Mark Gillies
Leary Fred Sudret
Best dressed Michael Faulkner
Shortest Drive Darren Judge
FROGS pink ball Neil Underwood
Best Guest Ravi Beegun
Guest pink ball Alain Piquet

This event also marked the final competition that Phil Woodger played in as a resident Frog. We would like to thank him for all his contributions to the society both as a member and for his time on the committee. We look forward to seeing you either when you are back in Luxembourg or when you might wish to host a Frogs competition in Hampshire.

Please remember the Annual Dinner on Saturday 28th September. We would like to see as many Frogs and their partners there as possible. Luc is organising this so do please contact him with your bookings and transfer payment to the new Frogs account at the same time.


KPMG Frogs Individual results 2013

Results from today’s championship over 18 holes:

Andrew Paton (champion)
Dennis Robertson
Jonny Hill
Fred Sudret
Macro Bus
Simon Baker

Craig Ferreira 28 points
Nick Montague
Mark Gillies

LD: Steve Browne
NTP: Mark Gillies
Leary: Fred Sudret
Best dressed: Michael Faulkner
Shortest Drive: Darren Judge
FROGS pink ball Neil Underwood
Best Guest: Ravi Beegun
Guest pink ball: Alain Piquet

In the xxxx award Phil Woodger as he’s leaving for the UK

Full table:
Player Name H’cap Gross Nett Points
Andrew Paton 6 82 76 33
Dennis Robertson 17 85 69 33
Jonny Hill 4 75 71 31
Ravi Beegun 36 106 72 31
Stephane Ayache 11 81 71 31
Nick Montague 4 82 78 30
Fred Sudret 22 70 54 29
Marco Bus 14 86 73 29
Craig Ferreira 0 80 80 28
Merve Hernemann 12 79 69 27
Daniel Kaiser 11 71 62 26
Mark Houston 14 98 84 26
Michael Faulkner 18 94 77 26
Simon Baker 21 82 64 26
Darren Judge 26 101 76 26
Mark Gillies 9 85 76 25
Rupert Birch 12 61 53 25
Frank Maitry 5 76 71 25
David Winters 13 76 66 24
Luc De Vet 16 70 57 23
Paul Goes 12 77 68 23
Jess Have 4 77 73 23
Phil Woodger 7 86 79 22
Derek Sinclair 7 97 90 22
Steve Paul 25 99 76 19
Steve Brown 6 56 53 19
Graham Paul 8 99 91 18
Alain Piquet 24 87 69 17
John Li 19 97 80 16
Neil Underwood 20 85 70 15

CITCO round 4 of 2013 – Canach

At last a really warm, sunny and dry summer’s evening! We again had a big turn out of members who were able to receive the very kind offering of beers on the first provided by our starter Rob McCorduck. The course was in good condition although the greens varied between being cored, cored and sandy, bumpy or just normal. Enough excuses for even the worst putters to take home and have a meaningful, in depth conversation with the wife, partner, children, dog, in fact anyone who will listen to them?

We are moving along with the match play so do please keep to the scheduled dates for the completion of your matches both for the SHRM and golf shop competitions.

Onto the results :

Standard Scratch Score was 14

LD Jess Have
NTP Gregor Dalrymple

Best Guest. No guests this round

1. Stéphane 20 points – 17 points after 7 holes!!!
2. Graham Paul 17 points
3. Craig 16 points on count back from Frank and Colin Fraser

After 4 rounds Craig is leading the overall Grand Prix on 63 points, Frank is on 58 points, Mark Gillies is on 53 points.

At this point a special thank you to Ernest and Dave for all their hard work on the handicap system. The automated system is now very accurate and provides a handicapping system that allows for more members to be in the winning places as well rewarding the steady scoring players in the overall GP award. This has been shown as in the first four events of this season out of a possible 12 winning places we have had 11 different members in the place winners. The only person to have doubled up is Craig who is clearly putting his current extra time to very good use.

The pink ball award from round three with three points was awarded to John Sutherland. (Frogs don’t forget to present such awards). This round our starter Rob might well have enjoyed a bit too much of his own hospitality whilst welcoming all the members on the first tee as he won the pink ball with 4 points – just beating Will O’Shea on a count back. Please remember the Frogs tradition that all winners of the pink ball are to play the pink ball off the first tee of the next Frogs event in which they are playing.

Our next event is on Wednesday 19th June at Junglinster. This is a special event as it will be Dennis’s 60th birthday bash so make sure that you are not booked for any early morning meetings on the Thursday. The starters for this round will be Richard Neale and Kieron O’Connor.

Enjoy the sunny weather.


Results 2013

Overall Citco Grand Prix 2013
1. Stéphane Ayache 93 points
2. Craig Ferreira 82 points
3. Dave Winters 79 points
T4 Ian Doherty and Nick Montague on 78 points

SHRM match play champion: Alan Botfield
Runner-up: Gregor Dalrymple

KPMG Frogs Individual Champion
Andrew Paton
Runner-up: Dennis Robertson

3 Club Citabel Challenge
Date: 21 August 2013
Venue: Canach
1. Craig Ferreira 15 points
2. Ayzo van Eysinga 14 points
3. Gregor Dalrymple 14 points

Tenth CITCO event
Date: 1 August
Venue: Grand Ducal

1. Jess Have 20 points
2. Stéphane Ayache 18 points
3. Graham Paul 17 points

Nearest to pin: Paolo Tarakdjian
Longest drive: Steve Brown
Worst score: Peter Baxter 8 points

Ninth CITCO event
Date: 23 July
Venue: Junglinster

1. Willem van Rooyen 17 points
2. Nick Montague 17 points
3. Neil Underwood 17 points

Nearest to pin: Willem van Rooyen
Longest drive: Willem van Rooyen
Worst score: Daniel Kaiser 9 points

Eighth CITCO event
Date: 17 July
Venue: Canach

1. Stéphane Ayache 15 points
2. Craig Ferreira 15 points
3. Luc De Vet 15 points

Nearest to pin: Merve Herneman
Longest drive: Ian Doherty
Worst score: Andrew Paton 8 points

Pairs (Frank Maitry)
Date: 9th July
Venue: Canach

1. Mauro Giubergia and Andrew Paton on 21 points
2. Tony Nightingale and Simon Baker with 19 points
3. Franco Mastroddi and Steve Kaiser 18 points
Nearest to pin: Jess Have
Longest drive: Phil (Woodge) Woodger

Seventh CITCO event
Date: 2 July
Venue: Junglinster

1. Stuart Rowlands 17 points
2. Stéphane Ayache 16 points
3. Phil (Woodge) Woodger 16 points

Nearest to pin: Alan Botfield
Longest drive: Johan Terblanche
Worst score: Philippe Zimmer 5 points

Sixth CITCO event
Date: 26 June
Venue: Preisch

1. Stéphane Ayache 23 points
2. Dave Winters 19 points
3. Gregor Dalrymple 16 points

Nearest to pin: Steve Brown
Longest drive: Ian Doherty
Worst score: John Sutherland 2 points

Fifth CITCO event
Date: 19 June
Venue: Junglinster

1. Willem Van Rooyen 20 points
2. Craig Ferreira 18 points
3. Dave Winters 18 points

Nearest to pin: Tony Nightingale
Longest drive: Steve Brown
Worst score: Jess Have 4 points

Fourth CITCO event
Date: 5 June
Venue: Canach

1. Stéphane Ayache 20 points
2. Graham Paul 17 points
3. Craig Ferreira 16 points

Nearest to pin: Gregor Dalrymple
Longest drive: Jess Have
Worst score: Rob McCorduck 4 points

Third CITCO event
Date: 22 May
Venue: Preisch

1. Derek Sinclair 18 points
2. Steve Brown 17 points
3. Mark Gillies 17 points

Nearest to pin: Gregor Dalrymple
Longest drive: Jess Have
Worst score: John Sutherland 3 points

Second CITCO event
Date: 8 May
Venue: Canach

1. Simon Baker 21 points
2. Neil Underwood 18 points
3. Ernest Foy 17 points

Nearest to pin: not handed out
Longest drive: Duncan Tippin
Worst score: Mark Phillips 4 points

Best guest: Johann Silighini 16 points

First CITCO event
Date: 24 April
Venue: Grand Ducal

1. Craig Ferreira 18 points
2. James King 17 points
3. Stefano Ciccarello 17 points

Nearest to pin: Bart d’Ancona
Longest drive: Craig Ferreira
Worst score: Bernard Biggar 2 points

Best guest: Chris McKenzie 15 points

Results from previous years

KPMG Individual championship & SHRM matchplay final

The last event of the year was held last Saturday at Kikuoka. The individual championship being the only 18 hole event of the year, is a very coveted trophy.
KMPG kindly agreed to sponsor this year’s event again.

Dennis managed to take home the trophy with a stunning 40 points for the 18 holes, thus engraving his name on the Ken Reid trophy. Stéphane Ayache managed 35 points to claim second place and Mr Ferreira shot a great score of 33 points to come third. For the record: all previous results are all listed in the Hall of Fame .

Nearest to pin went to Sean Nevin and our FROGS champion Mr Hill took the longest drive.

Pink bottle of vodka for worst score (20 points) was claimed by Hoppy.

Last result of the day was Johan Terblanche beating Merve Herneman in the SHRM matchplay final.

Well done to all participants and thanks to KPMG and Dennis for sponsoring the event.