Report from MixVOip Pairs competition – Junglinster – 2 August 2017

Before I update on what happened last night I think it is appropriate to remind ourselves as to whom last night’s trophy is dedicated, no other than two of the original founding frogs Dave Moody and Don McGregor who sadly passed away in recent years. For those of the younger frogs who perhaps did not have the pleasure to enjoy their company on many a froggie and non froggie occasion, they were two of the finest characters you could ever meet and it is fitting we should remember them on this occasion.

What they would have made of last nights competition format, god only knows but time has evolved and new formats are obviously interesting, as long as they are advised well in advance. Clearly the format was set up for the big hitting,talented frogs of which we have a few; otherwise why would a Frenchman play with a South African and a Scotsman with an Englishman; two clear favourites, with Botty and Stevie B, defending their crown won so convincingly last year.

As to the first tee, on a hot,sweaty evening, those not in shorts were to be uncomfortable, with Simon doing his best to explain Frank’s wishes as to competition format; by the time Maarten and I teed off the rules were more or less understood- a two team scramble with some complicated calculation of handicaps which not many understood and effectively took handicapping out of the equation. But there was an interesting twitch with each player having to contribute three tee offs- a feature carefully followed in our group certainly!

Anyhow all ten teams got safely off with Johnnie S as a last minute sub for the over worked Danny K (who does he work for now?)

With three birdies in their first five holes and three under par, the question on everyone’s lips was could the Dutchman of Precision and his Scottish partner with dicky knees,whom no one wished to play with, maintain their impressive start? You will have to wait and see!

MixVoip the competition sponsors had put up a number of lovely prizes and were profiling a charity: Catch a Smile a.s.b.l.
A worthy cause which we were able to contribute to and which Frank has separately reported on!

As to the novelty prizes, Nearest The Bottle on the 3rd was won by no other than Johnnie S, who we understand was trying to fade his ball round the corner to the green but instead drew it into the middle of the fairway and landed up close to the designated bottle In the middle of the fairway.

Nearest the water on the 5th was won by our South African b…., who hit an enormous drive over the water and landed in his own pitch mark just across the burn. Quite a shot by all accounts.

Nearest the pin on the 11th went to James where a spanking 8 iron went very close indeed.

Longest drive on the 6th went to Chris Juste who hit a stonker to within 35 yards of the green; where have you been Chris, we have missed you and where did that drive come from!

Back to the main event , the favourites were doing well but perhaps not as well as their pre-tournament status had foreseen.

Another pairing keeping the De Grote/Robertson team in their sight and playing together was the James King/ Martin Shapiro partnership, quite a pairing this one, the highly experienced King with his happy go lucky novice Shapiro.

Not to be outdone, one unlikely pairing of Richard Neale and Will Heath (welcome back Will, you have been missed) were also going along nicely.

Back to the Leaders’ progress their early birdie blitz could not be continued, and after missing a makeable birdie on 6,it was hands to the pumps with the short games of both players being tested before pars were saved on the final holes. So signing off three under par, with 23 points we knew we were likely to be in the frame somewhere.

As to final placings,

5th, Craig and Arnaud, 19 points- (two under par plus handicap of 1)
4th. Botty and Stevie B, 20 points- (two under par with no handicap adjustment)
3rd. Will and Richard, 20 points winning on countback- ( 1 over par with handicap of 3)
2nd James and Martin, 21 points- ( 1 under par with handicap of 2)
1st. Maarten and Dennis, 23 points- ( 3 under par with handicap of 2)

There you go, quite quite a tight finish with some special liquor prizes being aptly presented by Frank Maitry on behalf of MixVOip.

There was some other action before close of play with Frank and Jess claiming a sponsor’s exemption to avoid receiving the cabbage which turned out to be a cauliflower (luxembourgers don’t know the difference), which was then passed to Tony and Colin.

Some remaining prizes were kindly donated by Frank under a quickly organised Tombola, to those frogs who had not yet won a prize must to the annoyance of Johnnie S!

A final thank you to Frank and here’s to next year with another competition format!

And final thoughts to Don and Dave who were overseeing last nights goings on with some amusement!


Dennis and Captain Maarten

Report from MixVOip Pairs 2016 – Junglinster

15 pairs went out to try and beat the reigning Pairs champions Brown Botty and 15 pairs came back with their tails between their legs. Steve and Alan retained the title and won the new Don MacGregor – Dave Moody Pairs trophy with 20 points (18 of which came from Steve including a 5 on the first following an eagle).

In second place with 19 points were Simon and Dave who beat Graham and Gerry on countback.

Arnaud and Ayzo were amongst 4 teams on 18 points and deserve a mention as Arnaud shot one under to score all 18 points.

Ayzo did hit one good shot though to win the longest drive on the 10th.

Johan took nearest the pin.

After a minor misunderstanding the sponsor agreed to give the leary to Craig even though the marker had been put on the following hole as no one apart from Frank claimed to be closer than Craig’s 4m.

Johan’s two shots not to win the leary deserves to be records as it was to c. 45cm. Shame about the birdie.

Merve clearly spent too much time practising on the range beforehand and almost took the pink balls alongside Danny with 15 points but they were pipped by Tony on his FROGS comeback and Colin on 14 points. The latter pair were last seen finishing their 5th gin and tonic courtesy of Colin’s ladies tees.

Thanks go to Paul for starting and to Frank for providing some very nice alcohol as prizes.

The next event tis the final round of the CITCO Grand Prix on THURSDAY 25th August. Your starters will be the Dalrymple / Gillies duo who started the opening round.

2015 MIXVoip Pairs – results – Junglinster – 15 July 2015

32 FROGS and guests took to the Belenhaff hillside for the MIXVoip Pairs last night. Rob McCorduck greeted all players on the 1st teebox with a MIXVoip pitch-repair & choice of cool beers before seeing them off in an orderly fashion. Cheers Rob.

Most FROGS were excited by the idea of having the last three holes considered in the 12-hole competition as the bulk of their what-if stories seemed to be on these when not being counted in previous competitions. Could they handle the pressure now that it mattered? Steve Brown definitely could. A monster drive on the 12 cut the corner & left all others in his wake. It was so far up the fairway, some were claiming that it must have been a ball that rolled out of his bag & down the hill from the first teebox! Longest Drive number 3 this season – BOOM!

A lot of FROGS were confused by the idea of a nearest-to-the-green prize on the 3rd! “Shouldn’t that be nearest to the pin?” they said, “but it is a par 4!” they exclaimed. Once they got to the tee-box on the 3rd, they realised they could forego their usual 5 iron nudge to the dog-leg for something a little longer & take the tiger-line over the long stuff. Take the tiger-line they did, but find the short stuff they did not! Dave Winters kept his head & his regular 5 iron to the corner, running his ball around the bunker, onto the fairway and took the honours.

Full flights of 4’s meant the pace of play was “moderate”, letting the last flights combine to make up a 6-ball. The excitement of which clearly distracted 4 of the 6 players. The Van Rooyen/Parisis and Doherty/McCorduck pairs in the final flight were determined to take the pink ball award with rapid fire drive and reloads sending salvos of balls in random directions about the course. Doherty/McCorduck managed to pip their opposition by one point with their score of 18 points. They were not rewarded with the Pink Ball, but instead received a spicy fruit-based beverage. As it does not contain any alcohol, they are confused with what to do with it!

The Pink Ball was awarded on the night for the “Most Artistic” shot displayed on the course. Colin Cameron was the proud winner having taken his driver to play a ball lodged up a tree, but only managing to send it scurrying backwards down the fairway he had just played up.

There were many pairs licking their lips at the prospect of their mid-20’s score earning them the title, or maybe that was just because their food had not yet arrived. Groans of disappointment were heard around the table when it became clear that high-20’s would be needed to be considered. The pairing of Lowe/Hopwood managed to score 26 points, but this was only enough to 4th place, having lost out to the Van Eysinga/Tippin duo on countback. The Houston/Baxter pairing knew they had two more points than this, so had visions of glory. They did have the highest score on the night with 28 points, but could not match the birdie/birdie/birdie/birdie/birdie finish of team Brown/Botfield, and so had to settle for second place. Congratulations to Steve & Alan on becoming the 2015 MIXVoip Pairs Champions.

Thanks Frank & MIXVoip, for your continued support of the pairs event.

While I have your attention, I think it is a good time to point out some men’s health issues that have been highlighted on this morning. Everyone will be aware of the need to keep checking our bits for lumps & bumps, but domestic abuse against men is something not everyone considers. This morning, the Human Resources department at BNPParibas reported a case of suspected domestic abuse against one of their staff to the relevant authorities. “He arrived to the office this morning – his face was battered & bruised” stated a shocked colleague. The sergeant investigating the case has advised that, while it is unusual, men are also subjected to physical abuse at home. “This case in particularly sad” reported the sergeant, “the victim – referred to Big Dave in order to protect his identity – vehemently denies any wrong doing on his aggressor’s part”. Much like Stockholm syndrome, cases like this see the victim defend their aggressor & invent these cover stories. “He insists on claiming that his facial wounds are as a result of a golfing incident” mocked the sergeant. “We will send a car to investigate the glass door at Junglinster Golf Club, which the victim claims to have run into with his face – but seriously, who does that!” stated the exasperated sergeant. “While he is still visibly emotional about the claimed incident, another flaw in Big Dave’s cover story is the suggestion that all 31 of his friends pointed & laughed at him instead of coming to his assistance!” he reported, “clearly that could not have happened!” It is a sad case, and a warning to us all. Take care out there, FROGS!

Pairs competition sponsored by De Vere

A clear warm sunny evening and the chance to win € 10,000 meant that we had a very good turn out for the competition sponsored, very generously, by De Vere and thanks to David Naughton and his team.

On the evening with the rough now being cut back there were some very good scores. Dave Hopwood and Patch Lowe won on countback with a score of 22 points from Craig Ferrera and Merve. Simon Baker and Tony Nightingale (making a late start to his season) came third with 21 points.

The nearest the pin went to Craig and the longest drive went to Steve Brown who beat our current man in form Johnny Hill. For the putting competition it was again Johnny Hill who had the chance to putt for a €10,000 prize after qualifying by holing all three of his putts. Johnny then unfortunately left his big money putt short just as we were all getting ready to have a big drink on his bar bill. For the drinks it was left to Andrew Paton to kindly offer the beers to celebrate his birthday.

Our thanks to Stefano who was our starter for the evening.

We had two guest pairs both from the Golfaholics and it was the pairing of Pat Hutchines and Yun Min who just beat Andy Ferns and Sean Nevin to the winners rostrum and who proudly accepted their Frogs shirts and balls. The pair of pink balls went to Joe Lister and Tony Whiteman with 12 points.

Next competition is on Tuesday 3rd July at Junglinster where the starter will be Woodge.

Thanks again to De Vere for their generous sponsorship of the evening.


Results from the deVere pairs’ competition on 5 July 2011

Splendid evening with plenty of sunshine and opportunities to win some great prizes from deVere Group, our sponsor.
Unfortunately, no one was able to make a hole in one on any of the three holes where trips to here, there and everywhere were on offer.
However, Yung Min and Rupert Birch claimed the title with 23 points with two Golfaholics, John Caulfield and Penn Carruthers, in second place on 22 points. Third place went to Neil Underwood and Colin Fraser.
Longest drive was Steve Brown and nearest to pin was Yung Min.
Worst score was handed in by Luc de Vet and Gerry Mullen.
Many thanks to deVere for sponsoring the tournament.

deVere Frogs Pairs competition

What a splendid evening…many thanks to Steve K and Mark and Paul for last nights event…an excellent evening of wine, weather and wonderful golf. Fabulous prizes too!

As some of you believe deVere is a golf course company, maybe corporate brochures should be issued – Mark / Paul?

Congratulations to our Golfaholic guests…22pts and winners of the best guest prize!

In the main event though;

Tim Tobin found the centre of his driver, and with a probability of just 0.002547 he also found the fairway….and won himself the Longest Drive prize, well done Tim!
Johan Terblanche hit the centre of his 6 iron at the 7th and then holed an 8 footer for birdie…a deserving winner of the Nearest to the Pin.

The handicaps of the above two golfers must be too high, but am powerless to cut them, needless to say i have a new mission in life!

Some rubbish scores were handed in, but there were five scores in the 20’s…which suggests good golf…

Craig and Nick (lovely couple) managed to secure 5th place, by finishing weaker than Dave Winters and Ian Davy (Ian forgot to thank Dave for contributing at one hole, so i will take this opportunity)….meaning in third place;
Johan and Del Boy Trotter with 20pts.

In second place;
Ian Doherty and Ernest Foy with 21pts.

Winners (for the second time)
Johnny Hill and Paul Goes on 22pts.

I played with the winners and it pains me to say, they played great golf, there said it…proves there is no hard feelings!

Johnny holed a bunker shot at the fourth for birdie, Paul and Johnny then took it in turn to par the other holes…only two bogeys on their card!

Brilliant evening, thanks deVere, the wine on the first tee and after the ninth green should be a regular event!

Two miniature Volkswagen Golfs were handed to Jess Have and Stéphane Ayache…both should have spent yesterday evening at Top Squash – NINE POINTS

See you on Tuesday, when our starter Steve, and past starters Ernest and Willem are due to collect free meals!

Results from round 7 of Race to Grand Ducal

The weather was wet and windy if you teed off early, from 6pm onwards it was lovely though….hope you early golfers have dried out….

Ernest (our starter) took the big prize on countback from Del Boy with 19pts, and Steve Brown collected third prize on 18 pts. Fantastic scoring, the handicapping agency apologise profusely for this outrage, their cards have been marked!

Longest was Jess and nearest was Steve B…well done to the prize winners, and a big thank you to our starter and our beloved sponsors….all hail Citco!!!

Round 8 is 27th July (YES IT IS A TUESDAY) and Craig Lambourghini Ferrari will be the starter….

Current status at the top is;
Jess leads by one point from Frank Maitry with Johnny Hill a little short of the mark….the rest of us have some work to do (Johan – i mean golf) if we are to catch these boys!


Jerry Grbic is thru to the Semis, well done…his 8 points on Wednesday night was more than enough to knock out Johan.

He will be joined by;
Monty or Gillies.
Johnny Hill or Uncle Merve.
Del Boy or Paul Goes.

The SHRM golf balls are certainly producing some excellent scoring, no need for Pro V 1’s next year Bart !

Bart our (quiet, shy and nearly retired) sponsor is offering a chance of a lifetime to the winner, his executive cottage in the wilderness of Newfoundland….suitable for good golfers and flyfisherman, (who have all been knocked out).

The trophy is just a further reward to the all conquering champion, and Monty is bidding for a repeat of his 2009 success.


Next week sees the FROGS / de VERE Pairs event….we have a strong turn out with some more Golfedoutalcoholics threatening to play (I will ensure society handicaps are adhered to)….still some early tee times available, although watch out for wind and rain between 5pm and 6pm!

Thanks to our new sponsors….WOODGE is unavailable to defend his halve of the title, so who can wrestle the trophy from the 8 times champions Steve the Daddy Kaiser? (Not me, am playing with Merve).


Results 2010

CITCO Tour Winners 2010

Overall: Jess Have 86 points
Second place: Frank Maitry 84 points
Joint third place: Jonathan Hill and Merve Herneman 83 points

KPMG FROGS championship:
Winner: Frank Maitry 32 points
Runner-up: Derek Sinclair 31 points
Third place: Duncan Tippin 31 points

3 club challenge champion 2010
George McMullen

De Vere Pairs champions 2010
Paul Goes and Jonathan Hill

Tenth CITCO event
Date: 16 October
Venue: Canach
1. Frank Maitry 19 points
2. Jess Have 18 points
3. Craig Ferreira 18 points

Longest drive: Frank Maitry
Nearest to pin: ??

Ninth CITCO event
Date: 11 August
Venue: Canach
1. Bart d’Ancona 20 points
2. Derek Sinclair 17 points
3. Ian Davy 17 points

Eighth CITCO event
Date: 27 July
Venue: Junglinster
1. Johan Terblanche 22 points
2. Merve Herneman 21 points
3. Nick Montague 20 points

Longest drive: Jess Have
Nearest to pin: John Sutherland

Seventh CITCO event
Date: 14 July
Venue: Kikouka

1. Ernest Foy 19 points
2. Derek Sinclair 19 points
3. Steve Brown 18 points

Longest drive: Jess Have
Nearest to pin: Steve Brown

Sixth CITCO event
Date: 29 June
Venue: Belenhaff

1. Marco Bus 19 points
2. Neil Underwood 17 points
3. Woodge 16 points

Longest drive: Frank Maitry
Nearest to pin: Franco Mastroddi

Fifth CITCO event
Date: 16 June
Venue: Golfclub Saarbrücken

1. Dave Winters 17 points
2. Craig Ferreira 16 points
3. Jonathan Hill 16 points

Longest drive: Dave Winters
Nearest to pin: Craig Ferreira

Fourth CITCO event
Date: 26 May
Venue: Kikuoka

1. Jerry Grbic 20 points
2. Frank Maitry 18 points
3. Neil Underwood 17 points

Longest drive: Steve Brown
Nearest to pin: Tony Nightingale

Third CITCO event
Date: 26 May
Venue: Kikuoka

1. Johan Terblanche 16 points
2. Jonathan Hill 16 points
3. Peter Baxter 16 points

Longest drive: Stefano Ciccarello
Nearest to pin: Andrew Paton

Second CITCO event
Date: 12 May
Venue: Kikuoka

1. Simon Baker 20 points
2. Willem van Rooyen 18 points
3. Dennis Robertson 17 points

Longest drive: Daniel Kaiser/Alan Botfield
Nearest to pin: Gareth ?

First CITCO event
Date: 27 April
Venue: Grand Ducal

1. Jess Have 19 points
2. Tim Tobin 18 points
3. Colin Fraser 18 points

Longest Jess Have
Nearest to pin: Jess Have

Results from previous years