CITCO report round 4 – 29 May 2018 – Preisch (Luxembourg)

Last dinner at Hôtel de la Frontière...
On a stunning summer (yes, I have now officially jinxed us for the rest of the year) day, 23 FROGS members and 0 guests (that’s more like it!) crossed the border to the land of “le strike” to strike unsuspecting little white orbs into strange places (except Gerry on the 5th tee: am sure that I heard his Pinnacle giggle: thanks for the (unsolicited) G&T, it seems that there is only one golf playing Irishman in the entire world who hasn’t heard of this little tradition – for avoidance of doubt, I am not referring to Gerry but if you don’t know yet, a subtle clue lies below).

Steph was mistaken for a 70s “low budget” San Fran movie producer (grow it back) but shot a respectable score. Craig was mistaken for Calamity Sam after an unfortunate backfiring incident (shave it off) and didn’t score so well… The rest of the mob looked and played pretty much as expected. Standard scratch was a pretty decent 14 points.

A big thank you to our starter, Neil, not only for the cold Norwegian beer [The beer was Danish, not Norwegian, Ed.], even if it wasn’t Aass (look it up) and for allowing me to join the second last flight without a pre-booking: the early bird catches the worm, but the eagle shows up and has himself a freshly fed bird(ie).

AKD Matchplay: Jess made FROGS history by winning two matches, both going into sudden death, all in one easy(?) step: out go No G&T Baxter and Lots of G&T Tony. BTW, a great number of matchplay matches are behind the OFFICIAL scheduled dates, sort it out ASAP, over the w/e or before or after work if you must, the ‘Mittee seem to be getting jittery and if previous decision-making is any indication, some (but probably not all) of us will face some sort of unpleasant consequences. Joost, stop faking injury, I have now been cut so you have a (small) chance if you play really, really well…

Pink ball: guess. If you have a kind heart and half an hour to waste, please offer help. No one? It can’t be the half an hour requirement ??

NTP: Mark Gillies
Longest: Jess
Bijnens Leary: Johan, closely beating Rob McC, but the hand back prize mysteriously went to Tim (who was unlucky to only score 16, to be fair)

Top 5:

5 – Dave with 16 on countback
4 – Tim with 16
3 – Stephane with 17 came within a whisker… (2 puns in there, work it out)
2 – Steve B made a solid (?!) 18 and probably only lost 2 balls (in addition to his patience)
1 – Johan made an almost godly 19 with lots of help from the angels and a can of Norway’s 4th finest – good bye any chance of breaking 12 points in FROGS ever again

Next event is on the website already, your starter will be in touch whenever it takes his fancy, if at all (yes, we truly empower our starters)

Report CITCO round 1 – Preisch – 26 April 2018

Hello FROGS!!! Anther season has finally begun… after a long and cold Luxembourg winter.

A big THANK YOU goes to all those involved in making this possible and of course to our sponsors.

The opening round took place yesterday on the nine of Luxembourg at the Golf de Preisch.

Couple dozen players showed up for a great afternoon of golf with no rain and the sun breaking through the clouds: Leary on 4th, Longest drive on the 5th and Nearest the pin, obviously, on the 6th.

Price giving, drinks and dinner with bouchée à la reine, frites-salad and fine red wine took place at the Hôtel-Restaurant de la Frontière. A great start and we are looking forward to seeing more of you!!!

I had an unexpected round of decent golf after years of struggling with annoying back problems….. I hope I can say, I’M BACK!
Thanks Graham, it was nice to play with you.

Results of the day:
1. Stefano 16 points
2. Steve 15 points (count back 8/3)
3. Peter Baxter 15 (count back 6/3)
4. James 15
Johan: 8
Franco: 8
Craig: 7
Tony: 5

One guest, Bruce, scored 2 points (best and worst guest).

-Special Prizes-
Leary: James
Nearest: Robert
Longest: Craig-Catweazle

The first Match play of the season saw Dave and Franco battle to the first extra hole with Dave finally getting through the first round. Congratulations to both for not beating around the bush and choosing the opening round to face up.

Next round will be in Kikuoka on the 2nd of May and we have a super starter (Thanks Hoppy!)


Results CITCO European tour – round 8

Amazing that the winning score at Preisch last night was only 16 points. Winner was decided on a massive countback though. Top four were all on 16 points!
In the end Colin Fraser was first, Mark Gillies second, Luc de Vet third and Kieron O’Connor just missed out in fourth place.
Nearest to pin was Franco Mastroddi and longest drive Jess Have.
Worst score Peter Myners.

Steve Brown is still leading on 83 points. Full results to follow soon.

Next event is 9 August at Canach.

CITCO round 4 – Away day Saarbrücken –

Results from Wednesday:

1. Steve Knowles 19 points
2. Jonathan Hill 18 points
3. Steve Brown 15 points

Longest drive Steve Brown and Merve got nearest to pin.

Patch scored an honourable last place…

A couple of SHRM match play results are in as well.

Next event is in Preisch. Merve is starter.

Round 3 of the CITCO Grand Prix

Many thanks to Kieron and Richard from Badenoch & Clark for driving the Starters Car around the last couple of Grand Prixs…an excellent job, and done very well….who is volunteering for June 9th at Preisch?

Many thanks to Citco…our sponsors are the envy of the whole wide world, and even further away places!

On the night, only 23 FROGs showed up….maybe everyone else had slick tyres on and crashed out before hitting the border, who knows? Who cares? We didn’t miss you, and the weather was great….ha ha ha.

1st place on countback went to Johan Terblanche, 2nd place to Jonny Hill and 3rd place to Peter Baxter all on 16pts.

Longest drive went to Stefano in the Ferrarri….must have hit a sprinkler head or something!

Nearest the Pin was claimed by Andrew Paton.

Well done to all the major prize winners!

Not so well done to Jerry, Richard and Nathan who all claimed 6 pts over the 9 holes…a pink ball and a FROGs fly swat to each of you!

The Drivers Champion in the Race to Ducal is still showing Botfield on top, with a sneaky move from Jonny Hill into second place….with Luc de sponsor Vet in third place….

In the SHRM matchplay, Dave Winters dished out a spanking to Neil Underwood…that saves me from doing it later in the competition! Thanks to Bart E Man for the continued sponsorship…sorry i forgot to bring the SHRM balls!

2nd round can start now, but I will send the completed Round 1 draw on next week, as a one week extension was granted for those unable to play the first round yet. There names will remain in red throughout the competition, and a further repeat of delays without good reason will see their names eliminated.

Next event is on the French 9 at Preisch on June 9 – starter please?

All roads to France are horrendous…too many F’KING FROGS on the road which slows down us FROGs from getting to the golf course on time….I have sent a letter expressing our outrage to the French Transport Minister and requesting a FREE ROAD TO PREISCH for FROG members only….

Other matters….there are no other matters…have a great weekend, if you can’t play well, play quickly….

Results from round 2 at Kikouka

Citco Round 2 took place in Kikuoka ka ka ka….it was perishing…minus 3 at least!

Simon Baker hit top form winning on 20pts, with Willem picking up second spot on 18pts, the axe has been swung!

Dennis menacingly took third place on 17pts and countback over Luc and myself.

Nearest the pin was Gareth (the pro), i had longest drive although it was later challenged by the late arriving Daniel Kaiser…so we shared it! Dennis – keep this man busy!

The new FROGs shirts were handed out…I noticed many of you were too shy to come over and collect them on Wednesday….maybe i should remind you all that these shirts are handed out free! (Now you know where your subs go). is the website, take a peak….

First round leader was Jess – he has a lovely Yellow Frogs T-shirt to collect….the leader after round two is…… ME (and my dodgy swing and ankle)! Catch me if you can suckers!

Once again thanks to our very generous sponsors…CITCO for the Grand Prix, and SHRM for the Matchplay!

Matchplay Round Two opponents will be known after the next event….

Preisch is next on the 26th…there will be a meal at the Hotel de la Frontière…hopefully Richard Neale will start this event….Cost is EUR 34 to non Preisch members and EUR 2 to members. Kieron, thanks for starting last week, the FROGs will buy your dinner at the next event!

Tally ho and chocs away……..

Halfway stage results from the CITCO Grand Prix 2009

Delayed information as the webmaster was not informed…

Quoting Mr Botfield:
“Well done to all participants in Saarbrucken last night…what a fantastic meal….well done Jonny Hill for an excellent trip !!!!

Last night was the half way stage of the CITCO Grand Prix (see attached leaderboard, yep it’s Botfield on Top)….many thanks to our beloved sponsors, it’s brewing up for another tight end of season battle and even Mr Biggar is still in the hunt….come on everyone, fantastic prizes and honours are still up for grab for all of us underachievers (that’s how Bart refers to us all)…..

Botfield found some form and scored 18 pts, narrowly beating Gillies 17 and Luc (also 17) into 2nd and 3rd place…with Frank (Nearest the Pin) leaving before the prize giving and Gillies winning the shortest ever Longest Drive, these prizes were subsequently awarded to Dennis (16) and Winters (15)…will give a sleeve of FROG balls and maybe a glove too to Frank next time out !!!

Last place went to the man who lost his wallet, Mr TIM TOBIN with 8 pts, but given his state of distress about the lost wallet, it was tempting to name and shame the 2nd worst player of the night (MR CRAIG FERREIRA “phone number deleted”) but of course the rules of this society means that i can’t give out that information…

A clean sweep of the only guest prize was performed with an amazing 18 pts from Serge Bijnens, who was suitably rewarded with a FROGs t-shirt and balls and in addition a one and half stroke cut to his handicap !!! Welcome back Serge !!!

No more FROG events in June, but unhook those caravans…round 6 of CITCO Grand Prix is on July 1st at Preisch and it will NOT be played on the German 9 !!! Round 7 is set for Junglinster on the 15th and Round 8 also Junglinster on the 29th !!!

In between we have the famous “LAB Pairs falling out with your partner if he is called Steve Brown” competition at Canach on 22nd) (Steve, will you be my partner again this year?) Sort yourself into pairs, you still have a few weeks to ditch one another…also the RYDER CUP will be held at Canach on the 25th…the FROGS have won it ONCE and it has been played for at least three times….it is our DESTINY….FREEDOM YA BAS !!!!
Sorry a wave of patriotism has swept me of my feet and filled my eyes with tears….maybe just hayfever…back to normal now…

Finally in the SHRM matchplay, one result from last night saw Botfield beating Gillies on the last hole…see schedule attached and get your ties played very soon as it is the holiday season coming up !!!!

Anything that i have forgotten is nothing to do with ignorance…but if it is due to sheer arrogance, then i don’t apologise for that !!!”

Full CITCO results

SHRM matchplay results

Results from third round of the CITCO Grand Prix 2009

Frank Maitry gathered a fine 19 points, but didn’t show for the prize giving… Mark Gilles came in with 17 points, Tim Van Dijk on 15 and Dennis Robertson on 14. Tim also took nearest to pin and Derek Sinclair longest drive. Simon Baker took the worst score settling for 4 points…

Full results after round 3

Next round is at Preisch on the 10 June!

Results of second round of the CITCO Grand Prix 2009 at Preisch

Top man on the night was King Frog 2008, Mr Nick Montague with a fine 17pts, beating Stavros on countback. As Stavros could not take his place on the podium, his prize went to Craig Ferreira with 16pts….meaning the 4th place man for the second week running picked up a prize after all. Well done Duncan Tippin, just 15 pts and he now leads the way in the quest to become KING FROG 2009. Can you catch him?

Delboy hit his first drive just 3 metres….his second shot of the night was still behind the red tees….AND he still went on to win the Longest Drive prize.
Dennis Robertson amazed everyone, including himself, by hitting a fine tee shot on the 6th to win the Nearest the Pin prize.

Worst score on the night was Psycho Geoffreys, an astonishing 5 pts. A further prize was awarded to our young guest for playing in the FROGS, a sleeve of balls to Tom (just a kid) Darby.

2) The SHRM matchplay is nearing the end of Round 1 with another 5 results decided on the night.
A collapse from Psycho allows Frank Maitry to continue in the competition, Craig hammered Jess, Jonathan Hill overcame Ian Davy, Bart bullied Paolo and Alan Botfield finished off Neil Underwood on the last hole. Last week Nick knocked out Andrew, and from what i saw last night, Andrew is making a slow recovery….

Three first round matches still remain to be contested, Frank and Ayzo, Mark and Steve and Marco and Dave….the clock is ticking, get your results in as soon as possible !

Full results after week 2

Great start to the season 2009!

Well done Chris Juste, he was an excellent starter for Round 1 of the CITCO GRAND PRIX and the result was lots of golf played in daylight, although a few of the SHRM matchplays went to extra holes….when will night vision goggles become part of this great sport????

Many thanks to Grand Ducal, the course was (as usual) in good condition, and the greens (as always) offered much for the discussions in the bar. The food was excellent and a room with a television was provided so some could watch the big football game. Stirling Albion beat Montrose 3-1 !

Also, many, many thanks to CITCO, SHRM and KPMG for continued sponsorship…and also please note TWO NEW additional benefits of FROGs membership….SPORTS WORLD in HOWALD will offer 12.5% discounts to FROGs, and LEON MARKS (at JUNGLINSTER) will offer 45 minute lessons for EUR 50 (instead of the EUR 60 he charges me).

Only two bad scores were handed in….actually one of these was a 4 pointer for Bernard, which for him is quite a good score, therefore there was only one contender for the WORST SCORE OF THE NIGHT – the practice on Tuesday night obviously didn’t help, did it MR JONATHAN HILL?

On to the main prizes, three players shot 17 points….sadly Duncan Tippin limped home and earned himself 4th place on the night, just outside the prizes.

A good finish from SIMON BAKER helped him to 3rd Place, and two sleeves of FROGs balls AND a glove.

An even stronger finish from AYZO van EYSINGA to take 2nd place and collect a Glenmuir golf shirt and glove.

But on the night, only one person mastered his game and tamed the Ferocious Forest of Grand Ducal…scoring 20 points, and collecting a wonderful PING golf bag…..Mr STEFANO CICCARELLO….congratulations to our leader of the CITCO GRAND PRIX.

AYZO also battered his ball to achieve the LONGEST DRIVE, and JONATHAN BUCKLEY sweetly caressed his tee shot to claim NEAREST TO THE PIN.

Full results

SHRM Matchplay results were:
WOODGE had a walk over Merve Herneman
ANDREW PATON beat Geaorge Mullan 2&1
DUNCAN TIPPIN beat Simon Baker 1st extra hole
RUPERT BIRCH beat Tony Nightingale 1st extra hole
ADRIAN ROADWAY beat Francis Parisis 3&2
DEREK SINCLAIR beat Tim van Dijk 1up
DENNIS ROBERTSON beat Luc de Vet 1up
PAUL GOES beat Stuart Rowlands 2nd extra hole

Current results from SHRM matchplay.

Next event at PREISCH on 13th May….please come forward if you can be the starter…