Results from 2004 and earlier


Joint CITCO champions: Wayne Panton/Mark Gillies


CITCO champion: Daniel Kaiser 75 points


Joint CITCO champions: Alan Botfield / Niall Woodger

LAB pairs winners: Peter Carter & John Wheeler
NETLINE individual champion: Paul Mastroddi

CITCO 1 Colin Fraser
CITCO 2 Paul Larkins
CITCO 3 Keith Darlington
CITCO 4 Philippe Thérond
CITCO 5 Niall Woodger
CITCO 6 Simon Baker
CITCO 7 Derek Sinclair
CITCO 8 Rupert Birch


CITCO champion: Jess Have
Runner up: Paul Mastroddi

NETLINE pairs winners : Mark Gillies/Steve Kaiser
LAB individual champion : Jess Have

CITCO 1 Frank Maitry
CITCO 2 Bart d’Ancona
CITCO 3 Charles Curtis
CITCO 4 Stefano Ciccarello
CITCO 5 Mark Gillies
CITCO 6 Frank Maitry
CITCO 7 Ian Flockhart
CITCO 8 Daniel Kaiser


Overall GTS champion: Dermot Griffin
Runner-up: Merve Herneman

Individuals Champion: Mark Gillies

GTS 1 Bart d’Ancona
GTS 2 Georges Kieffer
GTS 3 Tim Kaiser
GTS 4 Rolf Stub
GTS 5 Paul Mastroddi
GTS 6 Franco Mastroddi
GTS 7 Frank Maitry

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