AKD Matchplay

Get your matches organised! Several matches are past the deadline!

AKD-Matchplay-2024 as of 29/5/2024.

  1. Play shall be from yellow tee.
  2. Format is match play, and matches are to be played over 9 holes, at Grand Ducal, Kikuoka, Junglinster, Preisch, Christnach or a different course (should the players agree to do so) under the Rules of Golf and any local rules.
  3. The competition will be played with 9/10 of the 9 hole froggicap difference at the time of the given match (matchplay handicap!!!)*.
  4. The top player in the draw is responsible for contacting his opponent.
  5. The top player in the draw chooses the venue.
  6. If the opponent rejects three proposed dates or fails to turn up on the day he must concede a walkover.
  7. If matches are not completed by the deadline as indicated on the sheet “Draw”, both players will be disqualified.
  8. The winner of the match is responsible for e-mailing the result to Alan and Jess.
  9. The finalists will play their match during the last Frogs event on 2 October 2021.
  10. If the match is all square after 9 holes and therefore continues no additional shot is added (both players play from scratch!).
  11. All matches to be played in Froggie spirit.
  12. Any way of determining the winner of a match is allowed so long as both players agree.
  13. Deadline permitting, the Frogs outings can be used to play your match, but remember to notify the starter if you wish to do so.

* The difference is calculated before rounding up or down. Ex. 11,5 – 7,7 = 3,8 x 0,9 = 3,42 = 3 strokes.

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