Results 2008

CITCO Tour Winners 2008

Overall: Nick Montague 83 points
Second place: Alan Botfield 80 points
Third place: Ian Davy 79 points

LAB Pairs champions 2008: Halldor Magnusson & Frédéric Sudret

KPMG FROGS championship:
Winner: Ayzo Van Eysinga 36 points
Runner-up: Stefano Ciccarello 34 points
Third place: Franco Mastroddi 31 points

Tenth CITCO event
Date: 28th August. Venue: Grand Ducal
1. Luc De Vet 17 points
2. Stuart Rowlands 17 points
3. Nick Montague 15 points

Nearest to pin: Nick Montague
Longest drive: Merve Herneman

Ninth CITCO event
1. Dave Winters 18 points
2. Tony Nightingale 17 points
3. Frank Maitry 16 points

Nearest to pin: Halldor Magnusson
Longest: drive: Halldor Magnusson

Eighth CITCO event
1. Alan Botfield 19 points
2. Ian Doherty 17 points
3. Franco Mastroddi 16 points

Nearest to pin: Jonathan Hill
Longest drive: Craig Ferreira

Seventh CITCO event
1. Alan Botfield 20 points
2. Dennis Robertson 20 points
3. Ian Doherty 18 points

Nearest to pin: Alan Botfield
Longest drive: Alan Botfield

Sixth CITCO event
1. Woodge 28 points
2. Merve Herneman 23 points
3. Craig Ferreira 23 points

Nearest to pin: Nathan Sneyd
Longest drive: Christopher Brown

Worst score: Bernard Biggar 4 points

Fifth CITCO event
1. Steve Brown 22 points
2. Nick Montague 19 points
3. Jonathan Hill 17 points

Nearest to pin: Nick Montague
Longest drive: Jess Have

Worst score: Stefano Ciccarello 5 points

Fourth CITCO event
1. Mark Gillies 17 points
2. John Sutherland 17 points (first time he’s among the winners!)
3. Tim van Dijk 17 points

Nearest Pin: Craig Ferreira
Longest Drive: Christian Christensen

Worst score: Paul Goes 6 points

Third CITCO event
1. Woodge 17 points
2. Simon Baker 17 points
3. Duncan Tippin 17 points

Nearest Pin: Paul Goes
Longest Drive: Nick Montague

Worst score: Bernard Biggar

Second CITCO event
Date: 14 May
Venue: Kikuoka

1. Frank Maitry 20 points
2. Andrew Paton 17 points
3. Jess Have 16 points

Nearest to pin: Jacques Dineur
Longest drive: Jonathan Buckley

First CITCO event
Date: 23 April
Venue: Grand Ducal

1. Andrew Paton 20 points
2. Tim Van Dijk 18 points
3. Paul Goes 18 points

Longest drive: Mark Gillies
Nearest to pin: Franco Mastroddi

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