Results 2007

CITCO Tour Winners 2007

Overall winner: Merve Herneman 89 points
Second place: Marco Bus 88 points
Third place: Alan Botfield 74 points

Individuals champion: Alan Stewart

LAB Pairs champions: Alan Stewart and Alan Botfield

3 club challenge: David Hopwood

Individual CITCO results

Tenth CITCO event
Date: 30 August.
Venue: Junglinster.

1. Stuart Rowlands 20 points
2. Alan Botfield 19 points
3. Colin Fraser 19 points

Longest drive: Alan Botfield
Nearest to pin:

Ninth CITCO event
Date: 1 August.
Venue: Grange aux Ormes.

1. Nick Montague 21 points
2. Marco Bus 21 points
3. Merve Herneman 18 points

Nearest to pin: Marco Bus
Longest drive: Nick Montague

Eighth CITCO event
Date: 25 July.
Venue: Kikouka.

1. Nathan Sneyd 22 points
2. Merve Herneman 20 points
3. Mark Gillies 20 points

Nearest to pin: Mark Gillies
Longest drive: Craig Ferreira

Seventh CITCO event
Date: 18 July
Venue: Junglinster

1. Duncan Tippin 29 points
2. Daniel Kaiser 27 points
3. Keith Darlington 27 points

Nearest to pin: Peter Carter
Longest drive: Richard Geoffreys

Sixth CITCO event
Date: 11 July
Venue: Junglinster

1. Marco Bus 27 points
2. David Winters 25 points
3. Peter Carter 25 points

Nearest to pin: Gerry Mullen
Longest drive: Jess Have

Fifth CITCO event
Date: 20 June
Venue: Kikouka

1. Luc De Vet 18 points
2. Tony Hylton 17 points
3. Dave Cullen 17 points

Nearest to pin: Dave Cullen
Longest drive: Jess Have

Fourth CITCO event
Date: 13 June
Venue: Preisch

1. Jonathan Hill 19 points
2. Phil Woodger 17 points
3. Merve Herneman 16 points

Longest drive: Andrew Paton
Nearest to pin: Rupert Birch

Second CITCO event
Date: 30 May
Venue: Preisch

1. Nick Montague 19 points
2. Duncan Tippin 19 points
3. Jess Have 18 points

Nearest to pin: Steve Kaiser
Longest drive: Jess Have

First CITCO event
Date: 16 May
Venue: Grand Ducal

1. John Buckley?
2. Paul Goes?
3. Virgilio Ranalli

Longest drive: ?
Nearest to pin: ?

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