3 club Citabel challenge results (2013)

A warm, sunny evening and the course in good condition, with a good turn out of members provided for a very enjoyable and sociable evening. One of the most important parts of this competition is to think about the holes to be played and to then choose the right clubs for the course. This is always difficult but for a couple of our members (Stevie K and Frank) they made this harder for themselves by going to Grand Ducal for the evening, choosing the clubs for that course only to find out that there were no other Frogs there as the competition was being played at Canach. They then played Canach with the three clubs selected for GD and that fellow members, is why they did not feature on the winners list.

Thanks to Ayzo for performing the starter’s duties and for providing the drinks on the first – much appreciated. Thanks also to Philip Zimmer and Citabel for very generously sponsoring the event.

Onto the results:
LD Frank
NTP Mark Hughes

1. Craig Ferreira 15 points
2. Ayzo van Eysinga 14 points
3. Gregor Dalrymple 14 points

Next event will be the Individual on Saturday 14th September kindly sponsored by KPMG. Your starter will be Andrew Paton.

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