Results CITCO round 4 – Junglinster – 31 May 2017

Another fine evening for the FROGS Citco Round 4 at Junglinster on Wednesday evening. 28 hopeful competitors were met at the first tee by our starter Neil Underwood with outstanding, ice-cold, ferry-procured Swedish beer… thanks Neil. The Swedish beer no doubt contributed to restoring group testosterone levels to their pre-Spring norms, thank heavens, resulting in impressively Viking-esque attacking golf… the daffodils were deflower and the course was suitably pillaged.

Two nearest the pin prizes were up for grabs: Arnaud Bouteiller brutally attacked the 9th hole to take nearest the pin there, while Frank Maitry muscled in on the 4th.

Two antipodean plunderers customarily wreaked havoc on foreign shores: Mark Gillies will be Learily skulling that large bottle of Bjinens Beer for his efforts on the 2nd, while Johan Terblanche plans to slice the top off that bottle of Champagne with a great Viking sword….

This weeks’ top pillagers were:

4th place Maarten de Groot

3rd place Frank Maitry on 17pts

2nd Rob McCorduck on 18pts?

and in 1st place… I predict a riot… Daniel Kaiser claimed Chief golfer of day on 18pts

Several AKD matches were played and to be honest I can’t remember the results, but you can have a look on once updated by our industrious website director Jess Have.

The Pink Ball was courted by Alan and Richard, but ultimately went to Gerry Mullan, clearly the most risk-taking and aggressive member of our posse of wild, hairy, tailless amphibians… narrowly missing out on the all-time PB record, long held by an esteemed countryman, will be biting the head off a live chicken before teeing off with his prize at the next outing, which will be Citco Round 5 on Wednesday 14 June at Preisch.

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