CITCO round 4 report – Canach

Welcome to the back nine at Canach. The weather stayed dry, the conditions on the course were good although we did lose a couple of players in the rough when they went to look for their wayward shots. There were some notable scores with Johan scoring an emphatic win with 22 points, followed by Woodge with 18 points and Rupert who edged Stuart for third place on a countback with 17 points. Francis completed the very unusual honour of winning last week and then also being a winner this week: unfortunately, it was the pink ball this week with 8 points. The NTP with an excellent shot, which was in a very tricky position, went to Woodge while Steve Brown unleashed his beast and then hit a sufficiently decent drive to win the longest drive.

We had three guests playing: Andrew King, Kieron Dolan and Mark Phillips with Andrew winning the best guest with 13 points.

The race to GD is warming up with many players in contention. Delboy is leading with 60 points and is being chased by a pack of Frogs including, Stevie, Woodge, Duncan and Nick who are just a few shots behind.

Thanks to Patch for starting and for coping so well with the vagaries of the Kikuoaka admin. The next round is on Wednesday next week at Junglinster. Dennis was meant to be the starter but as he will still be celebrating the Scottish rugby win you will be contacted by the well known Frog, A.N. Other who will take over the starting duties.

In the matchplay Dave Winters beat Dave Walker, Jess beat Delboy, Merve beat Rupert, Johan beat Andrew and Botty beat Nick.

Look forward to seeing everyone next week.


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