Report from MIXvoip Pairs competition on the 26 June 2019

30 frogs were well warmed up for the MIXVoip pairs in Bellenhaff on Wednesday evening. The hottest day of the year was enough warmth for most but some even took to the practice area to work up a sweat. Thankfully Dance Caller Martin and Sponsor Frank had chilled brews on hand to keep us cool.

Luc and I were accompanied by last years Pairs winners James and Dennis for a very pleasant round, with Luc and myself taking the honours this year. As usual I scratched my fair share but Luc filled in the blanks on those holes very well to give us 22 points, and two nice bottles of G’vine gin. Kaj & Graham with 21 came 2nd, followed by Craig & Chris on 20.

Craig had the longest drive on the 3rd and Johan hit the longest on the 12th. Nearest the Pin also Johan (multiple prize being allowed in this event!). Craig won the leary, but multiple prizes in excess of 2 not being allowed this nice prize went to Martin for his organising skills.

Non-alcoholic beverage (aka Pink ball) went to Steve & Simon with a quite respectful 13 points.

The next Citco event is in Preisch next week with Neil Underwood taking care of the dance card (and let that be the end of Martin’s witty dance metaphors…)

Frank, thank you for sponsorship of this event
Martin, good job on starter duties
Johan, the Frogmittee extend their thanks for the shirt sponsorship

All the best

Luc & Gerry

CITCO report round 10 – 6 October 2018 – Kikuoka

Hello Frogs,

Well, the final day of the 2018 season was a very busy day, and night, indeed!

  • Final round of the Citco Grand Prix
  • An 18 hole competition tacked on the Citco 9 holes
  • A UK & Ireland v Rest of the World competition
  • And of course the end of season dinner and prize-giving at the Bodega restaurant in Lux City.

Many thanks to the day’s starter, Johan, whose Buck’s Fizz and pastries on the first tee helped drive away the morning mist and chilly conditions which were soon replaced by a glorious sunny day.

The day’s scores were definitely on the low side. The Froggy severe handicapping system perhaps having an effect on some excellent golf nevertheless by the lower handicappers. Standard scratch was 13.

1st myself with 18

2nd Graham P with 15

3rd Gregor with 14

4th Paul G with 13 (will that effect the overall result? Probably not)

5th Peter B with 13

NTP – Chris Lowe

Longest – the bearded one

Leary – the balding one

The pink ball was heavily contested……….

8 points for Luc and Stevie K.

But Bruce won it on reverse countback with big Dave and Stephane all on 7!

Best guest – James Holland 13

Worst guest – Richard Browne 12

The 18 hole competition continued the low-scoring malaise but with some excellent wine being offered as prizes for….

1st – Graham Paul with 31 points

2nd on countback – Gregor 30

3rd – myself 30

Pink Ball – Chris Lowe with 15

Bragging rights were re-claimed by the UK & Ireland team who beat the ROW by 166 to 156 with the best 6 scores of each counting towards the result.

The dinner as usual was a rowdy affair well organised by Rob McC and illuminated by the ladies on their only chance of participating in a Frogs event. All was well orchestrated by big Dave, who chose the occasion to announce his retirement from the Frogmittee after 5 years. His valuable contribution during that period was roundly applauded. Tim van D gave a careful and considered address on behalf of the sponsor, finishing with a suggestion that the 1st tee drinks and nibbles should perhaps be part of the Frogs general budget in the future. A sign that a greater contribution from the sponsor may be forthcoming next year? Frogmittee please note.

So, could that affable Dutchman do the double? Well, half way through dinner the Matchplay sponsor represented by that other affable Dutchman, Ayzo, presented the 2018 trophy to Paul Goes, with several references to the match report of the final game with Craig, much to the amusement of the audience!

At the end of the dinner, with the betting closed, it was revealed that Paul had indeed done it! His score of 78 beating

  • Graham Paul 74
  • Stevie B and Rob McC 73
  • James K and Tim the sponsor 7

So ends another successful Frogs season, and thanks to the hard-working Frogmittee for making it all possible.

Work on that swing during the winter, and pay your membership on time for next season!

Golfing wishes to all.


CITCO report round 9 – 12 September 2018 – Kikuoka

Mr McKay swinging away

Gudde Moien Dear Frogs,

Round 9 CITCO. 

Wednesday September 12 was a perfect evening play golf.  There was a great Frogs turnout and it was well organised by our CITCO started Tim van Dijk, despite his e-mail issues.

Last night was also the final of the Matchplay event when Paul Goes beet Craig Ferreira by the slender margin of 1 up.  Paul was one up after the first hole and he held on to the lead on the ninth tee. Craig could only half the ninth, so Paul was a worthy winner.  The Dutch will be celebrating this victory for some time to come. 

Paul Goes is leading the overall competition with the final event to be held on October 6, probably at Kikuoka, but the venue has to be confirmed.  October the 6 is also the FROGS annual dinner. Please respond to Rob McCormack regarding the dinner, partner are invited too.

Round 9 ended with my fist FROGS victory.  It was hard fought with Mark Gilles. Both of us had 19 points, but I had a better count back.  In third place was Stephane Ayache with 16 points. The standard scratch for the event was 14. The pink ball prize was just as competitive. The pink ball almost went to my playing partner Frank Maitry, but actually went to Bruce McKay who had a very low score!!

The longest drive went to Steve (muscles) Brown, Nearest the pin went to Andrew Paton whose birdie effort just lipped out of the 7th hole.  That was one of Andrew’s three 3s that evening. The Leary went to Gregor Dalrymple. 

Best Regards 

Rob Lessure 

CITCO report round 8 – 15 August 2018 – Kikuoka

The 8th Citco event took place on Wednesday 15th at Kikuoka with a larger than expected turnout.

The weather was warm, wind was low so there was anticipation for some low scores. Steve B arrived hours in advance of his tee time to ensure he was suitably warmed up on the range and his swing dialled in.
You know what they say Steve, practise makes perfect….

Thanks to our starter, Franco, for the organisation, great cold beers and delicious finger food.

Now on to the golf. There was a mixture of success from the 1st tee with most people still being in play for their second shot. However one group were a little erratic, no names Mr Heath, but 3 off the tee on the first is never a good sign.
There was mention of some chatter during the back swing…but that was only for the first one…

My flight included James King and Dave Fisher which turned out to be a very good grouping with all of us being in the prizes.

Dinner was on the terrace with the standard fish n chips or steak. It was a busy night with several large groups at the club so service was as wonderful as ever. There seemed to be a real reluctance to provide any of the drinks ordered…..the wine must have
been freshy bottled the time it took to get from the bar to the table. Rob is still waiting for his fish n chips… a bit like me and the mythical FROG fleece….

Jess and James did the scoring and I did overhear one wonderful round which went a bit like this….scratch, scratch, scratch, scratch, scratch, 2, 5, 4. What did I say earlier Mr Brown? “Practise makes perfect….” Hhmm maybe not always the case but apparently it was a good “2”.

Now to the prizes
LD went to Nick F with a massive drive on the 6th. Jess was close and did spend 5 minutes measuring the distance but was beaten by a few metres

NTP went to Danny K with a great shot on the par 3 7th (he missed the birdie putt though)

Leary was won by James K on the 8th. His 3rd Leary of the season

Standard scratch was 15 points with 6 people being tied on 16 points. The prizes, on countback, going to:
3rd prize Dave Fisher
2nd Prize Chris MacKenzie
1st Prize Mark Houston

The Best and Worst guest went to Will O’Shea with 3 points.

The Pink Ball was hotly contested with Dave W and Steve B in the frame with 6 points each. I believe Steve doubled his points on the 9th. Anyway Steve “practise makes perfect” B took the honours on countback.

Last points
As always a big thank you to Citco for their continued sponsorship.

The penultimate round is at Grand Ducal on 29th August with Jens Buch as your starter.

The final round is 12th September which is later than normal. The Frogmittee has asked, as a special request, if players could start earlier than usual to allow the last flights to finish in daylight. So please look at your calendars now to book that early finish. Steve B, maybe just take a half day in order to really get the practise going…

Unfortunately my competition is over this year due to travel and holidays. Good luck for the last 2 rounds and hopefully I’ll manage a game before the start of next seasons FROGS.

Report – Bijnens Beer 3 Club Challenge – Kikuoka – Wednesday 25th July 2018

Fellow Frogs,

15 Frogs and 2 guests braved a windless 34 degree heat for the Bijnens beer 3 club challenge at Kikuoka.

Sweltering conditions did not deter our starter Tony Whiteman, in jandals (apparently from japanese sandals), offering up bbq’d lamb and recreational NZ red on the first tee.

Thankfully, he also had Australian and South African red.

Many thanks to Tony and flossy (who was flown in from NZ for the event).

The most asked question on the first tee, “to take a putter or not to take a putter”, with most choosing the former.

I chose a 2 iron to putt and duly 4 putted the second hole prompting “told you so” giggles from my playing partners with putters David Winters (8 points) and Paul Hinstridge (9 points).

Despite the lack of recent rain the course was great condition with the fairways offering much needed roll for this format.

The Frogmittee elected to change the after round presentation setup by supplying a very welcome cold beer or 3 at the halfway house.

A nice change that saw all the “bitches” exchanging tales of how they navigated the course with their club selections.

Thanks to Peter B for talking me through all nine holes.

Maybe next time we could also order pizza’s and really piss off the restaurant at Kikuoka.

The results:

NTP: Mark G just pipping his playing partner, Dave.

LEARY: Nobody sadly – no wonder we lost the cup

No longest drive for this event.


Me – 16 points (and happy to know I wont be cut)

Crispy Lowe – 13

Luc DV – 12

Stefano – 12

Andrew Pattoni – 12

Franco – 11

The pink ball was a close run affair with Dennis claiming the honour with 6 points.

Looking forward to seeing him tee it up at the next Frogs.

Other noteables:

Chris McK – 8

Craig  (or Tormund Giantsbane from Game of Thrones) – 7

The results for our guests:

Winner – Kai Wouters – 12

Pink ball – Paul Hinstridge – 9

Lessons learned:

1.       Take water on the course when its boiling hot

2.       Kiwis don’t like their wine being called recreational

3.       You don’t need a putter to win the 3 club challenge

4.       You don’t need to be a real golfer to win the 3 club  challenge but you do need Bottie to be away

5.       You don’t need more than 3 balls as you will always find others when looking

6.       Ireland beat Australia 2-1 in the rugby

7.       Peter Baxter looks younger than me

8.       All kiwi sheep are called Marty – Come Marty,  Come Marty

9.       You don’t need to insult women or handicapped people when writing a frogs report

10.   You probably shouldn’t insult kiwis in a frogs report

Next event is Round 8 Wednesday 15 August – Kikuoka (added due to cancellation of round of 23 May)



P.S. Thanks Tony, The Felton Road is actually a great drop.

P.P.S. Peter did not actually talk me thru ALL 9 holes

CITCO report round 5 – 20 June 2018 – Kikuoka

Tree golf by Rupert Birch

Tree golf by Rupert Birch

Bonjour mes copains!

Yesterday evening +/- 30 FROGS gathered at Kikuoka CC to demonstrate their golfing skills in round 5 of the CITCO Grand Prix. With the mercury heading towards 29C our starter’s cool box full of chilled beer was greatly appreciated – thank’s Martin!

What did we learn?

1) It’s not how you start it’s how you finish!
2) Luminous green FROGS shirts are not recommended attire when there’s a plague of flies of biblical proportions on the course – ask Roby!
3) 6 points is more than enough to progress from the group stage of the World Cup but sadly not sufficient to avoid the ‘pink ball’!

So to the golf…

As usual there was a mixture of the good,the bad and the ugly! As for the golf shots played these followed along the same lines. A topped,low and left tee shot on the 1st tee from yours truly found the the first bunker. 5 hacks and a couple of club slamming tantrums later and a scratch was safely in the bag! Meanwhile my 2 playing partners (Stevie B & Steph) placed 2 great drives straight down the middle.

From there on in things improved or deteriorated depending on your perspective.

Hole 6 – longest drive…Myself and Stevie B decided to lay up short of Jessica’s LD marker in order to leave our favourite approach distance to the pin – 225 metres! Mr B creaming a 3 wood to within 8M below the pin and myself hitting an even more impressive 5 wood pin high. Unfortunately Steve walked off with a par 🙁 but fortunately for me I sank my put for an eagle!

The half-way house was a welcome sight after 9 holes in the sweltering heat and the vending machine rapidly sold out of ice-cold beers so after sharing each others stories of missed putts, swarming flies,eagle putts, scoring 21pts the previous day, we adjourned proceedings to the terrace for food and drinks.

The aftermath

The atmosphere on the terrace was great with the beer & wine flowing but the usual chaos with ordering continued however everyone eventually getting what they ordered….. I think?!!

A gusto rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ was belted out for Denis’s birthday and his generous offering of Rose wine for everyone was much appreciated – Cheers Dennis!

So to the important stuff (for some of us anyway!)

First of all a big thank you again to our starter Martin!

Standard Scratch on the day was 15.

1. Nick 18
2. Chris McKenzie 17
3. Franco 17
4. Dennis 16

Longest Jessica
Nearest: Nick – prize went to 5th place (Chris Juste) under the ‘1 prize/person’ rule
Bijnens Leary: Dave Winters
Pink Ball: Colin Cameron 6

Other results:
Ronaldo beat Morocco 1-0
Scotland 161/3 – Netherlands 160/6
England 481/6 – Australia 239 all out!

Paul won against Botty
Craig won against Delboy
Gregor won against Colin

Dennis to play Gregor winner to play Paul in the semis!
Joost or Arnaud to play against Jess with the winner to play Craig in the semis!

Matchplay – message from committee:
Players are responsible to play their match before the deadline. If you cannot play your match by the deadline, you must give your opponent a bye.

Round 6 takes place on 4th July @ Junglinster. Your starter Marco will no doubt be in touch nearer the date.