CITCO round 5 – Junglinster – Dennis’ 60th!

Dennis' 60th!
Dennis’ 60th!
What a great evening !! Many thanks to Dennis for his outstanding hospitality and generosity . We were very fortunate with the sunny evening and managed to avoid the rain during the golf. With the storm there were people marooned in the bar until early this morning as that was the safest place to be. The scores reflected the excellent conditions and we had a standard scratch score of 15.


Updated results attached so please do arrange your matches and keep to the dates for each round.


Just a quick reminder that if you have put your name down for the meal and then cannot make the dinner please do call the starter and cancel as we are obliged to confirm numbers of people eating to the restaurants by 19.00. Also, please ensure that all your bar bills are settled before you leave for home.

Round 5

Thanks to Richard Neale and Kieron O’Connor for performing the starter’s duties so patiently in the heat and for providing the beers on the first. (NB for future starters beers are not compulsory but much appreciated)

To the scores :

NTP Tony Nightingale
LD Steve Brown

1. William 20 pts
2. Craig 18 pts cb
3. Dave Winters 18 pts cb

Pink Ball

Thanks to the diligence of the green keeper who found the pink ball awarded to John Sutherland at Canach, we were able to reunite John with his lost pink ball. On this round , we had a clear winner of the pink ball and a new addition to the pink winner’s circle, Jess with 4 points.

After 5 rounds Craig, continues to show how well he is using his extra time, by leading from Frank by 8 shots.

Next event is on Wednesday 26 th June at Preisch. Your starter will be James King.

A very happy birthday to Dennis and see you next week


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