Results of CITCO Grand Prix round 7 – Preisch – 3 July 2014

20 brave FROGS hopped across the border on Wednesday night to make an assault on the Germany course at Preisch, for round 7 of the CITCO Grand Prix. The majority of tee-boxes saw Drivers being left to gathering dust & (t)rusty long irons brought out in their stead. The scoring proved that was unnecessary & that we are as equally ‘talented’ with our safer clubs as we are with our No 1’s.

Dave Winters needed a lie down after having to work out the standings, without the computer, to cope with pretty much every possible overlapping combination of prize winner, NTP, LD, & non-attendance at the awards ceremony. Craig Ferreira smashed his driver the furthest on the night to claim the Nearest to the Pin award!. He got a pat on the back for his efforts, but left empty handed. Andrew Paton stuck an 8-iron closest to the pin, on the wrong hole, to win the longest drive! There were even more confused looks as the master of ceremonies again refused to award the customary FROG-logoed balls as the prize!
A countback ensued, starting on 11 points for 5th place, and saw Mark Houston pip Steve Kaiser to receive a two sleeves of balls. Thanks to Johan Terblanche being unable to make the prize-giving, Andrew Paton claimed 4th place and was awarded two sleeves of balls. Craig Ferreira managed to hit more than one decent long shot and claimed third place, with 13 points. Mark Gillies was happily bumped up to second place with 14 points. Proving that fortune favors the brave, Stuart Rowlands tamed the course. Germany 0 – Stuart 18! Despite one of his points being disallowed by the database it was still a great performance that earned him 1st place & a date with the handicap cleaver. I am sure you will retain at least one of your 4 shots.

Mark Houston looked after us all on the night & received 6 balls for performing starter duties so capably. Adding these to the 6 he won for 5th place will go a long way to returning the pocket at the foot of his bag to its original state. Thanks Mark & merci pour les bières.

With scores that would normally guarantee for the pink ball, the contenders all sat confidently around the bar expecting the course to save them. As cards arrived back, Dave Winters and Daniel Kaiser grew increasingly more concerned. Their 6 points & equally floundering finishes were going to mean a close run fight. In the second to last flight, Rupert Birch just managed to eclipse them. It was an emotional moment for him as his 5 points earned his first ever pink ball. Welcome to the club Rupert.

CITCO Grand Prix standings
Hill 78
Terblanche 73
Tippin 72
Ferreira 69
Thanks to our sponsors, CITCO.

SHRM matchplay
Only one SHRM Matchplay result to share, from the preceding night. Mark Houston committed harakiri with his own putter to allow Alan Botfield stride onwards to face Jonathan Hill in the quarters. The other quarters see Duncan Tippin take on Ayzo van Eysinga, Jess Have goes toe-to-toe with Craig Ferreira to see whose is longest, while Johan Terblanche awaits the winner of Simon Baker & John Sutherland.
Bonne chance gentlemen. July 16th is the deadline to complete the matches by.
Thanks to our sponsors, SHRM.

MIXvoip FROGS Pairs
The next event is the MIXvoip FROGS Pairs at Kikuoka. Please email John Sutherland know your partner and preferred tee times, and whether are eating?
For those still in need of a partner – let John know and he can facilitate, or there is the Grinder app, depending on your particular needs.
Thanks to our sponsors, MIXvoip.

General news & house-keeping
· Jonny Hill has 30 FROGS who put their hand up for the Ryder Cup availability. Negotiations are underway with the Golfaholics to see how many they are willing to put into battle.
· Round 8 of the Race to Ducal is in Junglinster on the 16th. Messrs Ferreira & Hill will be in touch to take your order.
· Full results, standings, etc… will be on the website shortly.

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