CITCO report round 9 – 12 September 2018 – Kikuoka

Mr McKay swinging away

Gudde Moien Dear Frogs,

Round 9 CITCO. 

Wednesday September 12 was a perfect evening play golf.  There was a great Frogs turnout and it was well organised by our CITCO started Tim van Dijk, despite his e-mail issues.

Last night was also the final of the Matchplay event when Paul Goes beet Craig Ferreira by the slender margin of 1 up.  Paul was one up after the first hole and he held on to the lead on the ninth tee. Craig could only half the ninth, so Paul was a worthy winner.  The Dutch will be celebrating this victory for some time to come. 

Paul Goes is leading the overall competition with the final event to be held on October 6, probably at Kikuoka, but the venue has to be confirmed.  October the 6 is also the FROGS annual dinner. Please respond to Rob McCormack regarding the dinner, partner are invited too.

Round 9 ended with my fist FROGS victory.  It was hard fought with Mark Gilles. Both of us had 19 points, but I had a better count back.  In third place was Stephane Ayache with 16 points. The standard scratch for the event was 14. The pink ball prize was just as competitive. The pink ball almost went to my playing partner Frank Maitry, but actually went to Bruce McKay who had a very low score!!

The longest drive went to Steve (muscles) Brown, Nearest the pin went to Andrew Paton whose birdie effort just lipped out of the 7th hole.  That was one of Andrew’s three 3s that evening. The Leary went to Gregor Dalrymple. 

Best Regards 

Rob Lessure 

CITCO report round 7 – 18 July 2018 – Junglinster

What a beautiful evening it was!

First of all, thanks to our starter Maarten, who clearly knows how to organize things. 22 FROGS members and 4 guests were welcomed with a good layer of “huzarensalade”, which is probably the best of Dutch cuisine you’ll ever experience, followed by a shot of nice old Dutch “jenever” and a draft beer. And on top of that a cold beer for during the round, which I’m sure everyone finished before reaching the tee of the second hole. I like this Burgundy style start of our rounds and challenge every next starter to be as original in their choice of food and drinks on the first tee. Just make sure it contains alcohol…

The whole evening seemed to be dominated by many elements of the Dutch culture. Before going to the first tee, I went to the driving range to warm up, but of course without “jetons” for the ball machine. Fortunately Steve B was there. I went up to him and asked how it works here with getting practice balls. The trick worked: he offered me his card so I could buy balls… without spending a dime… I owe you a beer for that Steve!

The round itself was a dream, the course in good condition… or did I hear complaints about the greens…? Anyway, they worked for me… and for Ayzo (another Dutchman – I think we outnumbered every other nationality yesterday), who sank every putt within 4 meters. Junglinster is in my view a course where you leave your Driver in your bag, except maybe for one or two holes. Nevertheless, I did hear many trees being hit around me, by those who couldn’t resist.

I always like seeing so many staying for dinner, like Wednesday evening, and I also say this as a representative of our sponsor. Drinks and dinner after the round are at least as important, and at least as much fun, as the round itself. It is that combination that makes the FROGS. And as a bonus we were treated bottles of a nice Rosé – thanks Craig, much appreciated, hope you had a nice Birthday evening!

The results:

Bijnens LEARY: Jess
NEARY: Maarten, who also scored well, despite the starter stress

The Undersigned – 16 points (to which I agreed with mixed feelings….)
Paul G – 15 points
Maarten – 15 points
Andrew – 14 points
Craig – 14 points

And then there is the unavoidable Pink Ball, which surprisingly went to one of our best players: Bottie. And also surprisingly, our leader Steve B, whose goal it was to get rid of his worst round of this season, was also in the race for Pink Ball with the same 9 points as Alan (and Rob), but based on countback (I think?) got away with it. Guest Pink Ball went to Paul Cornet, who hopefully didn’t have too much of a traumatic experience joining us.

AKD Match Play: the Final is known! The semi-finals were close matches: Paul G needed 10 holes to beat Dennis, and Craig beat Jess 1up by winning the 9th hole.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Frogmittee and Jess, on behalf of the players and the sponsor, for all the work they are doing. That sort of work is needed to keep a group like ours going, but these volunteers don’t always feel appreciated, partially caused by unawareness among our members, of the amount of efforts behind the scenes.

Three more rounds to go…..hope to see the same number of players as in the first 7 rounds. We are having a nice season so far, in good spirits…cheers!


CITCO report round 5 – 20 June 2018 – Kikuoka

Tree golf by Rupert Birch

Tree golf by Rupert Birch

Bonjour mes copains!

Yesterday evening +/- 30 FROGS gathered at Kikuoka CC to demonstrate their golfing skills in round 5 of the CITCO Grand Prix. With the mercury heading towards 29C our starter’s cool box full of chilled beer was greatly appreciated – thank’s Martin!

What did we learn?

1) It’s not how you start it’s how you finish!
2) Luminous green FROGS shirts are not recommended attire when there’s a plague of flies of biblical proportions on the course – ask Roby!
3) 6 points is more than enough to progress from the group stage of the World Cup but sadly not sufficient to avoid the ‘pink ball’!

So to the golf…

As usual there was a mixture of the good,the bad and the ugly! As for the golf shots played these followed along the same lines. A topped,low and left tee shot on the 1st tee from yours truly found the the first bunker. 5 hacks and a couple of club slamming tantrums later and a scratch was safely in the bag! Meanwhile my 2 playing partners (Stevie B & Steph) placed 2 great drives straight down the middle.

From there on in things improved or deteriorated depending on your perspective.

Hole 6 – longest drive…Myself and Stevie B decided to lay up short of Jessica’s LD marker in order to leave our favourite approach distance to the pin – 225 metres! Mr B creaming a 3 wood to within 8M below the pin and myself hitting an even more impressive 5 wood pin high. Unfortunately Steve walked off with a par 🙁 but fortunately for me I sank my put for an eagle!

The half-way house was a welcome sight after 9 holes in the sweltering heat and the vending machine rapidly sold out of ice-cold beers so after sharing each others stories of missed putts, swarming flies,eagle putts, scoring 21pts the previous day, we adjourned proceedings to the terrace for food and drinks.

The aftermath

The atmosphere on the terrace was great with the beer & wine flowing but the usual chaos with ordering continued however everyone eventually getting what they ordered….. I think?!!

A gusto rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ was belted out for Denis’s birthday and his generous offering of Rose wine for everyone was much appreciated – Cheers Dennis!

So to the important stuff (for some of us anyway!)

First of all a big thank you again to our starter Martin!

Standard Scratch on the day was 15.

1. Nick 18
2. Chris McKenzie 17
3. Franco 17
4. Dennis 16

Longest Jessica
Nearest: Nick – prize went to 5th place (Chris Juste) under the ‘1 prize/person’ rule
Bijnens Leary: Dave Winters
Pink Ball: Colin Cameron 6

Other results:
Ronaldo beat Morocco 1-0
Scotland 161/3 – Netherlands 160/6
England 481/6 – Australia 239 all out!

Paul won against Botty
Craig won against Delboy
Gregor won against Colin

Dennis to play Gregor winner to play Paul in the semis!
Joost or Arnaud to play against Jess with the winner to play Craig in the semis!

Matchplay – message from committee:
Players are responsible to play their match before the deadline. If you cannot play your match by the deadline, you must give your opponent a bye.

Round 6 takes place on 4th July @ Junglinster. Your starter Marco will no doubt be in touch nearer the date.


CITCO report round 4 – 29 May 2018 – Preisch (Luxembourg)

Last dinner at Hôtel de la Frontière...
On a stunning summer (yes, I have now officially jinxed us for the rest of the year) day, 23 FROGS members and 0 guests (that’s more like it!) crossed the border to the land of “le strike” to strike unsuspecting little white orbs into strange places (except Gerry on the 5th tee: am sure that I heard his Pinnacle giggle: thanks for the (unsolicited) G&T, it seems that there is only one golf playing Irishman in the entire world who hasn’t heard of this little tradition – for avoidance of doubt, I am not referring to Gerry but if you don’t know yet, a subtle clue lies below).

Steph was mistaken for a 70s “low budget” San Fran movie producer (grow it back) but shot a respectable score. Craig was mistaken for Calamity Sam after an unfortunate backfiring incident (shave it off) and didn’t score so well… The rest of the mob looked and played pretty much as expected. Standard scratch was a pretty decent 14 points.

A big thank you to our starter, Neil, not only for the cold Norwegian beer [The beer was Danish, not Norwegian, Ed.], even if it wasn’t Aass (look it up) and for allowing me to join the second last flight without a pre-booking: the early bird catches the worm, but the eagle shows up and has himself a freshly fed bird(ie).

AKD Matchplay: Jess made FROGS history by winning two matches, both going into sudden death, all in one easy(?) step: out go No G&T Baxter and Lots of G&T Tony. BTW, a great number of matchplay matches are behind the OFFICIAL scheduled dates, sort it out ASAP, over the w/e or before or after work if you must, the ‘Mittee seem to be getting jittery and if previous decision-making is any indication, some (but probably not all) of us will face some sort of unpleasant consequences. Joost, stop faking injury, I have now been cut so you have a (small) chance if you play really, really well…

Pink ball: guess. If you have a kind heart and half an hour to waste, please offer help. No one? It can’t be the half an hour requirement ??

NTP: Mark Gillies
Longest: Jess
Bijnens Leary: Johan, closely beating Rob McC, but the hand back prize mysteriously went to Tim (who was unlucky to only score 16, to be fair)

Top 5:

5 – Dave with 16 on countback
4 – Tim with 16
3 – Stephane with 17 came within a whisker… (2 puns in there, work it out)
2 – Steve B made a solid (?!) 18 and probably only lost 2 balls (in addition to his patience)
1 – Johan made an almost godly 19 with lots of help from the angels and a can of Norway’s 4th finest – good bye any chance of breaking 12 points in FROGS ever again

Next event is on the website already, your starter will be in touch whenever it takes his fancy, if at all (yes, we truly empower our starters)

Report CITCO round 7 – Junglinster – 5 July 2017


?What a difficult task I had today! Not only express myself in a language which is not mine but to do it the week after Nick’s? [it was Tony, Ed.] fantastic report … but l’ll fight the perfidious Albion!

The sun was still high and the sky when our brave frogs jumped on Junglinster ?golf course? to play the round 7th of the 2017 CITCO Grand Prix. The players were welcomed by our starter Rob “the cowboy” and his generous offer of cheeses, salami, beers etc.
Thank you Rob and well done!

At yesterday event the 7th of the 2017 edition played 19 Frogs and they were quick enough to play all the 12 holes in bright light.

Only one AKD match play was played, Craig defeated Francis 3&2 (Francis….are you Dutch, don’t you?).

Gregor, our international glorious champion (background of heavenly music..) holed the 9th hole in one shot and generously and consequently offered a round of beers to all of us.

Thank you Gregor and well done! (background of heavenly music..)

Coming to the competition :

First of all many thanks to our sponsor CITCO.

Standard scratch was 14…quite low specially compared to the last event were it was 17.

Slow greens the reason?

?Probably, ask Craig his opinion on Junglinster greens.?..?

Nearest to the pin 4th Hole : Gregor (background heavenly music..)

Nearest to the pin 11th Hole: Jonny the kiwi

Bijnens Beer Leary : Steve

Longest Drive, 2nd Hole: Mark Hugues (background of pipes music..)

Best and worst guest: Martin

And finally the real winners:

1st) Marco 18

2nd) Gregor 17 (background heavenly music..)

3rd) Maarten 16

4th) Rob 15

5th) Craig 15

6th) Francis “the Dutch” 15

7th) David 15

Hard fight yesterday for the pink ball but Tim “the real Dutch” prestigious manager of our generous sponsor was good enough to outperform himself with an unrivalled 6 points.

? ?Pink ball: Tim

Watch out the Citco leader board where some players with only four events played are in the top ten…

Next event the will be the 26th of July at Kikuoka. See you all? there.


Results CITCO round 5 – Preisch – 14 June 2017

As Meatloaf said, “It was a hot Summers night…” and then he drivelled on and on about wolves and red roses or something, well in the FROGs it’s about alcohol, order of merit and pink balls….and food.

”Twas the fifth Citco Grand Prix event of 2017 and we traveled en masse to France to play France (what do you call a large gathering of FROGs…apparently it’s not a F*ckwit of FROGs although that’s what Mr Nightingale was uttering when the prize giving was revised for a fourth time)…no one was caught by traffic cops on this occasion!

Three Matchplays were played, Marco lost, Dennis lost and Houston had problems finding his space shuttle on the last, and subsequently lost…Rob, Botty and Billy Baxter were the fortunate winners moving further into the AKD Matchplay Comp.

Prize giving was a shambles, but we kind of got there in the end…

Pantaloni Andreone and Maaaarten de Grooooot were writing their names on all the pieces of paper but were rubbish at putting the ball in the hole so they won the novelty beer and wine prizes, this enabled fourth and fifth placed people to also get alcohol and these fortunate hackers were Graham Paul and Johan Terblanche!

Top three on the night were separated by one point, 18 pts from the Evergreen Franco took third place, Colin Cameron who was briefly declared the winner with 21 pts was honourable to declare his score was “only” 19 pts…and was soundly beaten on countback by the ONE known in the Golfaholics as the “Fattest of all FROGs” Botty Botster Botfield who had a lovely evening with Dennnnnis and Maaaaaaaarten for company!

Pink ball was more hotly contested in the corrected scores with Capo Paolo the Stallion putting in a slightly better score than The Kaiser Chief – yes, that’s right Steve Kaiser maintains his “in the prizes” run for another week!

We also had guests, but only Keith Darby stayed for prize giving and his 16pts got him into the prizes, well done Keith!

We had a tremendously talented starter for this event, HE can grow his hair longer than Paul Doesn’t Goes and Duncan Singapore Sling Tippin…but sadly he cannot escape his past…Mark Houston is still a Fifer!

Order of Merit taking shape as follows;

Jess has adjusted the scores so he still leads 🙂 on 75, Old Man Baxter is just a point behind, 67 pts is third place and it’s ZZ Top looking to make a move up the charts if Sandrine let’s him out….

Next event is coming soon, don’t be shy, show us yer pie…

Results from the KMPG FROGS Individuals 2017

On a glorious May’s morning 28 exultant FROGS, two comperes of the esteemed offices of KPMG, and one lonely guest, wandered o’er the vales and hills of Kikuoka like a host of golden daffodils…. A FROG could not but be gay, in such a jocund company.

Daniel Kaiser met us at the first tee to send us on our merry way with KPMG golf balls an enchanting aperitif which was voraciously quaffed. Thank you Dan.

Competition was strong for the Ken Reid Trophy and some good golf was evident.

Best and worst guest, Ian Jones with 32 points, wandered home lonely as a cloud with a pink ball proudly held in the air gleaming in the spring sunlight. The most honest golfer prize (pink ball FROGS) went to Frank Maitry with 19, Frank we trust you’re honest enough to utilise the prize on your next outing. Corina Goldkuhle with 31 points was awarded the prize for best KPMG participant followed by Ravi Beegun on 20.

Nearest the pin was accomplished by Andrew Paton with a fine shot. Johan Terblanche secured the longest drive on the 9th hole and Nick Felfoldi won the Leary on the 18th, although there was some confusion as to whether a Leary was awarded for closest to the pin in two shots or three, leading some contenders to “not even try” with their third shot! Nice try. Best Gross prize went to the tenacious Alan Botfield with an impressive 35 points.

Dennis Robertson continues strong form with 34 points to take 5th place behind his compatriot Andrew Patton taking 4th place with 35 points.

However kudos and rewards went to Simon Baker taking 3rd spot with 35 points, Colin Cameron took second place with 36 points missing out narrowly on countback to our esteemed winner Gregor Dalrymple with 36 points, rounding out a good day for the Scots. In a poetic acceptance speech Gregor exclaimed he would always recall this victory as he sat on his couch in pensive mood: “And then my heart with pleasure fills, And dances with the daffodils”… Well done Gregor.

The next Citco event will be in Preisch on Wednesday 24th May.

Kind regards,

Report – CITCO Round 9 – 27 July 2016 – Kikuoka

Dear Golfers,

Thank you to Mark Houston for being our starter yesterday evening. He welcomed us on the first tee with beers and crisps. Mark has also raised the bar on starter duties by including on the starter spreadsheet each player’s handicap and whether or not they are members.

The course and the weather were both perfect for 9 holes of golf and the quality of play reflected this. The standard scratch score was 15, to be confirmed as there was a computer issue last night. At least this time we had the computer, which is a step in the right direction.

As concerns the results: Arnaud hit a laser like 5 iron on the 7th for Nearest the Pin. Gregor got all of it on the 2nd to win the Longest Drive. Will Heath got it done to take the Leary.

We were honoured to be joined by two guests, Stuart Hamilton scored 12 points, but was beaten by a point by Stéphane (Arnaud’s father).

I was fortunate to take first prize this time with 17 points. Alan was second on 16, narrowly beating Arnaud into third on count back. On the same total of 16 points was Johan who came fourth on count back. In fifth place was Delboy on 15 points.

In case we needed proof of how fickle golf can be: Peter, the winner of round 8, walked away with the Pink Ball.

As concerns the Stibbe matchplay: Arnaud beat Stephane Ayache, 3 and 2. Mark Houston beat Paul Goes, 1 up.

I failed to make a note of the updated standings in the CITCO Overall; but you will find them on the website soon. Sorry.

The next event is the MIXvoip Pairs at Junglinster on 3 August. Paul is your starter.

Please Note: The computer issues that we have suffered the last couple of weeks are being addressed. Ernest has offered training, which should help. Thank you for your patience.

Further: by some miracle there were no issues last night with unpaid food or drinks.

Thank you.


Match Report – Rest of World v Great Britain & Ireland – Kikuoka – 23 July 2016

All 32 participants woke up to a gloomy sky and poor weather forecast projected heavy rain for midday. Despite some torrential overnight rain Kikiouka was is remarkable good shape with only the bunkers showing some erosion damage. An encouraging feature of the day is that all 32 players turned up on time.

The average handicap of the ROW team was 12.1 against 9.9 for the GB+I team. The home advantage of the ROW team seamed to be cancelled by the slightly more skilled GB+I team. The two captains exchanged some pleasantries on the range and after a focused handshake, the first four players headed to the first tee.

GAME 1 – De Vet & Goes (ROW) v Dalrymple & Warde (GB+I)

De Vet had the privilege to hit the first shot of the competition. Oh dear! Goes was under pressure to hit the 1st fairway. A par and win on the 1st by Warde saw the initiative going to GB+I. The match was back to all square on 5th but solid golf by GB+I provided a 2 hole advantage by the 7th. Step up Goes and De Vet, with Goes net birdie on the 8th followed by a holed putt on hole 9 by De Vet from off the green, after Ward had done the same moments earlier. Match all square and first points on the board for ROW and GB+I teams.

The golf got better on the 2nd nine. Dalrymple birdied the difficult 11th to nudge ahead but ROW levelled the match on the 15th after superb play by De Vet. The 16th was halved after an excellent up and down by Goes. The 17th hole was pivotal. Goes, Dalrymple and Warde were all on the green in regulation, with De Vet out of it. Goes has a shot on stoke index 2. Goes aggressive effort at a net eagle slips by a good 3 meters. Deadly Warde’s putt secured the par but Dalrymple holes his putt for a birdie. Goes fails in his 3 metre return putt and the GB+ I team goes down the last 1 up and 1 to play. Goes and De Vet fight on with some excellent positional play down the last. However, pressure was intensified as Dalrymple hits the par 5 with his second. Goes shoots a great 3rd shot but roles off the green, but not far from the pin. Role up De Vet and he hits his shot of the round to within 2 metres. Dalrymple lags his putt one meter from the hole. Not given!!. De Vet strokes it in for birdie, but Dalrymple plays a Captain role by securing the half, also with a birdie and wins the match for GB+I, 1 up.

MATCH RESULT:- ROW = ½ – GB+I = 2 ½.

GAME 2 – Gilles & Eysinga (ROW) v Robertson & Graham (GB+I)

The charismatic and big hitting (but not always straight) pairing of Gilles and Van Eysinga was paired against the equalling charismatic and short hitting (but straight) pairing of Robertson and Goes. Graham has the claim to fame status of having recorded the first hole-in-one in a FROGS event earlier this year. (Graham is an honourably FROG by buying a round of drinks for all other FROGS present that historic evening in Kikuoka). The match was close in the front nine and all square on the 8th. GB+I holed a long one on the 9th to end the front nine 1 up.

Strong motivational words by Van Eysinga to Gilles on the 10th tee was expected of this part-time University Lecturer. No doubt he was scrutinising the rules to look for yet another notional deduction to gain an advantage, as all good tax practitioners would do. GB+I were looking good to go 2 up on the 10th with a putt of 4 metres for birdie. ROW somehow scrambled a 3 on this pivotal hole and GB+I missed their birdie opportunity. Match remains 1 up to GB+I. What followed was spectacular 2nd half collapses often seen by the Scottish and English football teams, with ROW winning 3 of the last 8 holes for a comfortable overall win. So confused with the speed of the turn around of fortunes, Robertson was ready to shake hands on the 16th green with the match still live. Graham said of his partner that “there was a short gap of getting warm and getting tired, unfortunately today that gap was not there… Robertson needs substance in the form of a good steak and chips”. A chirpy Van Eysinga stated that “my garden leave from Stibbe was the best preparation I could have had for this match”.

MATCH RESULT:- ROW = 2 – GB+I = 1.


GAME 3 – Spadafora & Hartnett (ROW) v Botfield & Nevin (GB+I)

GB+I assembled on of their big gun pairings of Botfield and Nevin to take down the Golfaholic ROW pairing of Spadafora and Hartnett. The astute ROW captaincy of Terblanche made it difficult for GB+I by pairing a high handicap grouping (combined handicap 34) against the GB+I combined handicap of just 5. Nevin had to rely on his RAF prisoned short game while Botfield banked on his self belief and confidence. A sound front nine saw GB+I take a slender 1 hole advantage after nine holes.

Incredibly the match had swung around after the 11th hole where the ROW went 1 up on the match and 2 up on the back nine. When the going get tough the tough get going and GB+I managed to claw back 2 holes to win by the slender margin of 1 hole. Spadafora was the only player in the entire field to receive a shot on the last and the ROW was disappointed not to extract more than the ½ point.

MATCH RESULT:- ROW = ½ – GB+I = 2 ½.


GAME 4 – Reidy & Johnston (ROW) v Birch & Sinclair (GB+I)

Game No 4 had a real Delphi feel about it. At 8.28 on Saturday morning a big black limousine manages to squeeze into a rather generous parking slot and then appear Johnston and Sinclair. What was Sinclair doing fraternising with the opposition, was the pre-match discussion. The other pre-match discussion was Terblanche’s decision to pair two Americans together. Did Terblanche forget that the US has not won any match play events in Europe for many years.

Early in the match it became apparent that GB+I had their work cut out to get anything from this game. The power US Delphi pairing won the first nine and offered no concessions heading in to the back nine and closed out the game with a 4&2 win and in doing so took all three points wiping out all of GB+I earlier gains.

MATCH RESULT:- ROW = 3 – GB+I = 0.


GAME 5 – Chan & Ferreira (ROW) v Hill & Edwards (GB+I)

This was a much-anticipated match with 4 serious golfers equipped with a power game. Ferreira gained the initiative by winning the best-dressed golfer award, with a predictable loud blue number, which seemed to distract Hill more that Edwards. There was also mutterings in the clubhouse on Dalrymple’s decision to allow Hill and Edwards to play a FROGS 9 hole match play tie. These mutterings proved unjustified and the GB+I team secured a slender 1 hole advantage going into the back nine.

No shots were given in the second nine and the match finished on the 17th with ROW recoding a 2&1 victory in the overall game. This was a great back nine performance by Chan and Ferreira. On the FROGS match pay event Edwards beat Hill by 3&2 over the front nine, which capped a miserable day at the office for Hill.

MATCH RESULT:- ROW = 2 – GB+I = 1.


GAME 6 – Have & Janssen (ROW) v McCorduck & Baxter (GB+I)

Ireland untied with the pairing of McCorduck and Ulsterman, Baxter, stormed off to a significant lead and won the front nine 5 up!!, with McCorduck holing everything in sight.

However, the dandy Danes mounted a significant fightback in the back nine to level the match by 17th, with Have recording three 3s on the bounce. Some noteworthy golf on the 11 with Have manufacturing a career defining iron [4 iron, red.] out of the rough from 180m to 6ft on the 11th. Baxter responded with a career defining rescue club from 180m to 10 feet from the fairway! A GB+I win on the last hole was probably the big story of this remarkable match. Indeed, Have looked distressed and battle weary coming off the 18th green, heading towards the clubhouse terrace where both ROW and GB+I teams were assembling to cheer in the remaining matches.

MATCH RESULT:- ROW = 1 – GB+I = 2.


GAME 7 – Maitry & Bus (ROW) v Alford & Hutchines (GB+I)

Dalrymple paired Golfaholics Hutchines and Alford together to take on Maitry and Bus. Maitry had the distinction of being the only true Luxembourger in the 32 man field. Maitry played some of his best FROGS golf all season and recorded a good number of pars in the front nine, but this effort was only good enough to secure a half point for the front nine, with Alford playing steady golf for GB+I.

The second nine saw Maitry distracted by the constant calls from his phone. But it is believed that he was sorting out the prizes for the Mix Voip FROGS PAIRS (Maitry is the sponsor) to be held on Wednesday 3rd August at Junglinster. If you have not signed up for this event you should do so as you will be playing for the Don MacGregor – Dave Moody Trophy.

Back to the match… The pivotal hole was again the 17th. Maitry hit a good drive and placed a nine iron on the green. His first put was under a meter away. Not given by Hutchines and Alford! Maitry was distracted in his line of sight and missed the putt. The match ended 1 up to the credit of GB+I. Now GB+I are just one point away from winning the competition.

MATCH RESULT:- ROW = 1/2 – GB+I = 2 1/2.

CUMULATIVE RESULT:- ROW = 9 1/2 – GB+I = 11 1/2.

GAME 8 – Boutellier & Terblanche (ROW) v Winters Felfoldi (GB+I)

It all came down to the final match. ROW captain Terblanche was playing with the inform Boutellier. Reports were coming in that Boutellier was burning up the course and that ROW had already secured the front nine. GB+I just needed 1 point for outright victory. Dalrymple had placed faith with Winters as the anchor man with the big hitting Felfoldi as security.

The packed terrace went silent is disbelief as the fourball was searching in desperation for a ball beside the burn on the right side of the green. Was this another cock-up on the 18th by a Frenchman in a major event. However Boutellier’s socks remained on and deep concern was written on the GB+I faces watching on. It seemed that all was still to play for as putts were studied and restudied. And then a roar from the 18th green as ROW sunk a decent length putt. High fives from Terblanche and Boutellier send despair through the GB+I camp. It was official ROW won all three 3 points with a 4&3 win and with it came Game Set and Match for ROW.

MATCH RESULT:- ROW = 3 – GB+I = 0.

FINAL RESULT:- ROW = 12 1/2 – GB+I = 11 1/2.

Congratulations to the following for special prizes:-

• Longest Drive (hole No 6) – Nick Felfoldi

• Nearest to Pin (hole No 12) – Alan Botfield

• Leary (hole No 18) – Mark Gilles

Commiseration to David Winters and Nick Felfoldi who suffered a 4&3 defeat, the worse result of the day, but they were unfortunate to come up against Arnaud Boutellier who was under par for his round. The pink ball(s) had to be won by someone. Well done ROW team.


• If we followed the traditional scoring method the competition would have been a tie at 4 matches a piece. However the ROW won their matches more convincingly, but they also had higher average handicaps.

• Dennis was not able to reconcile the Scottish and French methods to cook a good steak. The clubhouse entertainment was excellent but Dennis should perhaps next time order the fish option, to help reduce his stress levels.

• The Delphi yanks were a good fun to have and recorded the second best win for the ROW team. Belief in American match play capabilities are somewhat restored in European circles.

• The GB+I team need to source some Welsh participants. Irish were the star performers with all participants winning their respective matches.

• Request of a repeat event next year were voiced. The chanced received a significant boost with a possible sponsor expressing an interest.

• Lastly, apologies to the Golfaholics participants, FROGS application forms should available on the day. These will be posted to you shortly !

Match report by GB&I Captain Gregor Dalrymple

Report – CITCO round 7 – 29 June 2016 – Preisch (Luxembourg)

A little bit of sun and the scores improve – well done guys.

20 FROGS and a guest ventured cross border (will we be able to in a couple of years’ time?) to play Luxembourg. The course was in amazingly good condition certainly compared to the last outing.

Thanks to a William and Richard starting combination.

Standard scratch was an unbelievable 14.

NTP went to Merve who reluctantly handed the wine to Jess.
The leary to Neil Underwood (maybe we should all use a driving iron off the tee) shame it was followed by a three put including a second from only four inches
The longest drive to Will I Am who beat Botty by a mile.

The winner with 18 points using his new, well Jonny’s old, ex Leon’s, driver was Merve.
Second on 16 was Botty with Duncan in his penultimate outing beating Jess into 4th place with 15 points on countback.
Richard on 14 made up the role of honour.

Keith Derby won the best/worst guest on around 7 points.

The pink ball could have been very hotly contested with Neil, Steve, Rob, Mark and myself all on 10 points but fortunately Simon came in with 8 to win thus avoiding lots of complicated countback calculations. Thanks Simon.

In the CITCO Overall, Fred still leads on 77 but is being caught by Botty on 72, Paul on 70 and Craig on 66. As said last week Will I Am is catching fast now with 4 events played on 64.

In the Stibbe Matchplay

Paul finally beat Simon 4 and 3 at the umpteenth time of asking.

Jonny played his best golf of the season so far to win his matchplay 3&2. The record doesn’t show who he beat however.

The next FROGS event is round 8 of the CITCO Grand Prix at Junglinster on Wednesday 6th July.
Your starter will be James.