Report – CITCO round 2 – 6 May 2015

After the storm...
Round 2 of the CITCO Grand Prix saw 3 flights teed-off in beautiful sunshine, the next two teed-off into the teeth of a raging rainstorm, and the flights after that had to reach for their sunscreen before teeing off.
Craig Ferreira’s par/scratch/par/scratch/par/scratch/par/scratch/par round was even more split-personality than the weather. A standard scratch of 13 points on the night indicates that the bulk of us spent time in the company of Craig’s less talented persona … but his more talented personality was clearly dominant when he hit his drive on the 7th, to claim the NTP award.

Steve Marrón managed to shepherd his long drive on the 8th within the boundaries of the tall grass to claim his annual appearance amongst the big hitters.

While the build up to battle for the Pink Ball didn’t have as much media hype as the Mayweather v. Pacquiao faceoff, it did prove to be a much closer fight. Neil Underwood, Frank Maitry and John Sutherland put in a lot of hits below the belt, out of bounds, and in the pond to amass their 5 points. By unanimous decision, John’s zero points on the last three holes gave him a hard fought victory. Another one to add to the nest of pink balls which is building up in the bottom of your bag, John.

Merve Herneman was the bridesmaid again this week, keeping claim of 5th place on 14 points.
Having returned from Vegas, Alan Botfield’s lighter pockets made for easier movement around the course & allowed him to score a solid 15 points.
Rob McCorduck played a very steady round. He doubled his points tally compared to last week, with 16 points, & claimed third spot.
Andrew Paton nearly doubled his points tally compared to last week, scoring 18 points to secure second place.
Scoring 19 points more than he did in the first round, Gregor Dalrymple topped the leaderboard on the night with 19 points. Congrats Gregor.

The players present on the night appreciated & accepted Alan Botfield’s apology for the scoring palaver during round 1.
The adjusted scores leave the overall leaderboard with a point each between the top three:
Merve Herneman on 31 points
Andrew Paton on 30 points
Luc De Vet on 29 points

Many thanks to our starter Francis Parisis, who (despite almost everyone’s best attempts at disrupting the schedule) saw us all off in good time and well refreshed. Cheers for the beers, Francis.

Thanks to the continued support from our main sponsor CITCO.

SHRM matchplay
Plenty of SHRM Matchplay results were decided on the night:

Rupert Birch, Jess Have & Derek Sinclair did not have to hit a shot to accept their respective walk-overs from Tony Whiteman, Willem Van Rooyen & Paul Goes.
Frank Maitry, Neil Underwood & Mark Gillies all hit too many shots to concede their respective matches 4&2 to Luc De Vet, Johan Terblanche & Dave Winters.
Rob McCorduck beat Ian Doherty on the 8th, winning 3&1.
Gregor Dalrymple beat Steve Brązowy 3&2.
Gerry Mullen fought Craig Ferreira down to the last, only to take advantage of the pond for an early bath & lose 1 down.

Any remaining Preliminary changes are to be played on or before 10th May & Round 1 to be played on or before 3rd June.

Thanks to SHRM for their continued support of the Matchplay event.

The next event is in Junglinster on May 20th. Arnaud Bouteiller will be in touch to receive your preferred tee times.

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