Report – CITCO round 8 – 7 July 2016 – Junglinster


Just over 20 of us got together on Wednesday, the weather was perfect and the course was in great condition.

The bad news was that I had forgotten the Frogs computer. However, the good news was that I had brought the prizes bag.

The golf was of a high quality with Peter taking first place with 19 points, in second place was Steve with 17 points, which is well played given his first tee shot. Third was Richard on 16 points. Colin, Jess and Graham all had 14 points.

Our big hitter for the evening was Will Heath.
The most accurate player on the 3rd was Botty, taking the Leary.
Nearest the Pin was our very own Luc, with a laser like pinseeker, which I had the honour to witness.

The pink ball was easily won by Mark Lowe. Unfortunately Mark did not stay late enough to collect his prize. The pink ball awaits you on your next showing.

We were not joined by any guests this time.

Unfortunately, due to my incompetence with the Frogs computer, I cannot update you on the updated Citco standings. A plan is in place to sort this out and I will get back to you all soon with the updated standings.

The next event will be the 3 club challenge at Junglinster on the 20 July; we need for someone to volunteer to be our starter.

The 9th Citco Grand Prix event will be at Kikuoka on the 27 July, for which we also still need a starter.

The 10th Citco Grand Prix event will be at Grand Ducal on the 25 August, and Mark Gillies and Gregor will be our starters.

Thank you.


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