Report – CITCO round 1 – Kikuoka 19 April 2017

 19th April saw the first round of the Citco Grand Prix 2017.

In sunny but extremely windy and cold conditions 29 Frogs braved the early season weather and the inevitable sore shoulders/back/arms/legs etc the next day at Kikuoka.

Merve was there to greet each player and send the flights on their way into a strong headwind.

Breaking with tradition with the post round drinks and prize giving were down by the driving range and the Bijnens beer on offer certainly went down well (thanks very much Serge!).

Judging by the “mutters from the gutter” as the flights came in, Dennis was looking a likely winner and Jess was informing James just how far he had beaten his longest drive much to James’ surprise and disgust.

However, with a standard scratch of 14, the prizes were as follows:

Nearest the Pin – Neil Underwood

Bijnens Beer Leary – Nick Felfoldi

Longest Drive – not Jess this time but Arnaud

1st Prize went to Nick Felfoldi with 21 points

2nd Prize to Dennis with 20 points

3rd Prize to Jess with 18 points

4th to Arnaud with 16 points

5th to Steve K with 16 points

The Pink Ball was, as ever, hotly contested (and those who had not paid their membership fee and not already won a prize were thanking Dave Winters words in earlier e-mails that no-membership fee paid means no prizes – I assume this means Pink Ball prize as well David?!) Del and Franco doing their best on 7 and 8 points respectively but Frank pipped them both with 6 points.

The next round will be at Kikuoka again on 10th May with Richard Neale as starter. An e-mail will go out shortly.

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