Results CITCO round 5 – Preisch – 14 June 2017

As Meatloaf said, “It was a hot Summers night…” and then he drivelled on and on about wolves and red roses or something, well in the FROGs it’s about alcohol, order of merit and pink balls….and food.

”Twas the fifth Citco Grand Prix event of 2017 and we traveled en masse to France to play France (what do you call a large gathering of FROGs…apparently it’s not a F*ckwit of FROGs although that’s what Mr Nightingale was uttering when the prize giving was revised for a fourth time)…no one was caught by traffic cops on this occasion!

Three Matchplays were played, Marco lost, Dennis lost and Houston had problems finding his space shuttle on the last, and subsequently lost…Rob, Botty and Billy Baxter were the fortunate winners moving further into the AKD Matchplay Comp.

Prize giving was a shambles, but we kind of got there in the end…

Pantaloni Andreone and Maaaarten de Grooooot were writing their names on all the pieces of paper but were rubbish at putting the ball in the hole so they won the novelty beer and wine prizes, this enabled fourth and fifth placed people to also get alcohol and these fortunate hackers were Graham Paul and Johan Terblanche!

Top three on the night were separated by one point, 18 pts from the Evergreen Franco took third place, Colin Cameron who was briefly declared the winner with 21 pts was honourable to declare his score was “only” 19 pts…and was soundly beaten on countback by the ONE known in the Golfaholics as the “Fattest of all FROGs” Botty Botster Botfield who had a lovely evening with Dennnnnis and Maaaaaaaarten for company!

Pink ball was more hotly contested in the corrected scores with Capo Paolo the Stallion putting in a slightly better score than The Kaiser Chief – yes, that’s right Steve Kaiser maintains his “in the prizes” run for another week!

We also had guests, but only Keith Darby stayed for prize giving and his 16pts got him into the prizes, well done Keith!

We had a tremendously talented starter for this event, HE can grow his hair longer than Paul Doesn’t Goes and Duncan Singapore Sling Tippin…but sadly he cannot escape his past…Mark Houston is still a Fifer!

Order of Merit taking shape as follows;

Jess has adjusted the scores so he still leads 🙂 on 75, Old Man Baxter is just a point behind, 67 pts is third place and it’s ZZ Top looking to make a move up the charts if Sandrine let’s him out….

Next event is coming soon, don’t be shy, show us yer pie…

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