Report – Bijnens Beer 3 Club Challenge – Kikuoka – Wednesday 25th July 2018

Fellow Frogs,

15 Frogs and 2 guests braved a windless 34 degree heat for the Bijnens beer 3 club challenge at Kikuoka.

Sweltering conditions did not deter our starter Tony Whiteman, in jandals (apparently from japanese sandals), offering up bbq’d lamb and recreational NZ red on the first tee.

Thankfully, he also had Australian and South African red.

Many thanks to Tony and flossy (who was flown in from NZ for the event).

The most asked question on the first tee, “to take a putter or not to take a putter”, with most choosing the former.

I chose a 2 iron to putt and duly 4 putted the second hole prompting “told you so” giggles from my playing partners with putters David Winters (8 points) and Paul Hinstridge (9 points).

Despite the lack of recent rain the course was great condition with the fairways offering much needed roll for this format.

The Frogmittee elected to change the after round presentation setup by supplying a very welcome cold beer or 3 at the halfway house.

A nice change that saw all the “bitches” exchanging tales of how they navigated the course with their club selections.

Thanks to Peter B for talking me through all nine holes.

Maybe next time we could also order pizza’s and really piss off the restaurant at Kikuoka.

The results:

NTP: Mark G just pipping his playing partner, Dave.

LEARY: Nobody sadly – no wonder we lost the cup

No longest drive for this event.


Me – 16 points (and happy to know I wont be cut)

Crispy Lowe – 13

Luc DV – 12

Stefano – 12

Andrew Pattoni – 12

Franco – 11

The pink ball was a close run affair with Dennis claiming the honour with 6 points.

Looking forward to seeing him tee it up at the next Frogs.

Other noteables:

Chris McK – 8

Craig  (or Tormund Giantsbane from Game of Thrones) – 7

The results for our guests:

Winner – Kai Wouters – 12

Pink ball – Paul Hinstridge – 9

Lessons learned:

1.       Take water on the course when its boiling hot

2.       Kiwis don’t like their wine being called recreational

3.       You don’t need a putter to win the 3 club challenge

4.       You don’t need to be a real golfer to win the 3 club  challenge but you do need Bottie to be away

5.       You don’t need more than 3 balls as you will always find others when looking

6.       Ireland beat Australia 2-1 in the rugby

7.       Peter Baxter looks younger than me

8.       All kiwi sheep are called Marty – Come Marty,  Come Marty

9.       You don’t need to insult women or handicapped people when writing a frogs report

10.   You probably shouldn’t insult kiwis in a frogs report

Next event is Round 8 Wednesday 15 August – Kikuoka (added due to cancellation of round of 23 May)



P.S. Thanks Tony, The Felton Road is actually a great drop.

P.P.S. Peter did not actually talk me thru ALL 9 holes

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