CITCO report round 10 – 6 October 2018 – Kikuoka

Hello Frogs,

Well, the final day of the 2018 season was a very busy day, and night, indeed!

  • Final round of the Citco Grand Prix
  • An 18 hole competition tacked on the Citco 9 holes
  • A UK & Ireland v Rest of the World competition
  • And of course the end of season dinner and prize-giving at the Bodega restaurant in Lux City.

Many thanks to the day’s starter, Johan, whose Buck’s Fizz and pastries on the first tee helped drive away the morning mist and chilly conditions which were soon replaced by a glorious sunny day.

The day’s scores were definitely on the low side. The Froggy severe handicapping system perhaps having an effect on some excellent golf nevertheless by the lower handicappers. Standard scratch was 13.

1st myself with 18

2nd Graham P with 15

3rd Gregor with 14

4th Paul G with 13 (will that effect the overall result? Probably not)

5th Peter B with 13

NTP – Chris Lowe

Longest – the bearded one

Leary – the balding one

The pink ball was heavily contested……….

8 points for Luc and Stevie K.

But Bruce won it on reverse countback with big Dave and Stephane all on 7!

Best guest – James Holland 13

Worst guest – Richard Browne 12

The 18 hole competition continued the low-scoring malaise but with some excellent wine being offered as prizes for….

1st – Graham Paul with 31 points

2nd on countback – Gregor 30

3rd – myself 30

Pink Ball – Chris Lowe with 15

Bragging rights were re-claimed by the UK & Ireland team who beat the ROW by 166 to 156 with the best 6 scores of each counting towards the result.

The dinner as usual was a rowdy affair well organised by Rob McC and illuminated by the ladies on their only chance of participating in a Frogs event. All was well orchestrated by big Dave, who chose the occasion to announce his retirement from the Frogmittee after 5 years. His valuable contribution during that period was roundly applauded. Tim van D gave a careful and considered address on behalf of the sponsor, finishing with a suggestion that the 1st tee drinks and nibbles should perhaps be part of the Frogs general budget in the future. A sign that a greater contribution from the sponsor may be forthcoming next year? Frogmittee please note.

So, could that affable Dutchman do the double? Well, half way through dinner the Matchplay sponsor represented by that other affable Dutchman, Ayzo, presented the 2018 trophy to Paul Goes, with several references to the match report of the final game with Craig, much to the amusement of the audience!

At the end of the dinner, with the betting closed, it was revealed that Paul had indeed done it! His score of 78 beating

  • Graham Paul 74
  • Stevie B and Rob McC 73
  • James K and Tim the sponsor 7

So ends another successful Frogs season, and thanks to the hard-working Frogmittee for making it all possible.

Work on that swing during the winter, and pay your membership on time for next season!

Golfing wishes to all.


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