Ryder Cup 2012 sponsored by DeVere Group

Fellow Frogs

Last Saturday we played the annual Ryder Cup fixture vs. The Golfaholics captained by fellow FROG Alan Botfield, (he who will return to the fold next year).

The format was 8 single matches and 9 better ball pair matches. 9 points would be required for the FROGS to win the trophy in over ten years.

  • Craig took on National Champion Tom Walsh and managed to halve the match, probably the 1st points ever taken from Tom in Ryder Cup history
  • Pasi (guest) won 1 up vs. Andy Nolan, an excellent result having resisted a late charge from Andy (when he sobered up)
  • Young Man Nevin (our overseas signing for the day) beat Old Man Nevin 4&2, although medical reports overnight on OMN being on a drip were not exaggerated, great effort Sean
  • The battle of the 2012 society champions went to the Golfaholics, John Caulfield was too steady for me and won 2 up.
  • The battle of the FROGS went to Alan Botfield 2 and 1 Andrew pushed him all the way but Alan was intent on being on a winning team for once J
  • Stefano battled bravely vs. Ex pro Gareth, but succumbed to the B*** s*** on the 15th
  • Dave Walker came across another member of the Irish Walsh clan, off a generous handicap losing 6&5
  • Gregor Dalrymple using a driving iron all day had an excellent win in the battle of the Celts vs. Don Branagan, 3&2rydercup-2012_1
    So after the singles we were losing 4.5 to 3.5, the best result in the singles from the FROGS in recent matches
  • Mark due to late withdrawals had to play on his own and despite his best efforts lost 3&2
  • The two Daves had a walk over due to and admin problem from the Golfaholics capt. (thanks Alan)
  • Peter and Paul, without Mary managed an excellent win 2&1 vs. seasoned campaigners Chris and Frank.
  • The Two tenors (Marco and Paolo) ran into another dubious handicap and lost 6&4
  • The tartan terrors, Del and Dennis delivered another point winning 3&1
  • Ian and Ernest recorded the best win of the day, better than a dog licence, 8&6
  • Duncan and Andrew ran up against a suspect high handicapper who managed to win the leary on 18, losing 3&2
  • Neil and John fought bravely but lost 5&3
  • Nick with late replacement Kieron managed to secure the final match winning on the last hole 1 up (this match was completed in front of all players desperate to know the final score)

So the final result was a tied match, 8.5 each. This is undoubtedly the finest result for the FROGS since I have played in the fixture, and although disappointed we could not win I was very proud of our performance. Perhaps we should negotiate a tie breaker as the reports of a certain Golfaholics Capt. refusing to enter into a put off for the trophy with yours truly are not exaggerated. (Many thanks to Mark Gillies for the suggestion)

The putting competition was won by Dennis who beat Torben in the play off for the €10,000 put (that did not go in)

Del Boy won the longest drive
Lee Morris (GH) won the leary on 18
Gareth (GH) won the nearest the pin
Neil Underwood won the shortest drive

Many thanks for DeVere for once again sponsoring the above prizes and a hole in one competition on the 10th hole

Finally as your Captain, arranger, handicap negotiator, thanks for your support over the last two years, this year has shown us that we are capable of winning the event,

2013 the year of the FROG

2012 Ryder Cup results

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