CITCO round 1 of 2013 – Grand Ducal

After the long, cold and seemingly never ending winter we were met with the warmest day of the year for a very enjoyable evening of golf and drinks on the terrace. We had a big turn out of members, 39 players. The greens made three and four putting a regular occurrence so anyone who had managed to get into double figures for the evening had played well.

A couple of housekeeping points:

Starters : Andrew is looking for starters , so if you are a regular player with the society please do volunteer and not leave it up to the usual members for starting duties. Please contact Andrew directly at

Annual fees : these are now due so please ensure that you are fully paid up for this year and confirm your payment to Dave Winters.

Dates for your diary : the website has all the dates for the events this year . Please make a note to book with your partner, the annual dinner which will be held on Saturday 28th September at the Annexe restaurant in town.

New Members : for this year we welcome to the society Mark Phillips, Philip Zimmer and to Nathan who has rejoined.

Matchplay : Please do complete all your matches by the assigned date.

Thanks to Andrew for completing the starting duties.

Results of the evening

We had three guests Chris, Mauro and Tony. Chris scored the best with 15 points but in his absence the prize went to Tony.

NTP – went to Bart who quite rightly harangued all the other members as to why none of them could beat his shot !! , LD – Craig

1st with 18 points was Craig, 2nd was James King with 17 who just pipped Stefano Ciccarello on an extended count back.

The pink ball saw determined efforts made by both John Sutherland and Dave Lee but in the end by a decisive margin Bernard took the first pink ball of the season with a score of 2 points.

Next event will be at Canach on Wednesday 8th May – your starter will be Delboy. See everyone there.


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