CITCO round 2 of 2013 – Canach

After a late afternoon of heavy rain we were very lucky that most players managed to complete their golf without getting too wet. We again had a big turn out of members all of whom were well managed by our starter Del boy . Although it was wet, the course was in good condition and there was plenty of scope to see which Frogs were most at home in these conditions.

Before we go to the results a bit of housekeeping:

Starters: if you would wish to volunteer as a starter please contact Andrew Paton – we still have some events that we need a starter.

Membership fees: These are now overdue so if you have not yet paid please do so before you are named, publicly shamed and Big Dave and his friends knock on your door, with their sledgehammers at 6.00a.m. in the morning.

Scoring: when scoring your cards could you please ensure that you write down the surnames of the players, mark which player is being scored in each column and that all your scoring is written clearly and eligibly. It makes the tallying up at the end of the evening much easier and quicker.

Statutes: at the recent committee meeting it was decided that the Society should have a set of basic statutes drawn up .With the help of our very talented and experienced lawyer on the committee (Johan) we now have a set of statutes and they will be posted on the website shortly. In the true spirit of the Frogs Johan has said that for any complaints or comments, please pay EUR 100 into the FROGS account, on receipt, the committee will contact you to make arrangements to hear you out – if the committee determines that it is not helpful, the monies will be forfeited for the benefit of the society. All clear on that one!

To the golf :

We had four guests, Johann, Damian , Lewis and Will – Johann won the best guest with 16 points

LD Duncan

NTP Johann (visitor) great shot but in this society you can only leave with one prize.

(members should ensure that their guests do not write their names on the LD and NTP markers. This avoids any possible embarrassment)

Standard Scratch Score was 14 points

1. Simon Baker 21 pts
2. Neil Underwood 18 pts
3. Ernest Foy 17 cb
4. Rupert Birch 17 pts
5. Marco 17 pts – no prize but a big smile and a lovely handshake

Pink Ball was very close – John Sutherland challenged strongly for the ball this week with 5 pts but was just beaten to this esteemed prize by Mark Phillips with 4 pts – Bernard where are you when you are needed?

After two rounds Craig and Rupert are joint leaders both with 32 pts

Matchplay results :
Stefan bt Mark 1 up
Craig bt Jess 3 and 2
Tony bt Russell 3 and 1
Ian bt Franco 3 and 2
Rupert bt Stefano 4 and 2
Botty bt Luc 4 and 3
Merve bt Neil 1 up
Simon bt Tony 4 and 2
Marco beat Steve B. 3 and 2.
Nick bt John on the fifth extra hole.

Please contact Dave Winters if there any other results. Also when playing matchplay please clearly write down on the score card who has played and the result before handing your card in.

Next round at Preich on Wednesday 22nd May. Tony Whiteman will be your starter.


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