Results CITCO round 7 – Junglinster

In what should have been ideal conditions for golf and high scores expected the overall results of round 7 were somewhat lower than anticipated. Perhaps the slow, sanded greens or the worse than Canach rough was to blame. Anyway 26 members and one guest seemed to generally enjoy themselves. Thanks to Woodge for starting – maybe the low scores were due to the lack of beers on the first tee.

Both matchplay competitions are behind schedule and both need to be completed before the end of July with no exceptions so get to it.

Pairs sponsored by MIXvoip

Please get your pairs into Craig soonest – he will pair you up if you’re on your lonesome. Tee-offs from 17.30 next Tuesday at Canach.

Ryder Cup

Again get your availability or otherwise into Jonny Hill (but not at his work address now)

CITCO Round 8

Ian Docherty is your starter for Canach on Wednesday 17 July. Email to come out next week.

The results

We were pleased to welcome back into the fold the Bottmeister fresh from his near level par round last Sunday – shame about the last but he’s available to talk you through it if you’re interested and even more so if you’re not. All he needs is a few scraps of your dinner – at least that’s all it took for him to announce the results this week. He asked me to say he is available for weddings and bar mitzvahs at very cheap rates.

Standard Scratch was 14 – only 5 people beat it shame on the rest of you.

LD Johan
NTP Botty


1. Stuart Rowlands 17 points
2. Stephane “The Bandit” Ayache 16 points on countback from
3. Woodge

For the record (as I’m one) the two who scored 15 were Craig and meeeee.

James Holland scored a commendable 14 points as the only guest and was duly rewarded with a fine sleeve of FROGS balls for his efforts.

In the absence of our regulars – does John Sutherland still have his clubs and has anyone seen Bernard – the pink ball almost went to Jess “the man in the suit” Have on 7 points but the clear winner with 5 was Phil Zimmer.

Overall we have a new leader – Stephane on 91 after only playing 5 events, Craig on 82 and yours truly on 76.

For the record Stephane has come down from 13.5 to 5.3 in 5 rounds. A lesson to us all perhaps.

See y’all on Tuesday 9th in Canach.


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