Report from the KPMG Frogs Individual championship 2013

kpmg-frogs-00021The competition was again generously sponsored by KPMG. Dennis, the Frogs thank you for the sponsorship over the last number of years and we look forward to continuing this relationship with your KPMG colleagues. We also wish you a very happy retirement.

The competition was played in damp conditions and anyone shooting a score close to their Frog’s handicap was playing very well. The starting duties were completed by Andrew Paton who did a great job in getting everybody out onto the course even with the last minute changes to the flights. Thanks also to Dave Winters who did the scoring and made sure that all the prizes were distributed correctly.

Before we get to the results (which have been published on the Frogs website) it is very important to remember that the competition is being played for the Ken Reid Memorial Trophy, who was an original and very keen member of the Frogs. This year, Dennis was trying to be the first member to retain the trophy and was only just beaten to this accomplishment, on countback, by Andrew Paton with both scoring 33 points.

1. Andrew Paton
2. Dennis Robertson
3. Jonny Hill
4. Fred Sudret
5. Macro Bus
6. Merve
7. Simon Baker

1. Craig Ferreira 28 points
2. Nick Montague
3. Mark Gillies

LD Steve Brown
NTP Mark Gillies
Leary Fred Sudret
Best dressed Michael Faulkner
Shortest Drive Darren Judge
FROGS pink ball Neil Underwood
Best Guest Ravi Beegun
Guest pink ball Alain Piquet

This event also marked the final competition that Phil Woodger played in as a resident Frog. We would like to thank him for all his contributions to the society both as a member and for his time on the committee. We look forward to seeing you either when you are back in Luxembourg or when you might wish to host a Frogs competition in Hampshire.

Please remember the Annual Dinner on Saturday 28th September. We would like to see as many Frogs and their partners there as possible. Luc is organising this so do please contact him with your bookings and transfer payment to the new Frogs account at the same time.


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