Results of CITCO Grand Prix round 9 – Kikuoka – 23 July 2014

The Citco round 9 saw another day of brilliant weather and 27 FROGS and a record 3 (yes, some of us have friends outside of the FROGS) guests. The intrepid hacks were sent on their way, following a nice variety of “tinnies” (real Australian for beer, never mind the Fosters blurb…) by starter Mark Gilles (* note to members – Mark is one of the senior FROGS and not even a member at Kikouka (they still have standards)) – wink, wink, nudge, nudge – we don’t expect any problems with getting starters sorted for 2015…

Notwithstanding near perfect conditions, scoring was about as mediocre as is usual for the FROGS. Scoring was initially done the old fashioned way, but has now been confirmed by our infalliable software and guess what: at least two people are going to be surprised:

Drunk and Tripping (aka Droopy – he claims the hair is for professional purposes – honestly…) made the most of conditions and managed 17 points but was beaten on countback by someone who thinks that he’s scored 15 – Fred Sudret actually scored 17 to win on countback. Next came no less than four frogs, vying for third, with Willem van Rooyen, John Brophy, Steve Kaiser (notwithstanding 7 on the last 3 holes!) all being pipped by Danny Kaiser who scored no less than 8 on the last three. Duncan did, however, manage to move right to the top of the Citco Order of Merit.

Longest drive was Jess Have, who finally managed to find a fairway (and almost the green) at the 9th and Bottie finally won something with a splendid shot on 7 to take the nearie. In the SHRM matchplay Craig got rid of his extra hole habits and beat Jess while Ayzo practically demolished Bottie to book his place in the final. Following Simon Baker’s concession and a hammering of Craig, Johan will take on Ayzo in the final at Grand Duchal – two previous champs, showing that certain people are simply wired for matchplay for which SHRM are gracefully stepping up to the plate with a new Trophy since Bottie won’t let go of his precious…

Best guest was Ivor J.

No prizes or matchplay balls were given out – now that results have been verified we’ll hand the prizes (including a shiny pink ball to Delboy) out at Ducal.
This Thursday, final round of the Citco – can anyone catch Droopy? Dennis certainly thinks so, he’s foregone the great Scottish links to hack it around Duchal in a bid to steal it at the end, with Duncan fishing in Finland, but both Jonny and Johan can snatch it too and don’t forget the dark horses either….

Last but certainly not least, the RYDER CUP happens this weekend and captain Jonny Hill has been strategising for weeks – he’s be in touch to tee you up – dress code is 2014 (green) shirts and khaki shorts/trousers (with black as a back-up) – let’s go one better and take it off of those ‘holics this year – it came down to a single shot the last two years, this year it’s ours!!!

See you on Thursday!

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