Results of CITCO Grand Prix round 9 – Kikuoka – 23 July 2014

The Citco round 9 saw another day of brilliant weather and 27 FROGS and a record 3 (yes, some of us have friends outside of the FROGS) guests. The intrepid hacks were sent on their way, following a nice variety of “tinnies” (real Australian for beer, never mind the Fosters blurb…) by starter Mark Gilles (* note to members – Mark is one of the senior FROGS and not even a member at Kikouka (they still have standards)) – wink, wink, nudge, nudge – we don’t expect any problems with getting starters sorted for 2015…

Notwithstanding near perfect conditions, scoring was about as mediocre as is usual for the FROGS. Scoring was initially done the old fashioned way, but has now been confirmed by our infalliable software and guess what: at least two people are going to be surprised:

Drunk and Tripping (aka Droopy – he claims the hair is for professional purposes – honestly…) made the most of conditions and managed 17 points but was beaten on countback by someone who thinks that he’s scored 15 – Fred Sudret actually scored 17 to win on countback. Next came no less than four frogs, vying for third, with Willem van Rooyen, John Brophy, Steve Kaiser (notwithstanding 7 on the last 3 holes!) all being pipped by Danny Kaiser who scored no less than 8 on the last three. Duncan did, however, manage to move right to the top of the Citco Order of Merit.

Longest drive was Jess Have, who finally managed to find a fairway (and almost the green) at the 9th and Bottie finally won something with a splendid shot on 7 to take the nearie. In the SHRM matchplay Craig got rid of his extra hole habits and beat Jess while Ayzo practically demolished Bottie to book his place in the final. Following Simon Baker’s concession and a hammering of Craig, Johan will take on Ayzo in the final at Grand Duchal – two previous champs, showing that certain people are simply wired for matchplay for which SHRM are gracefully stepping up to the plate with a new Trophy since Bottie won’t let go of his precious…

Best guest was Ivor J.

No prizes or matchplay balls were given out – now that results have been verified we’ll hand the prizes (including a shiny pink ball to Delboy) out at Ducal.
This Thursday, final round of the Citco – can anyone catch Droopy? Dennis certainly thinks so, he’s foregone the great Scottish links to hack it around Duchal in a bid to steal it at the end, with Duncan fishing in Finland, but both Jonny and Johan can snatch it too and don’t forget the dark horses either….

Last but certainly not least, the RYDER CUP happens this weekend and captain Jonny Hill has been strategising for weeks – he’s be in touch to tee you up – dress code is 2014 (green) shirts and khaki shorts/trousers (with black as a back-up) – let’s go one better and take it off of those ‘holics this year – it came down to a single shot the last two years, this year it’s ours!!!

See you on Thursday!

CITCO Grand Prix 2010 – results round 9

What was all the fuss about? Kikuoka greens were not only playable most people managed to hole some decent putts…

As the CITCO Grand Prix nears it’s climax week nine was reserved for handicap massaging (Johan) or for staking a claim (Merve)….currently Johnny “I am going to win the Grand Slam” Hill and Merve “Am gonna stop Jonny Hill from winning the Grand Slam” Herneman lead the way on 83 points, with Jess “Still on Holiday” Have trailing one shot behind. There are still a whole host of contenders in the chasing pack though….

On the night and not holing enough putts were Stephane, Johan, Mark Gillies and Stuart Rowlands who were all tied on 5 pts. Truly deserving FROG SWAT winners…

Main prize winners were Del Boy (who set off the alarm bells in the morning) scooping second place (17pts) and longest drive beating Ian Davy on countback and into third place…Ian also hit the nearest to the pin.

Bart d’Ancona won on 20 pts….

Final round is on Thursday 26th August – and we need a starter…dinner will be the reward.

In the SHRM Matchplay…Del Boy beat Jerry “birdie, birdie” Grbic in the first semi final.

Del will play the winner of Johnny “I am going to win the Grand Slam” Hill or Nick “I won it last year” Montague in the final. Well done guys.

In the Final Round, the leaders will play together, and they should all wear their yellow shirts (if Jess is absent, i will take his place because i am in 4th spot)….

We need someone to arrange the meal afterwards – Mark / Stuart?

Results from round 2 at Kikouka

Citco Round 2 took place in Kikuoka ka ka ka….it was perishing…minus 3 at least!

Simon Baker hit top form winning on 20pts, with Willem picking up second spot on 18pts, the axe has been swung!

Dennis menacingly took third place on 17pts and countback over Luc and myself.

Nearest the pin was Gareth (the pro), i had longest drive although it was later challenged by the late arriving Daniel Kaiser…so we shared it! Dennis – keep this man busy!

The new FROGs shirts were handed out…I noticed many of you were too shy to come over and collect them on Wednesday….maybe i should remind you all that these shirts are handed out free! (Now you know where your subs go). is the website, take a peak….

First round leader was Jess – he has a lovely Yellow Frogs T-shirt to collect….the leader after round two is…… ME (and my dodgy swing and ankle)! Catch me if you can suckers!

Once again thanks to our very generous sponsors…CITCO for the Grand Prix, and SHRM for the Matchplay!

Matchplay Round Two opponents will be known after the next event….

Preisch is next on the 26th…there will be a meal at the Hotel de la Frontière…hopefully Richard Neale will start this event….Cost is EUR 34 to non Preisch members and EUR 2 to members. Kieron, thanks for starting last week, the FROGs will buy your dinner at the next event!

Tally ho and chocs away……..

Results 2010

CITCO Tour Winners 2010

Overall: Jess Have 86 points
Second place: Frank Maitry 84 points
Joint third place: Jonathan Hill and Merve Herneman 83 points

KPMG FROGS championship:
Winner: Frank Maitry 32 points
Runner-up: Derek Sinclair 31 points
Third place: Duncan Tippin 31 points

3 club challenge champion 2010
George McMullen

De Vere Pairs champions 2010
Paul Goes and Jonathan Hill

Tenth CITCO event
Date: 16 October
Venue: Canach
1. Frank Maitry 19 points
2. Jess Have 18 points
3. Craig Ferreira 18 points

Longest drive: Frank Maitry
Nearest to pin: ??

Ninth CITCO event
Date: 11 August
Venue: Canach
1. Bart d’Ancona 20 points
2. Derek Sinclair 17 points
3. Ian Davy 17 points

Eighth CITCO event
Date: 27 July
Venue: Junglinster
1. Johan Terblanche 22 points
2. Merve Herneman 21 points
3. Nick Montague 20 points

Longest drive: Jess Have
Nearest to pin: John Sutherland

Seventh CITCO event
Date: 14 July
Venue: Kikouka

1. Ernest Foy 19 points
2. Derek Sinclair 19 points
3. Steve Brown 18 points

Longest drive: Jess Have
Nearest to pin: Steve Brown

Sixth CITCO event
Date: 29 June
Venue: Belenhaff

1. Marco Bus 19 points
2. Neil Underwood 17 points
3. Woodge 16 points

Longest drive: Frank Maitry
Nearest to pin: Franco Mastroddi

Fifth CITCO event
Date: 16 June
Venue: Golfclub Saarbrücken

1. Dave Winters 17 points
2. Craig Ferreira 16 points
3. Jonathan Hill 16 points

Longest drive: Dave Winters
Nearest to pin: Craig Ferreira

Fourth CITCO event
Date: 26 May
Venue: Kikuoka

1. Jerry Grbic 20 points
2. Frank Maitry 18 points
3. Neil Underwood 17 points

Longest drive: Steve Brown
Nearest to pin: Tony Nightingale

Third CITCO event
Date: 26 May
Venue: Kikuoka

1. Johan Terblanche 16 points
2. Jonathan Hill 16 points
3. Peter Baxter 16 points

Longest drive: Stefano Ciccarello
Nearest to pin: Andrew Paton

Second CITCO event
Date: 12 May
Venue: Kikuoka

1. Simon Baker 20 points
2. Willem van Rooyen 18 points
3. Dennis Robertson 17 points

Longest drive: Daniel Kaiser/Alan Botfield
Nearest to pin: Gareth ?

First CITCO event
Date: 27 April
Venue: Grand Ducal

1. Jess Have 19 points
2. Tim Tobin 18 points
3. Colin Fraser 18 points

Longest Jess Have
Nearest to pin: Jess Have

Results from previous years

Results 2009

CITCO Tour Winners 2009

Overall: Craig Ferreira 80 points
Second place: Alan Botfield 79 points
Third place: Ian Doherty 78 points

LAB Pairs champions 2009:
Steve Kaiser and Phil Woodger

KPMG FROGS championship:
Winner: Daniel Kaiser 42 points
Runner-up: Rupert Birch 37 points
Third place: Paul Mastroddi 37 points

Three club challenge
David Hopwood

Tenth CITCO event
Date: 28th August. Venue: Grand Ducal
1. Ian Doherty 18 points
2. Steve Brown 18 points
3. Mark Gillies 17 points

Nearest to pin: Ian Davy
Longest drive: Alan Botfield

Ninth CITCO event
Date: 12th August. Venue: Canach.
1. Tim van Dijk 17 points
2. Franco Mastroddi 14 points
3. Paul Goes 14 points

Nearest to pin: ?
Longest drive: ?

Eighth CITCO event
Date: 29th July. Venue: Junglinster.
1. Andrew Paton 22 points
2. Adrian Roadway 21 points
3. Bart d’Ancona 20 points

Nearest to pin: Ian Doherty
Longest drive: Luc de Vet

Seventh CITCO event
1. Adrian Roadway 22 points
2. David Winters 21 points
3. 18 Chris Brown points

Nearest to pin: ?
Longest drive: ?

Sixth CITCO event
1. Ian Davy 17 points
2. David Hopwood 16 points
3. Bart d’Ancona 16 points

Nearest to pin: Nick Montague
Longest drive: Mark Gillies

Fifth CITCO event
1. Alan Botfield 18 points
2. Mark Gillies 17 points
3. Luc de Vet 17 points

Nearest to pin: Frank Maitry
Longest drive: Mark Gillies
Worst score: Craig Ferreira (very few points)

Fourth CITCO event
1. Frédéric Sudret 20 points
2. Daniel Kaiser 19 points
3. Colin Fraser 19 points

Nearest to Pin: Dennis Robertson
Longest Drive: Steve Brown

Worst score: Paul Goes 6 points

Third CITCO event
1. Frank Maitry 19 points
2. Mark Gillies 17 points
3. Tim van Dijk 15 points

Nearest to Pin:
Longest Drive:

Second CITCO event
Date: 14 May
Venue: Kikuoka

1. Nick Montague 17 points
2. Stavros Evangelakakis 17 points
3. Craig Ferreira 16 points

Nearest to pin: Dennis Robertson
Longest drive: Derek Sinclair

First CITCO event
Date: 23 April
Venue: Grand Ducal

1. Stefano Ciccarello 17 points
2. Ayzo van Aysinga 17 points
3. Simon Baker 17 points

Longest drive: Jonathan Buckley
Nearest to pin: Ayzo van Aysinga

Results from previous years

Results from third round of the CITCO Grand Prix 2009

Frank Maitry gathered a fine 19 points, but didn’t show for the prize giving… Mark Gilles came in with 17 points, Tim Van Dijk on 15 and Dennis Robertson on 14. Tim also took nearest to pin and Derek Sinclair longest drive. Simon Baker took the worst score settling for 4 points…

Full results after round 3

Next round is at Preisch on the 10 June!

Seventh CITCO event – results

Mr. Botfield shot an impressive 1-over-par score with his brand new golf clubs to win the seventh CITCO event of 2008 tonight edging out Dennis Robertson on the count-back. Excellent conditions at Kikuoka and a good turn-out.

1. Alan Botfield 20 points
2. Dennis Robertson 20 points
3. Ian Doherty 18 points

Nearest to pin: Alan Botfield
Longest drive: Alan Botfield

Worst score: John Sutherland: 1 point

Steve Brown didn’t follow up on his recent run of good form, so Nick Montague took over the lead on the overall CITCO leaderboard with 81 points. Steve Brown and Dennis Robertson are tied second at 78 with Jonathan Hill in fourth place on 78 points.

Next event is next week the 30 July at Preisch (see schedule). Francis Parisis will act as starter and send out the invitation shortly.

The SHRM matchplay saw one match tonight between Andrew Paton and Russell Edwards. They both struggled but Andrew came out the winner. As previously mentioned, Alan Botfield will play Merve Herneman in the first semi-final, and in the other Andrew Paton will meet the winner of the match between Ayzo van Aysinga and Craig Ferreira.

LAB Pairs 2008 – results

Plenty of Frogs and a couple guests played in the LAB Pairs competition over 13 holes at Kikuoka on Wednesday.

Halldor Magnusson and Fred Sudret scored 33 pts to win first prize
Luc De Vet and Dave Winters took second spot on countback with 26 pts,
Third place Craig and Baby Ferriera also with 26 pts.

Alan Botfield & Steve Brown and Danny Kaiser & Nathan Sneyd were beaten on countback also with 26 pts.
Best guest was Dave, partnered by Keith Darlington who was awarded the long drive as Craig won that too!
Nearest the Pin was Steve Pretty Much Uselss except the Par Threes Brown.

Results 2008

CITCO Tour Winners 2008

Overall: Nick Montague 83 points
Second place: Alan Botfield 80 points
Third place: Ian Davy 79 points

LAB Pairs champions 2008: Halldor Magnusson & Frédéric Sudret

KPMG FROGS championship:
Winner: Ayzo Van Eysinga 36 points
Runner-up: Stefano Ciccarello 34 points
Third place: Franco Mastroddi 31 points

Tenth CITCO event
Date: 28th August. Venue: Grand Ducal
1. Luc De Vet 17 points
2. Stuart Rowlands 17 points
3. Nick Montague 15 points

Nearest to pin: Nick Montague
Longest drive: Merve Herneman

Ninth CITCO event
1. Dave Winters 18 points
2. Tony Nightingale 17 points
3. Frank Maitry 16 points

Nearest to pin: Halldor Magnusson
Longest: drive: Halldor Magnusson

Eighth CITCO event
1. Alan Botfield 19 points
2. Ian Doherty 17 points
3. Franco Mastroddi 16 points

Nearest to pin: Jonathan Hill
Longest drive: Craig Ferreira

Seventh CITCO event
1. Alan Botfield 20 points
2. Dennis Robertson 20 points
3. Ian Doherty 18 points

Nearest to pin: Alan Botfield
Longest drive: Alan Botfield

Sixth CITCO event
1. Woodge 28 points
2. Merve Herneman 23 points
3. Craig Ferreira 23 points

Nearest to pin: Nathan Sneyd
Longest drive: Christopher Brown

Worst score: Bernard Biggar 4 points

Fifth CITCO event
1. Steve Brown 22 points
2. Nick Montague 19 points
3. Jonathan Hill 17 points

Nearest to pin: Nick Montague
Longest drive: Jess Have

Worst score: Stefano Ciccarello 5 points

Fourth CITCO event
1. Mark Gillies 17 points
2. John Sutherland 17 points (first time he’s among the winners!)
3. Tim van Dijk 17 points

Nearest Pin: Craig Ferreira
Longest Drive: Christian Christensen

Worst score: Paul Goes 6 points

Third CITCO event
1. Woodge 17 points
2. Simon Baker 17 points
3. Duncan Tippin 17 points

Nearest Pin: Paul Goes
Longest Drive: Nick Montague

Worst score: Bernard Biggar

Second CITCO event
Date: 14 May
Venue: Kikuoka

1. Frank Maitry 20 points
2. Andrew Paton 17 points
3. Jess Have 16 points

Nearest to pin: Jacques Dineur
Longest drive: Jonathan Buckley

First CITCO event
Date: 23 April
Venue: Grand Ducal

1. Andrew Paton 20 points
2. Tim Van Dijk 18 points
3. Paul Goes 18 points

Longest drive: Mark Gillies
Nearest to pin: Franco Mastroddi

Results from previous years

AKD Matchplay

Finalists are Graham Paul and Andrew Paton!

AKD Matchplay 2019 as of 3 October 2019

The rules

  1. Play shall be from yellow tee.
  2. Format is match play, and matches are to be played over 9 holes, at Grand Ducal, Kikuoka, Junglinster, Preisch, Christnach or a different course (should the players agree to do so) under the Rules of Golf and any local rules.
  3. The competition will be played with 3/4 of the 9 hole froggicap difference at the time of the given match (matchplay handicap!!!)*.
  4. The top player in the draw is responsible for contacting his opponent.
  5. The top player in the draw chooses the venue.
  6. If the opponent rejects three proposed dates or fails to turn up on the day he must concede a walkover.
  7. If matches are not completed by the deadline as indicated on the sheet “Draw”, both players will be disqualified.
  8. The winner of the match is responsible for e-mailing the result to Alan and Jess.
  9. The finalists will play their match during the last Frogs event on 5 October 2019.
  10. If the match is all square after 9 holes and therefore continues no additional shot is added (both players play from scratch!).
  11. All matches to be played in Froggie spirit.
  12. Any way of determining the winner of a match is allowed so long as both players agree.
  13. Deadline permitting, the Frogs outings can be used to play your match, but remember to notify the starter if you wish to do so.

* The difference is calculated before rounding up or down. Ex. 11,5 – 6,9 = 4,6 x 0,75 = 3,45 = 3 strokes.