Results – CITCO round 10 – Kikuoka – 19 August 2015

25 FROGS turned out for the final round of the 2015 CITCO Grand Prix.

Thanks to Stuart Rowlands, our starter, who bought out the EIB sandwich supplier and offered us a tasty range of fillings plus a beer to help us on our way.

I take the opportunity to thank all the starters this year: plenty of volunteers, all of you respected your commitments and the development of the culinary side much appreciated by all. Botty, you have high standards to maintain for the final event. Get in that kitchen or supermarket!

So Round 10, the moment of nerves for the leaders while others could just go out and enjoy the fine conditions. And this time there were no reports of FROGS firing balls at each other — Colin Fraser having decided that his first appearance of the year had left an indelible impression declined the invitation to stalk another victim.

There were a number of manly efforts for LD and Steve Brown walked off convinced he had it in the bag but John Brophy, not far behind, somehow found enough extra space on the fairway to outdo him. NtP went to our South African lover boy, Craig Ferreira, and while the temptation is strong to mention that he has been recently putting in a lot of practice at aiming for the hole I will show a bit of good taste and refrain from doing so!

But neither were eligible for the prizes as their outstanding efforts for the LD and NtP were simply part of two class performances over 9 holes (can’t get away from it, Craig, I am afraid but I am not sure you want to!).

Standard scratch was back up to 16 but that was not good enough to win any prizes so Johan Terblanche’s and Steve Kaiser’s fine efforts went unrewarded for 5th and 4th place respectively. John Brophy was 3rd with 17 points and Craig Ferreira piped our multinational, Dave “Hoppie” Hopwood, on count back both with 18 points. Fine effort from Craig which means he will start next season on +1!

Best and only guest went to Dave Sparvell with a solid 10 points.

And now the Pink Ball. Two worthy efforts were made to win it both with 8 points, which in the past many would have felt safe with, but not now. Duncan Tippin showed that a long weekend of golf does not always help your game. But he was saved on the count back by no less than our sponsor, Luc de Vet. Should there not be some kind of decent rule that means sponsors can’t lose?

So, having started way back in April, the 2015 CITCO Grand Prix after 10 events has now come to an end.

55 players played in at least one event (Steve Brown played in all 10!) and 25 players managed to get in 5 scores, which count for your final total score.

And the final classification for 2015 is:

    – In 5th place on 77 points, the 2014 defending champion, Dennis Robertson.
    – 4th place on 79 went to Stéphane Ayache, our 2013 champion.
    – Joint 2nd on 81 points are Arnaud Bouteiller and Steve Brown.
    – And the 2015 CITCO Grand Prix champion on 86 points is Andrew Paton.

Many thanks to the Grand Prix sponsor, CITCO, for its years of support and generosity.

The next event is the KPMG FROGS Individual championships— the memorial to the late Ken Reid, one of the founding fathers of the Society — at Kikuoka on Saturday 29th. As you already know — and if you have not replied do so asap — Botty will be welcoming you with his usual excellent banter and some fine delicacies, no doubt fruit of his labour?

SHRM Matchplay

And don’t forget the SHRM Match play final is also expected to conclude on Saturday 29th: Jonny Hill v Simon Baker.

Thanks to SHRM for their continued support of the Match play event.

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