Results – CITCO round 9 – Junglinster – 5 August 2015

Round 9 of the CITCO Grand Prix saw 21 FROGS and their two guests start proceedings last night with an air of sophistication, after been hosted by Steve Brown on the 1st. Steve’s blazered wait-staff served G&T’s & canapés to the field before they were sent off down the hill with a doff of Steve’s fluorescent day-glow turquoise baseball cap … OK, well, it was mostly sophisticated until Steve got involved!
Cheers Steve, good effort.

Mark Edmonds picked a bad night to target winning the Best Guest prize. Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, did make a late appearance in the club-house but he was too late to play so there was only one other guest for Mark to beat. Unfortunately for Mark, this was an ex-international golfer. Having previously represented France “many many years ago”, Stephane Bouteiller was always going to be a tough opponent to outplay. Stéphane took the Best Guest honors with some ease. Equally importantly, he also retained the bragging rights chez-Bouteiller. His 15 points was more than the young pup could earn (despite 5 birdies over the 12 holes) so Stéphane went home happy confirmed as top-dog, as well as earning 6 new FROG logo’d balls for his efforts! It seems the secret is to have a conversation with your ball before each shot & come to an amicable agreement with it regarding its trajectory and direction. There are still lessons to learn from Papa, Arnaud Bouteiller!

Mark Gillies proved that his Longest Drive earlier in the season was no fluke, splitting the fairway with the best of all efforts on the 8th. Congrats Mark.

It took until the last flight for one of us to hit the dancefloor on the par 3, 4th hole. Even if a few more of us had managed to get on the short stuff, judging by the fact Danny Kaiser got his birdie I think he might have been closest anyway. Congrats Danny.

Frank Maitry & Steve Kaiser both put their hands up for the Pink Ball award, with 8pts & 7pts respectively but their efforts were only average in comparison to the eventual winner’s 4pts. John Sutherland is the proud owner of a shiny new pink ball after an exceptional round.

Colin Fraser must have passed the Glacis en-route to Junglinster! Inspired by the Schueberfouer, he expertly show-cased his proposal for a new prize category for next year – The Dane Shoot. He carefully set-up his stall, placing his target Dane behind the trees on the left, approaching the 8th green. He patiently stalked his target from back up on the hill, waiting for Jess Have to pop his head out from behind the bush before letting loose & … BULLS-EYE! A superb shot, catching him square on top of the bonce. The new game looks like great fun, Colin. The FROGmittee do fear the US airlines will now include big-Danes on their banned-Trophy list, but even still it might be a regular event next year. Watch this space.

Despite the perfect conditions, Standard Scratch fell to 14 points so there was plenty of room at the top of the leaderboard.
Even still, Peter Baxter’s 16pts was only enough for 5th place.
Ian Doherty & Mark Gillies both managed to score a tidy 17 points, so Mark took the 3rd place on countback & donated his long drive prize to Ian as compensation – what a gent.
Most FROGs hit the driving range before a round to sharpen their aim, but Steve Brown discovered that relaxing on the 1st tee for a few hours & liberal application of Gin to be a more rewarding approach. He hit some wonderful shots on his way to scoring 18 points – hopefully he can remember some of them.
Dave Winters was keen to restore some dignity on the Belenhalf hillside, and he did that in some style scoring 19 points and taking the top spot on the night. Congrats on the win Dave.

Despite the fact the Andrew Paton decided to rest himself (& give the chasing pack a chance) all of last night’s efforts left the overall CITCO Grand Prix leaderboard mostly unchanged.
Dennis Robertson slid down a rung to 4th, on 77 points.
Steve Brown has given himself a chance off glory, joining Arnaud Bouteiller in second place on 81 points.
They will both need to improve their score by at least 5 points to catch Andrew Paton at the top (86 points).

The last round of the CITCO Grand Prix is in Canach on August 19th. All pretenders to the throne need to bring their A-game in order to have a chance. Stuart Rowlands will be in touch to get you down on the timesheet.

Thanks CITCO for their continued support.

KPMG individuals
The KPMG individuals is on Saturday 29th of August. Pencil it into your diaries. Alan Botfield will be in touch to arrange the flights.

SHRM Matchplay
The SHRM Matchplay final is also expected to conclude on Saturday 29th. Jonny Hill and Simon Baker will go mano-a-mano to crown our 2015 champion.

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