For the Starter


Before you go to the course, make sure –

  • you have two copies of the starting list showing members and guests. This can be obtained from John Sutherland.
  • you have two copies of the latest handicaps. Alan Botfield distributes these to all FROGS after each event.
  • you check with the course liaison FROG what green-fee we have negotiated and any special arrangements about eating (eg do they need to know exactly how many will be eating)

You should plan to arrive at the course at least 20 minutes before the first scheduled tee-off. When you arrive, introduce yourself in the Clubhouse as the FROGGISTARTER, collect score cards, pencils and the LD, NP markers from the Clubhouse. Obtain the phone no. of whoever needs to know the final numbers for dinner.

On the first tee, decide which holes you want to nominate for LD, NP, and then:

  • collect green fees and note down who has paid what. Guests who have been accepted on to the starting list pay an additional 5 euros. Distribute score cards, pencils ; confirm handicaps ; announce LD, NP
  • confirm whether people are staying for dinner, note down
  • as a general rule, flights should be maximum three players. You don’t need to stick too rigidly to the starting schedule although Match Play should happen as planned. If exceptionally you need to send out a four-ball, make sure that you send four good players out together to ensure quick play
  • remind all players that QUICK PLAY is essential. As soon as a player cannot score on a hole, he should pick up.

Before teeing off yourself, phone the restaurant with the numbers for dinner, then try and relax and play! Any problems, phone Steve (621 163796), Mark (691 150404), Woodge (621 281532), Jess (621 281983) or Johnny S. (621 159347).

Course liaison FROGS for 2007 are: GCGD (Mark), Junglinster (Woodge), Canach (John) and Preisch (Steve).

Download the instructions