Second CITCO event – results

Good turnout at Canach tonight for the second CITCO event of the year. Scores were not impressive, partly due to the fact that some people walked off the course after playing a few holes. Apparently because of some thunderstorm happening directly on the 7th hole… anyway. The results were as follows:

1. Frank Maitry 20 points
2. Andrew Paton 17 points
3. Jess Have 16 points

Nearest to pin: Jacques Dineur
Longest drive: Jonathan Buckley

Best guest: Ernest Foy

Worst score: Neil Underwood 4 points.

The complete scores, updated handicaps etc. will be sent out shortly and the CITCO leaderboard will be updated accordingly.

Several SHRM matchplay matches took place tonight as well. The updated sheet will be available here tomorrow.

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