Results from final round of CITCO European tour 2011

Another splendid evening for golf. Some took better advantage of the course than others. Frank Maitry managed lousy 6 points while Alan Botfield burned the back nine playing it in 4 under and thus won the evening’s event with 22 points. Second on count back was Mark Houston with 19 points and Ian Doherty took third place.

Nearest to the pin was Andrew Paton, who also seems to be the 2011 FROGS champion. Andrew is also the first FROG to win both the SHRM match play and the CITCO tour. Congratulations!

Craig is back and took the longest drive on the 18th.

To be confirmed, but it seems like Steve Brown is second in the overall and John Sutherland held on to third place.
Congratulations to all the winners!

Thanks again to CITCO for sponsoring the tour.

Next event is the Ryder Cup on Saturday. Let’s beat them this time!

Results from CITCO round 9

Splendid evening at Grand Ducal with the following winners:

1. John Sutherland 19 points
2. Andrew Paton 17 points
3. Duncan Tippin 17 points

Longest drive: Andrew Paton
Nearest to pin: Jerry Mullen

Worst score was Dave Moody and the best guest was Andy Ferns on 16 points

Next event is on Tuesday 23 next week.

Andrew Paton has moved back in the lead after a good performance tonight.

Results CITCO European Tour 2011 – round 2

Tuesday’s results were as follows:-

1st Mark Gillies 20
2nd Andrew Paton 19
3rd Nick Montague 17

Nearest to pin: Franco Mastroddi
Longest drive: Craig Feirrera

Worst score: Stephane Ayache with 5 points.

Results from SHRM matchplay are not in yet, but will beposted shortly to the web site in order for you to complete the next round!

Away day is confirmed for the 8 June in Saarbrücken. Tee off between 6 and 7 p.m.

Round 3 of the CITCO Grand Prix

Many thanks to Kieron and Richard from Badenoch & Clark for driving the Starters Car around the last couple of Grand Prixs…an excellent job, and done very well….who is volunteering for June 9th at Preisch?

Many thanks to Citco…our sponsors are the envy of the whole wide world, and even further away places!

On the night, only 23 FROGs showed up….maybe everyone else had slick tyres on and crashed out before hitting the border, who knows? Who cares? We didn’t miss you, and the weather was great….ha ha ha.

1st place on countback went to Johan Terblanche, 2nd place to Jonny Hill and 3rd place to Peter Baxter all on 16pts.

Longest drive went to Stefano in the Ferrarri….must have hit a sprinkler head or something!

Nearest the Pin was claimed by Andrew Paton.

Well done to all the major prize winners!

Not so well done to Jerry, Richard and Nathan who all claimed 6 pts over the 9 holes…a pink ball and a FROGs fly swat to each of you!

The Drivers Champion in the Race to Ducal is still showing Botfield on top, with a sneaky move from Jonny Hill into second place….with Luc de sponsor Vet in third place….

In the SHRM matchplay, Dave Winters dished out a spanking to Neil Underwood…that saves me from doing it later in the competition! Thanks to Bart E Man for the continued sponsorship…sorry i forgot to bring the SHRM balls!

2nd round can start now, but I will send the completed Round 1 draw on next week, as a one week extension was granted for those unable to play the first round yet. There names will remain in red throughout the competition, and a further repeat of delays without good reason will see their names eliminated.

Next event is on the French 9 at Preisch on June 9 – starter please?

All roads to France are horrendous…too many F’KING FROGS on the road which slows down us FROGs from getting to the golf course on time….I have sent a letter expressing our outrage to the French Transport Minister and requesting a FREE ROAD TO PREISCH for FROG members only….

Other matters….there are no other matters…have a great weekend, if you can’t play well, play quickly….

Results 2009

CITCO Tour Winners 2009

Overall: Craig Ferreira 80 points
Second place: Alan Botfield 79 points
Third place: Ian Doherty 78 points

LAB Pairs champions 2009:
Steve Kaiser and Phil Woodger

KPMG FROGS championship:
Winner: Daniel Kaiser 42 points
Runner-up: Rupert Birch 37 points
Third place: Paul Mastroddi 37 points

Three club challenge
David Hopwood

Tenth CITCO event
Date: 28th August. Venue: Grand Ducal
1. Ian Doherty 18 points
2. Steve Brown 18 points
3. Mark Gillies 17 points

Nearest to pin: Ian Davy
Longest drive: Alan Botfield

Ninth CITCO event
Date: 12th August. Venue: Canach.
1. Tim van Dijk 17 points
2. Franco Mastroddi 14 points
3. Paul Goes 14 points

Nearest to pin: ?
Longest drive: ?

Eighth CITCO event
Date: 29th July. Venue: Junglinster.
1. Andrew Paton 22 points
2. Adrian Roadway 21 points
3. Bart d’Ancona 20 points

Nearest to pin: Ian Doherty
Longest drive: Luc de Vet

Seventh CITCO event
1. Adrian Roadway 22 points
2. David Winters 21 points
3. 18 Chris Brown points

Nearest to pin: ?
Longest drive: ?

Sixth CITCO event
1. Ian Davy 17 points
2. David Hopwood 16 points
3. Bart d’Ancona 16 points

Nearest to pin: Nick Montague
Longest drive: Mark Gillies

Fifth CITCO event
1. Alan Botfield 18 points
2. Mark Gillies 17 points
3. Luc de Vet 17 points

Nearest to pin: Frank Maitry
Longest drive: Mark Gillies
Worst score: Craig Ferreira (very few points)

Fourth CITCO event
1. Frédéric Sudret 20 points
2. Daniel Kaiser 19 points
3. Colin Fraser 19 points

Nearest to Pin: Dennis Robertson
Longest Drive: Steve Brown

Worst score: Paul Goes 6 points

Third CITCO event
1. Frank Maitry 19 points
2. Mark Gillies 17 points
3. Tim van Dijk 15 points

Nearest to Pin:
Longest Drive:

Second CITCO event
Date: 14 May
Venue: Kikuoka

1. Nick Montague 17 points
2. Stavros Evangelakakis 17 points
3. Craig Ferreira 16 points

Nearest to pin: Dennis Robertson
Longest drive: Derek Sinclair

First CITCO event
Date: 23 April
Venue: Grand Ducal

1. Stefano Ciccarello 17 points
2. Ayzo van Aysinga 17 points
3. Simon Baker 17 points

Longest drive: Jonathan Buckley
Nearest to pin: Ayzo van Aysinga

Results from previous years

Results of second round of the CITCO Grand Prix 2009 at Preisch

Top man on the night was King Frog 2008, Mr Nick Montague with a fine 17pts, beating Stavros on countback. As Stavros could not take his place on the podium, his prize went to Craig Ferreira with 16pts….meaning the 4th place man for the second week running picked up a prize after all. Well done Duncan Tippin, just 15 pts and he now leads the way in the quest to become KING FROG 2009. Can you catch him?

Delboy hit his first drive just 3 metres….his second shot of the night was still behind the red tees….AND he still went on to win the Longest Drive prize.
Dennis Robertson amazed everyone, including himself, by hitting a fine tee shot on the 6th to win the Nearest the Pin prize.

Worst score on the night was Psycho Geoffreys, an astonishing 5 pts. A further prize was awarded to our young guest for playing in the FROGS, a sleeve of balls to Tom (just a kid) Darby.

2) The SHRM matchplay is nearing the end of Round 1 with another 5 results decided on the night.
A collapse from Psycho allows Frank Maitry to continue in the competition, Craig hammered Jess, Jonathan Hill overcame Ian Davy, Bart bullied Paolo and Alan Botfield finished off Neil Underwood on the last hole. Last week Nick knocked out Andrew, and from what i saw last night, Andrew is making a slow recovery….

Three first round matches still remain to be contested, Frank and Ayzo, Mark and Steve and Marco and Dave….the clock is ticking, get your results in as soon as possible !

Full results after week 2

Great start to the season 2009!

Well done Chris Juste, he was an excellent starter for Round 1 of the CITCO GRAND PRIX and the result was lots of golf played in daylight, although a few of the SHRM matchplays went to extra holes….when will night vision goggles become part of this great sport????

Many thanks to Grand Ducal, the course was (as usual) in good condition, and the greens (as always) offered much for the discussions in the bar. The food was excellent and a room with a television was provided so some could watch the big football game. Stirling Albion beat Montrose 3-1 !

Also, many, many thanks to CITCO, SHRM and KPMG for continued sponsorship…and also please note TWO NEW additional benefits of FROGs membership….SPORTS WORLD in HOWALD will offer 12.5% discounts to FROGs, and LEON MARKS (at JUNGLINSTER) will offer 45 minute lessons for EUR 50 (instead of the EUR 60 he charges me).

Only two bad scores were handed in….actually one of these was a 4 pointer for Bernard, which for him is quite a good score, therefore there was only one contender for the WORST SCORE OF THE NIGHT – the practice on Tuesday night obviously didn’t help, did it MR JONATHAN HILL?

On to the main prizes, three players shot 17 points….sadly Duncan Tippin limped home and earned himself 4th place on the night, just outside the prizes.

A good finish from SIMON BAKER helped him to 3rd Place, and two sleeves of FROGs balls AND a glove.

An even stronger finish from AYZO van EYSINGA to take 2nd place and collect a Glenmuir golf shirt and glove.

But on the night, only one person mastered his game and tamed the Ferocious Forest of Grand Ducal…scoring 20 points, and collecting a wonderful PING golf bag…..Mr STEFANO CICCARELLO….congratulations to our leader of the CITCO GRAND PRIX.

AYZO also battered his ball to achieve the LONGEST DRIVE, and JONATHAN BUCKLEY sweetly caressed his tee shot to claim NEAREST TO THE PIN.

Full results

SHRM Matchplay results were:
WOODGE had a walk over Merve Herneman
ANDREW PATON beat Geaorge Mullan 2&1
DUNCAN TIPPIN beat Simon Baker 1st extra hole
RUPERT BIRCH beat Tony Nightingale 1st extra hole
ADRIAN ROADWAY beat Francis Parisis 3&2
DEREK SINCLAIR beat Tim van Dijk 1up
DENNIS ROBERTSON beat Luc de Vet 1up
PAUL GOES beat Stuart Rowlands 2nd extra hole

Current results from SHRM matchplay.

Next event at PREISCH on 13th May….please come forward if you can be the starter…