CITCO round 7 – 3 July 2012 at Junglinster

A slightly humid but glorious evening greeted the FROGS on their round 7 Citco outing at Junglinster with a large turnout of 40 players. The course was in excellent condition although the recently sanded and fertilised greens did provoke a few comments about the pleasant waft and constant need to clean balls.

Despite the almost perfect conditions, scores were contained – the stress of the competitions combined with the need for rest and holidays or are we just …. golfers?

On the night, Peter Myners turned in the best score of 20 points, followed closely by Paolo T on 19 (definite revision of his handicap is required – his claims to be playing very rarely have already been rejected), third on 17 points was David Naughton.

The precious pink ball was decisively won by Neil Underwood with 2 points with single figure performances also put in by Bernard and… Botty! A special mention to Tony Whiteman who diligently played all twelve holes with his pink ball, won in the last round, only to then lose the ball on the approach to the last hole in a tree. Luckily, the group behind found Tony’s ball so that he can now continue the pleasure of playing with it in round 8.

Longest drive was a monster effort by our Danish Viking, Jess, who completed the hole in style with a birdie. Nearest to Pin on the tough 4th with the pin at the back of the green was Peter Myners but, as the winner of the night’s competition, he graciously gave up his prize to our fourth placed player, Hoppy.

We had three guests, Mark Phillips, Mauro and Quintin: Quintin was the best guest with an excellent 16 points.

The SHRM matchplay saw the completion of the group stages with Paolo T outdoing Dave Winters 2 and 1 and John Brophy coming out on top of Botty (only in a golfing sense) 3 and 2. So bring on the semi-finals of Johan against John and Merve against the Italian bandit (who, Merve, will be much less of a bandit by the time you meet up)!

The Race for GD saw no major upheavals: Johnny Hill remains out in front on 81 points, with Andrew “Pantaloni” creeping up on him with 78 followed by Stuart Rowlands on 74 points.

Thanks to Woodge for his excellent and entertaining organisation as starter and thanks to all our sponsors for their support.

The next outing is back at Junglinster on Wednesday 18th July with Paul Goes as your worthy starter – as long as he gets the day right!

Two dates for your diary: Saturday 1st September Ryder Cup and Saturday 6th October the Individual competition in the morning with the annual dinner and prize giving in the evening. This information and much more including some fine photos of FROGS (will appear soon) in action can be found on our website:


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