Results CITCO round 9 – Junglinster

Again we were lucky with the weather. A warm and sultry evening and the course in good condition with some tricky greens greeted the FROGS. Going down the second and third holes we were serenaded by what sounded like a mating Botty but what actually turned out to be some very loud and frisky cows in the field next to the course.

The results of the golf again reflected that the handicap system is now working well and correctly – thank you Ernest. Thanks to Nathan for being the starter and for providing the beers on the first tee.

SHRM Matchplay
Botty beat Ian Doherty in the SHRM Match play semi final and will face Gregor Dalrymple in the final.

Stefan to play either Frank or David Walker in the Pro shop final before taking on the best of the Golfaholics.

Ryder Cup
We currently have around 26 members available for the match. Johnny will be sending out the match list in the next few days.

Remember our time has come!

Annual Dinner
Please save this date – Saturday 28th September. This is an event with partners so have a word with your better halves and make sure it is in the diary. Luc is organising the evening and will be sending out more information in the next few weeks.

Results (again we had some technical difficulties with the laptop so apologies in advance):

LD: Willem
NTP: Willem

Guests: We had three guests Mark Hollis, Michael Vareika, Gianni Mancuso . Gianni took the best guest prize with an impressive 18 points – another Italian bandit has been born.

We had three players on 17 points so on countback:
1. Willem 17 points ( a clean sweep with all three prizes but he kindly agreed they should be distributed to the 4th and 5th best scores and accepted a friendly smile and handshake)
2. Nick 17 points
3. Neil Underwood 17 points

After 9 rounds, Stéphane remains the runaway leader with Craig still leading the chase in second place. It will need a spectacular final round by anyone to catch Stéphane so is it now a matter of playing for the podium places?

All will be revealed next week.

Pink Ball: Again without the usual contenders it was a very close competition with the winner on 10 points (although strongly disputed) was Botty.

Our next event is on Thursday 1st August at Grand Ducal. The starting duties for this round will be shared between Nathan who will be sending out the emails and Simon Baker who will be in charge of the beers on the 1st.


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