Results CITCO round 10 – Grand Ducal

The final round of Citco GP 2013 and we were again very lucky to have yet another warm, sunny evening. Again an excellent turn out of members who enjoyed the perfect conditions and provided some very good scores. After that very long, cold and what seemed like never ending winter and wet spring, it is a big surprise that we have made it through the season without having one round called off. Thank you to Nathan for again taking on the starter’s duties. Also thanks to Dave Winters for organising the balls on the first from Vice Golf. Do let Dave know your feedback on these balls.

We had two matchplay finals:

Botty bt Gregor 1 up in the SHRM matchplay
Steph bt Frank 2 and 1 in the pro shop and matchplay

Congratulations to Botty and best of luck to Steph in his final against Andy Nolan, the Golfaholics winner on Saturday. Commiserations to Gregor and Frank who have both played very well throughout the competitions. Thank you to all who have played for keeping up with the schedule.

Standard Scratch Score 17
We had two guests Giovanni and Douglas. Giovanni being the winner with 18 pts

NTP Paolo
LD Steve Brown

1. Jess 20 points –including 4 birdies in 5 holes
2. Steph 18 points –again on the rostrum the handicapper can’t keep up with you
3. Graham Paul 17 points
4. Ian Doherty, Johan and Paolo all had 17 points, no prize but nice smiles and a handshake for them.

Overall Citco GP 2013
1. Steph 93 pts – a record score by a long way – congratulations!
2. Craig 82
3. Dave Winters 79
T4 Ian Doherty and Nick on 78
6. Johan 77

Pink Ball

In round 9 Botty after being awarded the pink ball, quite righty questioned the scoring which was done manually on the night. When we entered all the scores into the PC it should have been Daniel with 8 pts who won the pink ball. So the committee unreservedly apologised to Botty, accepted the return of his pink ball and as a thank you for his patience and understanding gave him a beautifully and very expensively wrapped , large present with a gift of one pink ball inside. Yes Botty , you can even keep the box.

For this week Steve Brown tried very very hard to put in a winning performance but by confidently sinking his putt on the the last for a double bogey gained the one extra point to take him to 8 points. Enough to beat Peter Baxter who had 7 points.

Friendly Fiver
Due to the good weather we have been able to play all rounds on time so we have the spare bad weather booking next Wednesday at Canach . We will have a Friendly Fiver competition – email to follow.

Next Events
Ryder Cup tomorrow
Friendly Fiver Wednesday 7th August Canach
3 club competition Wednesday 21st August
Individual Saturday 14th September
Annual Dinner Saturday 28th September

Early to bed tonight, sharpen up your clubs, orange shirts on and big winning smiles!

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