Results – CITCO round 8 – Kikuoka – 22 July 2015

A fine number of FROGS and 2 guests turned up for round 8 of the CITCO Grand Prix at Kikuoka.

Thanks to Will Heath, our starter, who had an impressive size cooler welcoming us on to the 1st tee.

Conditions were steamy, wind was minimal… so there could be no excuses.

The top 6 were all within 2 points of each other so count back came into play.

On 17 points, Mark Houston took 6th place, Frank Maitry picked up 5th, Jonny Hill was 4th and Arnaud Bouteiller ended up 3rd.

Luc De Vet took 2nd with an excellent 18 points.

But our worthy winner on his first outing this season, I believe, was Tony Whiteman, who took 1st place with 19 points.

Although Craig Ferreira almost caught him in the last group, Nick Felfoldi claimed the honours for LD with an excellent drive on the 6th and was happy to receive at last the prize he had won but not won as a guest a few times already this season! Frank Maitry, first out, set himself up nicely on the 7th for NtP and sunk his putt for a birdie but Andrew Paton outdid him going pin high to 2 feet to take the prize – he also made birdie.

There were two winners of the pink ball this week: one, “Man down”, was Steve Kaiser, who through injury did not manage to complete the 9 holes – perhaps awarded slightly unfairly. And the other, as pointed out by our Ryder Cup Captain, is one of the FROGS better golfers and down to play in the singles for the Cup. But don’t worry, Captain oh my Captain, he was clearly just getting rid of all his bad shots in view of the big event this Saturday. Yes, Jess “The Viking” Have took the honour with 8 points.

Best guest award went to Ron Dickie.

With 8 events complete, Andrew Paton has remains in the lead on 86pts but Arnaud Bouteiller is creeping up steadily and is now on 80 points. All to play for in the last 2 rounds.

Thanks to our main sponsor CITCO for their support.

SHRM Match play
The semifinals of the SHRM Match play were also played on this humid evening.

Simon Baker put to the sword Jess “The Viking” Have 3&2.

Jonny Hill saved his best for last and did away with Alan “The Shrek” Botfield winning the last two holes and going through 1up.

Looking forward to the final! Simon Baker v Jonny Hill

Thanks to SHRM for their continued support of the Match play event.

The next CITCO event (Round 9) is at Junglinster on August 5th. Steve Brown will be your host and will be in touch next week.

But the next FROGS event is the Citabel 3 Club Challenge at Kikuoka on 29th July. Merve Herneman will be contacting you shortly.

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