Result from the Citabel 3 club challenge – Kikuoka – 29 July 2015

Yesterday 22 hardy FROGS members braved the blustery conditions armed with only 3 clubs each, some bacon rolls (top idea, what will our starters come up with next?) and beer or German! red wine kindly offered by our starter, the evergreen Froggosorus Swerve – thanks, Merve! With wind and course conditions verging on the Scottish, early speculation was that the Scots would do well – Dennis did not, Bottie did well to miss a golf society event for the first time in his adult (?) life, but Gregor managed to fly that sexy blue & white flag (I still regret not being able to get that (real) Ryder Cup sweater!).

Imagine the disappointment of Lost Ball Brown when he was told that there wouldn’t be a longest drive, but rather a Leary which NO-ONE won!! I’ve recently been told that words like “abysmal” may not go down too well with some of the more sensitive FROGS (collectively Froggosori Preciosi), but that “shyte” has always been acceptable, so there you have it…. Thanks to Citabel for sponsoring the event again.

Looking at the scorecards tells its own story: consistency certainly isn’t a FROGS strength. In a valiant effort to turn around the gloom that descended over the Lost Continent of Down Under on 29 July 2015, a certain Mark Gillies (aka Froggosorus Antipodea or Froggosorus Vegemitea – often difficult to know the full provenance of these due to their – ughm – breeding habits), fresh from the plane from Bermuda (yes, some have it tough), managed some consistency despite not carrying a putter and came in with 15 points, which (remarkably? maybe not…) was just good enough for the win.

A whole host (6 if I recall) of FROGS managed 13 points, but countback for 2nd and 3rd (or first loser and second loser if you’re from South of the Equator) went to Gregor Dalrymple and Will-I-Am-(not) Heath, each with 14 points. Believe it or not, the prime beneficiary of the FROGS members apparent lack of control (our Aussie friend came close, but alas…) into the wind and the resulting failure of all 22 of us to hit the 9th green in two, was Steve Brown, as lucky loser on 13, beating 5 others on countback.

Colin Fraser managed to hit the green and get his ball inside Chris Juste (I hope that’s the last time I ever have to utter those 6 words!) on another (2nd this year!) rare outing for our Veggie Veteran (aka Froggosurus Verte) – who says that we’re not inclusive! – to win the nearest to the pin and, I think, a smashing orange (though slightly sun bleached) cap. David Hopwood (Froggosorus Bownce) managed an abysmally (I can say that, he’s not a Preciosi) low score to comprehensively win the pink ball, despite gallant efforts by at least two others.

Reminders/upcoming events: next event is on Wednesday 5th of August at Junglinster (you can check event details here: Your starter, Lost Ball Brown, should be in contact soon. The final CITCO event (which will likely include the showdown between Bottie (Froggosorus Deminutus) and Simon the Bakerman (Froggosorus Cookie) for the SHRM Matchplay will be at Kikuoka on the 19th. Also, please support the (18 hole) KPMG Individual Championship which will be held at Kikuoka on Saturday, August 29th – last chance for glory as that will conclude our (golfing) activities for yet another season. A big thank you to all of our sponsors again.

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