Report – CITCO round 4 – 1 June 2016 – Junglinster

In spite of a forecast of heavy rain and knowing that Kikuoka had been closed for the previous 2 days, numerous FROGS went out to play on a course on which Rule 25 could not be applied as nowhere on the course was dry enough. Even all the bunkers were GUR. Real frogs loved it though.

Ice cold corporate beers from the part owner of Redbridge were again available at the start thanks to Tony.

All things considered scoring wasn’t too bad (standard scratch was 13) with the jet lagged South African FROG flying in from 45c in Arizona to win with 15 points on countback from Mark Houston and Peter Baxter in second and third places respectively. By the way Craig you still owe me the green fee. Mark “under the thumb” Houston though had to leave early as he’d also played the previous day thus forfeiting his prize. This meant that Duncan on 14 points got promoted into 3rd place on one of his few remaining FROGS outings before departing for somewhere almost as wet as Junglinster – well humid anyway. In 5th place and winning precisely nothing was Steve on 13 points beating Andy, Frank and Dennis on countback.

Nearest the pin was our starter, Dennis shot the leary and Danny K kept it on the fairway to snatch the longest. Danny’s partners claim it was the only fairway he hit in the 9 holes.

The pink ball was again a closely fought affair, Neil Underwood dropping in from Sweden to not win it with 7 points and Jess wasn’t quite bad enough on 6 losing out to Rob Mac on countback. Clearly Neil took it to heart and scored 45 points to win his category of the Italian Open on Sunday – don’t think there’s a sombrero big enough. Also winning his category was Mauro with 41 points.

Best guest for the second week in a row with 16 was Jens Buch. Worst guest was Phil Williams with 2 but as Phil had had to leave we gleefully gave it to his partner Tim Cosby who scored 5.

It was also good to see a founding FROG present in the bar and we were pleased to present Mike Lowe with an honorary umbrella. Not sure how he was going to use it as he was on crutches having allegedly fallen off a wall and the King’s horses etc… couldn’t help enough to get him out to play.

For the CITCO overall Fred is still doing a Stephane on 66 points not very closely followed by Dennis on 50 and Craig / Paul on 48.

Two results from the Stibbe Matchplay to complete the first round.

Andy beat Ian 2 & 1
Jess beat Steve on the 1st extra ( I’m sure this would have been different had Mike been able to drive Steve round the course but unfortunately buggies are like golf trollies and don’t float)

The updated schedule is now on along with handicaps and the schedule.

As I mentioned earlier today we may postpone round 6 scheduled on 22 June.

The MixVoip Pairs is confirmed for 3rd August in Junglinster.

The Bijnens Beer 3 club challenge will be in late August / early September once the brewmeister has finished his work.

Round 5 of the CITCO Grand Prix is on 15 June in Preisch – hopefully playing France. Rob is starting and dinner should be at Hotel de la Frontiere.

We are still missing a few starters. You only need to do it once and then will not be hassled for a year or two. FROGS cannot survive without then. We have 15 or so events a year and there are over 60 members.

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